Monday, September 30, 2013

Homemade Butterfingers

Alright everyone here it is! 
This is a crazy easy recipe and its always a hit at parties. 
Two notes
The texture is def different than real butterfingers but I have a few tips to make it similar at the end.
The taste is also a little different but in my opinion and many others opinions its better.

So the ingredients are
Candy corn       5 cups
Melting chocolate     2 bags
Peanut butter        2 cups 

That's it seriously.

It's made in layers which is why I get two bags of chocolate because it cuts down on measuring.
Melt one bag of chocolate and spread into a thin layer on top of wax paper on a cookie sheet.
Put in the refrigerator for about 20 min or until completely cool.

Next melt the candy corn in small time increments and make sure to have your peanut butter measured and close by.
I usually do 20 seconds at a time. 
You will be able to tell when they start melting like in this picture.

Stir well and quickly add peanut butter while stiring.
As soon as the peanut butter is mixed in spread on top of the chocolate layer.

Return to the fridge for at least 30 min.
This layer takes a lot longer to completely cool.
Then repeat the chocolate layer on top.
Return to fridge until cool.
Once all three layers are done you can either cut into pieces or break like bark.
We usually break it!

Hope that all made sense and if I had more ambition this morning I would have dolled it up a little more!

As for the butterfinger texture
I have read that adding 1/8 teaspoon baking soda will allow air bubbles to form which will create the texture.
I have also read that heating the candy corn until bubbling will create a similar effect.
I am not brave enough to try either but if you do let me know!!!  

My food photography isn't that great but if you want to see some amazing food porn check out How Sweet Eats. 
You're welcome.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fitness week Recap and The Man Cold

I haven't been on my fitness game 100% this week but I can say I have it 90%

Favorite workout this week: Assisted pull ups and deadlifts ( I also love how my phone auto corrects deadlifts to deadliest)
Favorite Meal this week: I have been having a lot of turkey burgers with asparagus and zucchini and its soo good. 
Biggest NSV: this week it's actually a scale victory. I step on the scale every day and I know you aren't supposed to but the number on te scale doesn't really affect my mood just gives me an idea of where I am. This week I'm finally under 130! 

Least favorite workout this week: Front squats. I cannot find a comfortable position to do this in and I hate them.
Least favorite meal: protien shakes....blah
Biggest struggle: Um EVERYTHING PUMPKIN FLAVORED! I am also a sucker for s'mores flavored things and apparently that's also the rage right now...awesome. 

Here's hoping next week is better! 
So last night I kinda felt yucky like a cold was coming on so I had some of this nighttime tea 
I want to be a tea person so bad.

I thought maybe this little sleeping bear would be foreshadowing my nights sleep.
Except if I was that bear I would throat punch that dog.
Let a brother sleep! 
I drank it and it only did one thing...
Reminded me why I'm not a tea person.
I was laying in bed being overly dramatic about my throat because my husband and I have an ongoing joke about the "man cold".
Let me start by saying that my husband is one of the first guys I have met that doesn't get super dramatic when he has a cold.
A guy I dated in college ( not you John!) was the worst!
He actually called me while I was at work one day and in the most whiney voice possible asked me if I could "pwetty pwese" bring him raspberry ginger ale and pretzel rods. 
His Grandmother (who was an amazing woman who has since passed) always did this when he was sick and he KNEW it would make him feel better.
You know what would make him feel better...
...a set of balls.
Being the good girlfriend I am I brought them to him and bit my tounge every time he moaned.
Ugh I hate the man cold.
Those commercials didn't make this stuff up.

When moms get sick you know what they do?
Suck it up and carry on, because kids don't understand "mommy is sick so she can't be your personal jungle gym today" 
When I want to sleep in because I don't feel good I get a 16 month old with a blow out and a 3 year old who in no way possible never in a million years could even imagineeee having a BLUE yogurt instead of a red one because she can't reach the red. 
No of course not. 

