Friday, August 2, 2013

Who Are You? Seriously who are you....

I know I know I've been super absent, but what can I do I'm busy... God it feels good to say that.

I saw a link up today that looked like fun, because I love talking about myself... I kid I kid so I'M BACK!

I'm also super late to this link up... what ev.

List 20 Random facts about yourself

1. I love the taste of water, and I hate flavored water
2. I've had my daughter's name picked out since I was 4ish
3. My favorite mixed drink is a Gin and Tonic because a guy in Italy asked if he could buy me a drink and when I ordered a Gin and Tonic he said "You must be way too sophisticated for me". 
4. I used to get my hair permed every 6 weeks... I was so cool
5. My favorite ice cream is Maple Walnut, I love maple flavored anything, but I HATE maple syrup
6. I love to read. I carry a book with me at all times, and I'm usually in the middle of at LEAST three
7. I practice headstands daily. 
8. I have never watched Big Brother before this season and I'm officially hooked. Like obessed hooked. 

9. I begged my mom to let me wait in line at Midnight when N'Sync released No Strings Attached, and I cried when she said she went to but it and they were sold out. She was totally kidding and had it the whole time. 
10. My husband is my best friend and we text all day, beside Becky...we also text all day
11. The Mighty Ducks movies will never get old, and the sparked my love for Pacey... if you don't know who Pacey is... stop reading here. 

12. Cows are my favorite animals even though I was in a traffic jam for an HOUR in India because one decided to lay down in the middle of a one way street. 
13. I've been to 4 out of 7 Continents and before I die that number will be 6 out of 7.... F Antartica 
14. I have a degree in Geography a Specialization in Elementary Education a Master's in Environmental Studies, and I work in a Dentist office.... hey a job's a job. 
15. My celebrity crush is Larry the Cable Guy...Get'er Done.

16. We have three dogs and if I could turn them into cows I would.
17. I want another now...ssshhh
18. When no one is home I practice my twerking....
19. I would much rather swim in a lake than a pool, and I never want to live in a house with a pool. 
20. At our wedding we didn't exchange rings...because I forgot to write it into the program that I handed the J.P. five minutes before I walked down the aisle. So we traded them right after but our great photographer caught it so it totally looked like we planned it.
See my face... I was probably thinking "We look like idiots"

Describe 3 legitimate fears
1. Deep water... all set with that
2. Going into labor and having everyone decide to give me a C-section without telling me.
3. Getting trapped in the middle of a field and having a huge thunderstorm hit.

Describe your relationship with your spouse

We bring out the best and the worst in each other. We work well together in all aspects. It was love at first sight....seriously we met on a Sunday and were engaged that Friday. Within two years we owned a house had a baby together and got married... now we are just learning to live with each other!

10 things you would tell your 16 year old self
1. Dump him, he's going to get you in a lot of trouble
2. Pay more attention in school, even though you are skating by, you will be sad when you are done with school
3. Talk to your dad more you'll regret that you didnt
4. You know how all your teachers are telling you how great volunteering looks on your resume....listen
5. You don't need to live in your car
6. Apply to more than one college
7. Your perms aren't cool
8. Enjoy your senior year and dont work as much you will be super bummed when you show up on Senior Skip day just to find out you weren't told because no one sees you anymore. 
10. When you think you are soooooo drunk, you really aren't...but its a good place to stop. 

Name 5 things that make you happy right now

1. My kids
2. My hubby
3. Our house
4. My new job
5. My life. 

There ya have it... Kim is also hosting link ups for the next few days so get ready!!!

Next week is the week of Sami over at Simply Sami's virtual 5k. Its a race in memory of her sister who was taken far too soon and she's trying to raise money. You can read about the race and her story here. I will be partaking in the virtual 5k a couple times next week. If the weathers nice it'll be outside, if not it will probably be IN MY NEW GYM.... yeah you'll be hearing about this later.
Simply Sami


  1. I love Larry the Cable Guy Too! Haha...he never fails to make me laugh!

  2. Yay for a new big brother lover!!!! if they have any episodes online watch the one with chicken george in the all star season! I have seen them all :-) Thanks for linking up!!!!