Monday, June 9, 2014

Hidden Message.

This past week my husband bought me a swimsuit.
I never buy swimsuits, and as embarrassing as it is I usually go to the lake in a sports bra and black underwear.
It's cheap and it's the same thing.
It also fits me and I feel comfortable.
Since I've been active about my health and getting in shape my husband said it would be nice to have a nice bathing suit this year.
I agreed and he picked one out for me.
I tried it on to show him, and also to take pictures to send to the blogwives.
Those bishes are my support group.
I took the pictures and then I cried.
I hated the way I looked.
I hated how my hips were spilling over the suit, and how the cut immediately drew your eyes to my hips.
I hated how my boobs weren't were they should be and how my hips looked like they were connected.
The girls assured me I looked fine and said how they loved the "photo-bombers"
A few days later I also sent them to my cousin to show her why I would not be attending the beach any time soon.
Her immediate response...

"Mabel is adorbs"

Then it hit me, and I started crying for a whole new reason.

Here I am looking at myself in these pictures, focusing on all of my problem areas, and not even noticing the important things.
My kids.
Why am I even doing this whole journey to get active and healthy?
To be with my kids
Why am I preaching healthy choices and getting outside?
For my kids.
Yet here I am crying in my bedroom over two pictures which just so happen to be some damn cute pictures of my kids.
My son loves my love handles. What else is he going to grab on to when he's screaming for milk and trying to climb up my body.
My daughter loves working out with me, because she loves the time with me, not how my body looks.
So here they are, not pictures of my ill-fitting swimsuit.
Not the pictures that brought me to tears.
Not the pictures of my problem areas that I still have to work on, but a picture of
my daughter with her best pose, and my son wondering what the hell I'm looking at.


  1. I love this post!! It's so tru!!! I love the type of swimsuit too!

  2. Beautiful. The post, the kids AND you!

  3. You have done amazing things! You are so inspiring not only to your kids, but to everyone around you!! Look what you've accomplished!! So suck in that snot and wipe those tears, because you are a freaking bombshell!!! And your husband must think you are hot to be able to wear a swimsuit like that--or he'd have picked out one with a skirt to your knees and long sleeves. So chew on that for a bit!!! Love you boo!!

  4. Great post. It's so hard to keep our eyes on the prize. Your daughter's pose and expression in that picture are adorable!

  5. PS- I can only ever wear string bikini bottoms because of the shape of my butt & hips. It sounds utterly wrong but they're actually wicked flattering and comfy.

  6. You are a beauty! I get it! It's hard! But you have worked super hard to rock that suit and your kids are adorable!!!

  7. amazing post you're so right but just so you know the bathing suit does not look ill-fitted to me! you all 3 are adorable!

  8. Wonderful post! Such a great message! And you look beautiful, by the way!

  9. I love the suit! A sexy shear cover will make it even better!! You look great I love the suit! I think it's time for me to go shopping! Your girl IS adorbs and the face your making is Your husband did good! #suityourself.

  10. Awe honey! You all look adorable and what I look at is how buff and toned your legs look! Jealous!!!!

  11. Great post! You have nothing to be ashamed of! You work hard and you have an awesome heart!

  12. I agree with what Kristen said, string bikini bottoms only for me. They look cute and I can adjust the ties to fit my Kim Kardashian butt. And my eyes were drawn immediately to your little girl, so cute!

  13. Amazing post! Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves that we don't look at why we are doing it in the first place. You look great! And if anyone says otherwise, just punch them in the face (well, not in front of the kids) :)

  14. Great post! I think that you're looking good & you keep on going towards your goal. :)

  15. get it girl! I have to admit, bathing suits are one of the things that I truly don't give an F what people think of me when I am in them, I buy what I like that looks good on my body type and wear the shit outta it. I also agree with the other girls, string bottoms for the win!

  16. Your daughter's pose has me cracking up. DIVA-In-Training. You look great, and you should focus on how far you have already come in this Finding Fitness Jesus Journey. But, if you really aren't comfortable, find something you feel GOOD in (besides a sports bra dn black undies!) LOL. I also like bottoms that have much to them.

  17. You look fabulous! That swimsuit looks amazing on you, actually you look amazing in that swim suit :)

  18. This made me smile! If we could only all look at the world through the eyes of children (and your cousin!) ;)

  19. The swimsuit is too small mama. Get a size up and you will have no spillage!

  20. What a great post, youre right! it's about what we are showing our kids!!

  21. Been there done that!! Tears and swimsuits go hand in hand if you ask me. But if you ever take a trip to the beach you know half the people there shouldn't be in the swimsuits they have on. But they funny give a fuck lol and wear them anyway. It's all about making memories! I like the suit :-)

  22. The kids are super cute and your daughter's pose is *priceless*

    You know sometimes its about finding the right swimsuit cut that flatters YOU and flatters YOUR body. Not what looks good on some anoreix looking, heroin junkie, 6ft+ tall model!!! Go find a swimsuit or an tankini that's similar to what you already wear and you'll look awesome!!!

  23. I'm so glad you came to that realization!

  24. Don't be hard on yourself! You look amazing. Your kiddos are super cute and I love your daughters pose, she looks like she has some sass.

  25. Hey there mama. Those one piece thinga majigs are the worst!! Honestly, I bought one and was pissed. Why? Because my tops and bottoms are totally different sizes. Why in the Hell they don't make those one pieces adjustable is beyond me. You always think, "as long as the boobs fit I'm good," but then you forget about how the bottoms are going to cut into your love handles. It happens. It honestly isn't's the damn swim suit industry. I will be sticking to self-tie different sized two should get you some!! Great post!

  26. Heck yeah! I was trying to explain this to my fiance the other day. He hates the way he looks right now so he refuses to take pictures. I was trying to explain to him that no one is looking at any of that stuff in a picture and that I am taking them to remind myself of awesome times that we have! It's about memories and joy! Not love handles!

  27. I love it… I am taking some "before pictures" for my Friday post in the dreaded bikini too… I am not looking forward to the pics but I have to stay focused on my journey too a healthier me and that means being a healthier mom… thanks for sharing this… you are inspiring!