I am one of the lucky ones that does not have to deal with the man cold, do you have to? How does your man act when he's sick?   

Make sure you come back on Monday for my homemade Butterfinger  recipe!!
Side note I got a new phone with a front facing camera so get ready for some Selfies!! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday and Post Exchange

I haven't been blogging that long, but I have already met some amazing people.
One of these people is Jacquelyn over at JustJacq
I have mentioned her quite a bit, and she runs a post exchange where you are paired up with someone and you can send just a little note. 
You can read about the exchange and sign up for October here
We exchanged a few emails, and she told me she hated the color red.... 
I was in love. 
I would totally be okay if I never saw that color again. 
I don't know why but I hate it. 
I don't even buy Red Delicious apples because that's too much red. 
She also is an avid reader and we shared lots of great books titles. I have many more to add to my list. 
She was so sweet the whole time Chippy was in the hospital and totally understood when I mailed my post late. (Thank you again).
She told me she enjoyed knitting which is one of my favorite hobbies.
She does great blog posts on her outfits and even tells you where you can find similar pieces at very responsible prices. 
Personally I love that she tells the story behind the pieces instead of just where she bought them.
I loved these posts so much I knitted her a simple scarf that I hope hold a great story for her. 
This is the card she sent me, and it's hanging in my office now, because that's kinda what I picture myself to look like when I get ready in the morning. 

Also her signature is amazing and I'm jealous 

I'm excited to get paired up with a new partner for October, and if you sign up it could be YOU!

I'm also linking up for Thankful Thursday because everyone has things they are thankful for and I personally have a lot, these are just some things I'm thankful for this week.
Crystal Michelles Mess
I'm thankful my husband finally took the air conditioner out of our bedroom
I'm thankful we aren't scrapping for bills next month
I'm thankful for the amazing colors of fall, and even more so for the amazing colors of fall wardrobes!
I'm thankful for Fall TV (side note if you are looking for a  great podcast reviewing all the new shows coming out take a look at Insert Pop Culture Reference Here. One of my blogcrushes started a great new podcast and combined two of my loves...four if you count her and Holly.)
I'm thankful for my kids and husband even though I told them they were driving me to drink and live in a box while I was walking out the door this morning.
I'm thankful for my friend Becky because when she runs into me at Wal-mart after a week of no sleeping and no showering she just gives me hug and doesn't even mention how I look like a homeless person. I love her.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It's Wednesday!!
I have always loved Wednesdays, mostly just because it's way more fun to say than Tuesday....
Which I guess if you try hard enough that's pretty fun to say too. 
I'm going to throw it right out there and tell you, I did not go to the gym this morning. 
I seriously have not been able to catch up on sleep since we got home from the hospital. 
Half of it is I'm just emotionally and physically exhausted, the other half is that wonderful thing you get as a mom, when you hear your baby crying, even when they aren't. 
My friend Becky and I talk about this all the time. 
It's like another evil trick played on Moms..
Oh your baby is finally sleeping soundly in his/her own room, let me just WAKE YOU UP AND MAKE YOU THINK YOUR CHILD IS SCREAMING 
This also happens when you finally get a minute to yourself in the car and you glance in your rear view mirror and see empty car seats. 
You SLAM on the breaks just to remember you LITERALLY just dropped the kids off at daycare. 
We refer to these as our "Where's the baby moments", and I hate them with a passion. 

I don't think these will ever go away, but hopefully I will get some better sleep patterns so I can get my booty up and to the gym in the morning!! I'm also thinking about adding some supplements into my normal routine, any thoughts? Suggestions? 

I missed my normal So What Wednesday and the new button is so shiny so I have to participate!

So what if
> I didn't go to the gym this morning. I got an extra two hours of half sleep and it was glorious
>I didn't pick the siblings option for picture day at school today. We get family photos done by my good friend Lauren Somero so I only do pictures at school just because
>I went to bed at 8:30 last night watching Bad Girls Club, I love that show.

