Friday, November 22, 2013

Camo Colored Barbells

Happy Friday everyone!! I have a special story to share with you all today. I have mentioned before that I use an Online Trainer Sara Willis who is AMAZE!
Sara is competing this weekend in the NPC National Bodybuilding Championships!! Go show her some love on her facebook here 
Another one of her clients is Shelby who immediately stole my heart when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram in camo..... you know my fondness for camo.

Eat it  Hubbyjack!
I asked her to be a part of my October Inspiration series, but life got in the way as it always does and she wasn't able to.
I wasn't going to let her get away that easy though!
So here she is
Hi guys, I would like to share with you my fitness journey!
Getting Started: At my highest weight I was sitting around 205-210 and hated myself.
 I was very unhappy and was looking for some change.
At first I tried weight watchers, although that didn’t last too long as I fell off the wagon.
One day while creeping through YouTube, I came across Trulyjess, a girl from Toronto, Ontario, that was doing daily Vlogs.
 I began watching her videos and relating myself to her challenges with weight gain. So, around the end of February, I woke up one morning, tied up my runners and headed to the gym.
This day, marking day 1 of a long, healthy, successful journey.

March 2013 to September 2013

 So for basic exercise I started with only cardio, I would do 35-40 minutes of cardio a 4-5 times a week.
 I hadn’t even began to lift weights and I was major intimidated by those big guys in the weight room at my gym.
I had started doing hot yoga every week and was really enjoying it as well.
 As far as eating goes, I cut out all fast food. I started drinking more water and eventually cut out all other drinks.
I stopped drinking a lot of alcohol and limited myself to Vodka, water and Mio.
I followed a lot of meals that I saw Jess making on her Vlogs, Trulydaily.
I ate a lot of greens, chicken, turkey and cut out condiments.
I learned to LOVE hot sauce and to use spices of my food. 
April to November

Getting a Trainer:
 I started losing weight pretty fast and was doing a weekly weigh in.
 I hit a plateau around 180 pounds and decided to get a trainer. After a long search, plenty of emails sent to trainers, I found the perfect match, NPC Figure Competitor Sara Willis. I signed on with Sara in June of 2013 and wouldn’t change it for the world. Starting with Sara was a really big change, I went from eating normal 3 meals with a couple snacks to eating 6 meals a day, and at the time seemed like 6 full out feasts.
I started following her plan, which consists of 6 training days a week and was quickly seeing results. In the meantime, I was introduced to weight lifting and have fallen in love.
Training with Sara I have noticed a huge change, not only in my body but also in myself. I have gained muscle that was hiding under that fat.
I am currently sitting at 160lbs making my total weight loss a 50lb loss. 

7 months progress!
I have gained a ton of confidence and absolutely love being in the weight room at my gym.
I am no longer that girl who one hides from those big guys at the gym, because now I’m right along lifting beside them.

Some challenges I have encountered since my journey started is, first off, fighting temptation.
 Yes I want that chocolate bar, ice cream and pasta, but I also love what my body has become.
 I still to this day find it very hard to sometimes not reach for the unclean greasy food.
With choosing a healthy a clean lifestyle I have noticed many people around me either support me or step away.
It is hard for people to understand what this lifestyle means to me. It’s hard to say no to going out for dinner, or explaining that you are bringing your meals with you.
Everyone in my life has at least once said “oh you can eat that, you won’t get fat”. But that is beside the point; I enjoy my clean eating and have worked too hard to ruin it over a slice of pizza. Something else I’ve encountered is jealousy and I have learned to brush it off, because I have a million people who support me and I don’t need people to bring me down.
 A few big changes I have had to get used to is not drinking every weekend.
I’m from a small town, which means weekends are spent at a bonfire, on a truck tailgate or in the garage drinking beer after beer.
Having all our friends over drinking every weekend, I still find it hard to sit with my bottle of water while everyone drinks their beer.
 There are some days I straight up don’t want to go to the gym and some days I find it hard to push myself there. But when I see results I am motivated beyond what I can explain.
When I drop a couple pounds or when I fit into a smaller pair of jeans, and especially when I see another muscle popping out I give it all I got at the gym and on my meal plan.
 I find that Instagram and Facebook are excellent sources of motivation. I myself post daily to hopefully inspire someone else, because not too long ago, I was that girl, unhappy and overweight.
I love what had become of myself, my body and I cannot wait to see my future progress.

You can email me at
Instagram: @shelbdemps
Facebook: Shelby Lynne
My Trainer: NPC Figure Competitor Sara Willis
Goodluck & keep going!!!

So great right?!?!
I hope you all have a fun and healthy weekend!
I tend to slack on eating healthy and working out on weekends, but this weekend I'm going to make sure I KILL IT.
Only 5 more days til Thansgiving.
Make them healthy smart ones so you don't feel so bad about going ham (or turkey?!) on that food! 


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