>I haven't returned my library books yet and they are two weeks overdue. Mabel asks for this book every night and I just can't bare to return it yet. I'm also not done with Gone Girl.

> We have had the kids Halloween costumes picked out since last Halloween and my husband is more excited about them than I am.
Last year, she was a monster princess for school

> I am hoarding bags and bags of candy corn to make homemade butterfingers, if you're lucky I'll post the recipe!

What are you saying so what to this week?! 

I've also noticed my follower number getting bigger and bigger yay! I've decided to do a giveaway when I reach 26 because that's how old I am. Tell your friends tell your neighbors this shits on! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Move It Move It.

This weekend we went to the Zoo and when Mabel saw the lemers she started singing "I like to move it move, I like to move it move it." 
Then she looked at me with this "WTH this animals are broken" face. 

I love the zoo, mostly because I love looking at exotic animals up close. 
I hate the zoo, because I don't think exotic animals should be seen up close. 
I am a walking contradiction and I hate Starbursts. 
I did get to touch a Zebra and seriously my life is complete. 
Their stripes are so insane in real life. They look photoshoped on. I couldn't walk away.

Mabel's dance break also reminded me to join in on an awesome link up my girl Jacq is doing with another on of her blogger buddies. 

September Move It Challenge. 

The link up also is a giveaway, and this is the last week, so be sure to head over and enter for your chance to win!

Here are last weeks questions.

- Do you have a motivation buddy? Tell us about him/her!
Instagram and blogging has been my biggest motivations. I have quite a few friends through both who have inspired me in insane ways to get up, get active and get healthy! I am actually thinking of trying to rope some of them in for a new segement in October with guest posts/motivational story Mondays!! What do you think??

- What’s a strength move you’re working on mastering? Or one you’d like to master?
I personally love Yoga inversions. I am always working towards a new pose. The most recent one I've been working on is the Scopion Headstand. 

- How do you make sure you work out? Do you get up early? Schedule a fitness date?
I wake up SUPER early and I'm at the gym by 5...sometimes 5:15am. It's very important to me that my fitness goals do not get in the way of family time. My husband and I both work full time so the evenings and weekend days are family time, and I am not willing to sacrifice that .I get up and go to the gym and I'm home and ready for the day before the fam even starts to stir. 

- Do you set prizes for yourself if you meet a fitness goal? What’s your next goal and prize?
I always say I'm going to set prizes for myself but I never actually have. I should... haha. 
My next big (REALLY BIG) goal is the half marathon in Boston. I haven't registered yet so we shall see. 

- Ahhh fall is here. What is your favorite thing about fall?
The color in the leaves. I live in New England and there is no better place to watch the beauty of nature unfold before your very eyes. I am not very religious  and believe me I wish I was. This last week I would have loved to put all my faith and trust in something other than science, but never the less I am a scientist and that's just the way it goes. Thankfully I am an ENVIRONMENTAL scientist and the beauty and adaptability of nature never seizes to amaze me. I put my faith in that. 

I have been secretly taking on this challenge and I feel like I am doing a really good job. Last week doesn't count because it was out of my control. Beyond that I have gotten up 5 days out of the week to go to the gym and I have been lifting weights like a boss. I have totally overhauled my diet, and my sneeky plan to get my husband on board is coming together....hehehe. 

He agreed to cut out all sugary snacks for the kids, and mentioned that "it probably wouldn't be a bad idea for him to do that also"

I will never push him to eat a certain way or workout with me. I know it has to be something you want to do for yourself not for someone else. Besides I love my husband just the way he is. I just want to make sure he's going to be around for a long long time. 

So I'll leave you with this... it really is true what people say, 

Friday, September 20, 2013

5 things I Learned This Week

I'm finally home!!!
I'm celebrating by participating in Five on Friday
In true Candra style I like to turn everything in my life to laughter and comedy so here are the five things I learned from living out if hospital rooms all week.

1. It's true what they say, you don't miss something until its gone.
I wanted nothing more than a long hot shower and a pair of clean underwear. 
Chip was only supposed to go into a doctors appt and said appt was at 730
A frickin M. 
An hour away...
The night before I was a little more worried about a good nights rest than finishing that load of laundry...
That held  all of my clean under ware....
Flash forward four days later and I'm begging the nurses to find me an extra pair of scrub pants to cover my commando ass...
this is what I look like after four days with no showerweww

2. Not all hospitals have cheap ass food. 
Hospital number one had a less than awesome cafeteria but the prices were insanely cheap.
Hospital number two had an awesome cafeteria with so many choices and so many hidden prices...
$.50 for a packet of ketchup....uh yeah no.
3. When the nurses shut the light off so you can " get some rest" 
They really mean good luck trying to take 15 min power naps because we are going to wake your sleeping and irritable child every hour to take vitals 

4. Not all doctors have their shit together 
We got discharged this morning and we were all set to go by 10:30 but paperwork takes an hour or more to fill out and complete 
Apparently the information travels slower 
We had four doctors come in and ask us where we were hoping to go....
....uh we are going home that's where we are going 

5. Chip is cute no matter where he is

Thanks for all the good thoughts everyone! 
Hope everyone has a reason to celebrate today!!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh Life How I Love You

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so absent I've been in and out of hospitals with the little man! 
We are headed to another hospital in Boston for a third opinion and a private BB15 finale viewing party.
I'll be back soon I promiseee. 
In the mean time 
He's pissed Andy is in the final three....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seriously Andy Stop Crying

We get it you are extremely in touch with your emotional side but seriously. 
I think Judd said it best when he said 
" I have just never seen a guy cry that much" 
I cheated and read ahead on the blog and (spoiler alert) cry baby wins the veto. 
Do you think he will cry when he sends McRae home?? 

Anyways, Thursdays are usually my Veto Thursday post where I talk about 5 things I'm crushin this week and one thing I want to put up on the block, but as usually I was getting a little comfy in my life so the world had to get turned upside down again.

I posted my birth story with Chip earlier this week and if you read it you know all about his cyst. 
I live in constant fear that something will happen and he will need surgery.
For the past two weeks he's been throwing up daily and he's down almost 3 pounds.
I went to a regular peds appointment today and of course they think its the cyst so I'm waiting to hear back about when we will make the 2 hour trip up to CHaD. 
For some reason this ecard seemed to fit this situation because much like my period I like to forget his little issue does not exist. 

My brain does not compute things that contain bad news and sometimes I feel it easier to express myself in ecards. 
Just kidding 
but these did make me feel better 
I also got three more annoying animal face shirts for $5! I don't give a shit what the shirt looks like if its $5 for 3 of them I will take it.
Besides, waking up at the ass crack of dawn and going to the gym in one of these just makes my day. 
Except this morning when my soon threw up on it....

I couldn't figure out what the first animal was but I was informed it is a raccon(?) I thought meerkat which is way cooler and equally annoying. 

Anywho here's to hoping I get a lot of knitting/reading done tomorrow while waiting for the docs to get their shit together and tell me my sons just born with extra awesomeness and sometimes he has to throw up a little to make room for more. 

I did that in college with drinking so I totally get it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finishing the Sentence with SUNSHINE.

It's back!!!
Finish the Sentence with Holly and Jake Woot Woot!
I love reading everyone's answers, and the funniest ones get Starbucks cards! Since the closest Starbucks is 30 min away, I would also need mine to come with a gas card....
ANWAY on to the link up!
My happy place...the delivery room when the epidural kicks in...seriously nothing will beat that...ever.
Whatever happened to...honey as a dipping sauce at McDonalds...don't they want kids teeth to rot out while they are getting fat? Come on where is the fun in only getting one!
So what if I....pee first thing in the morning, and don't flush until I get back from them gym because I'm too scared to wake my kids up. If it's yellow let it mellow. 
E! needs a reality show about...Competing for NPC Bikini shows... I would be addicted, and also very very deflated haha
My go-to fast food meal is...Taco bell #9 soft with beef, and a Dr.Pepper, or McDonalds #2 no onion extra EXTRA pickles, BBQ sauce (even though there are no nuggets)...and now I'm embarrassed I know the numbers.
You might not know that I...knit... like an 80 year old lady.
The hottest quarterback in the NFL is...I don't know any, so I googled them, and damn I have been missing out because they are pretty much all hot.
If I could....get a boob job without any pain at all and still be able to nurse I would in a heart beat.
My personality is awesome because...
Twerking INSANE lower back workout. I YouTubed lots and lots of how to's, and compared with Jerry Springer episodes, and let me tell you, this home girl knows how to back dat ass up!
I think it's super gross when...someone touches my belly button, I will throw a punch. 
Someone needs to tell Miley call me.

My lovely friend over at JustJacq nominated me for a Sunshine award. Since I love talking about myself I'll partake...Duh. This award has circulated the blogging world quite a bit so I won't be nominating any more bloggers (sorry!)

But I love little Jacq so I will answer her questions and give her a shout out just the same!

1. What’s your current workout pump it up song? I don't listen to music at the gym! I know I'm crazy. They play music there and it's usually a good mix, but normally when I run outside it's anything by Jay Z
2. Who is your favorite Big Bang Theory character? Amy Farrah Fowler. She's amazing.
3. If you could have any super power what would it be? I would be a genie. Is that a super power?
4. Are you guilty of ever asking a/s/l?.....yes. Ah good old Chat Room days.
5. Most of the clothes in your closet can be found from what three stores? Wal-mart sadly. I'm broke and we live in a small town, but I get lots of compliments anyway!
6. Are you pro or anti vampires (answer carefully… this could affect our friendship)? Pro, but I love the wolves more...hope I answered this right!
7. If you could live anywhere in the world with everything you need/want there, where would you live? TEXAS I need some more heat and teased hair in my life.
8. What’s your guilty pleasure food? Oreos, mint, or Halloween. 
9. I love this Q from Jenn so I’m stealing it… What are 3 positive words to describe you? Dedicated, Loyal, and Happy 
10. How stoked are you that I nominated you? Super stoked!! I'm a new blogger so any time I see my name on anyone else's  blog I have to re-read it about a million times before I believe it! 

Sorry I'm not nominating anyone else but I am super super super thankful I got the nomination! 

Happy Hump day ya'll (see I could live in Texas!)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Little Chippy Loot Loot Part 2

When the nurses brought him back to me after that first MRI they still had no answers.
They knew he had a cyst, but they weren't sure if it was growing or if it was stable. 
They told me I would probably be there a week, and they would decide sometime soon whether or not to do surgery. 
He saw the whole list of specialist, and was checked on every 2 hours. 
He looked normal to me, and I was in such disbelief and shock. 
We were two hours away from our whole family, and while a few people did visit, 
(Thank you, both moms, Joni and Matt!)
it wasn't the joyous occasion filled with visitors and flowers we were expecting. 
Saturday morning came and the nurse walked in and said she was going to start our discharge...
....wait what?!
She told me everything seemed fine and we were BOTH going home. 
I was so happy but so confused. 
The doctors came in later and said there was going to be a lot of follow up tests but for now he was happy and healthy. 
We started the two hour drive home, and when we got there, the whole family was there to great us. 
I had a full on anxiety attack. 
I was crying and hyper ventilating and didn't want to get out of the car. 
I was terrified that any second someone else held my son was going to be a second stolen from me. 
I didn't see family I saw germs, and if he got sick it would push off surgery. 
He couldn't even get circumcised because if he needed surgery he couldn't have any open wounds. 
I made it in to the house and straight into the bedroom. 
I was embarrassed, scared, mad, confused, tired, sore, everything. 
I got a message on Facebook (back when I had it!) that changed my attitude about everything. 
A friend of mine told me 
"It's okay to mourn the lose of your fairy tale"
Just typing those words makes me cry. 
You have this whole ideal of what it's supposed to be like, and even though I had my beautiful son in my arms, I lost my fairy tale, but I had my son.

The next doctors appointment Chip had another MRI and the cyst showed no signs of growth. 
It's called an Arachnoid Cyst, and it's true what they tell you about a diagnosis, DON'T GOOGLE IT!
It isn't life threatening, and that's all I needed to hear. 
It would be a long road figuring out how and if it would affect him, but he was okay. 
During the first year of his life he had over 12 MRI's, nerve ending testing, and many many many doctors visits. 

On top of his cyst we got to deal with other issues like re-occurring ear infections (even after tubes!)

and this week we are dealing with a whole different issue. 
I mean who doesn't want to do stool samples at 7:45 in the morning! 

He will have to have routine MRI's to monitor the cyst as well as eye appointments, and I'm sure the list of specialists will grow, but the most important thing is that he's home with me. 
He loves kisses. 
His favorite word is no.
He is the best snuggler. 
He yells at the dogs more than I do. 
He's a great dancer. 
He's an okay little brother (but that's what they are supposed to be right?)
He knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. 
He is gorgeous, happy, and as healthy as I could ask for. 

Hug and kiss all your little ones today for me, and remember life goes on after the fairy tale. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Little Chippy Loot Loot

My husband and I knew right away that we wanted to have a baby while I was still in Grad school, so that I wouldn't need to take time off right in the beginning of my career.
Little did we know my career would be very SLOOOOW starting.
Thats another story all together.
We got pregnant on the first try and I was stepping into Grad school 4 weeks preggo.
The Hubs was in such disbelief he made me text him this picture.
I went to school for Conservation Biology which means LOTS of outdoor classes.
I knew it was going to be tough, but I'm a tough cookie and I knew I could handle it.
The whole pregnancy was relatively easy.
I mean I went on a 4 hour hike the day I WAS DUE.

Mabel listening to the heartbeat
Every appointment everything was spot on.
I was a little sick, but nothing I couldn't handle.
I ended up going past my due date, and I had to go in for an ultrasound to measure my amniotic fluid to determine when I should be induced.

That doctors appointment was the worst one of my entire life.
I had the ultra sound, and the tech looked at me, and I knew.
She asked us to wait in the waiting room and the doctor would be with us.
We were in the waiting room for an hour, and my husband was on his lunch break so he needed to go back to work.
I assured him it was fine, and that I would text him the results.
The nurse called me in and did the normal "get un-dressed from the waist down, blah blah"
The doctor comes in, and sits down, avoiding eye contact.
To this day I can tell you he was wearing a purple tie.
He told me they found a problem with my sons brain in the ultrasound,
 minutes suddenly turned into hours.
It felt like I was trying to hear everything he was saying as I was slowly being pulled under water, further and further.
I heard something about brain shunts and further ultra sounds and possible surgeries.
Nothing really kicked in until he told me to get dressed, because he didn't want me going into labor at this hospital.
Then he left.
I was all alone in that room, trying to pull myself together, and comprehend everything that was about to happen.
I called my husband and he lost it.
I have only seen him cry once, but I could tell he was falling apart faster than I was just by his voice.
The nurses told me they had scheduled an appointment for the next morning at another hospital.
2 hours away.
I met my husband at home, and we both cried.
We had no idea what was wrong, or what was going to happen.
I called the new hospital in the morning and asked if I should come prepared to deliver.
She told me to pack enough for a week or more.
Another blow.
I was to scared to tell my husband so I only packed for 2 days.
To say I didn't sleep that night is a crazy understatement.
We got to the new hospital sometime the next day.
Waiting for the second ultrasound.
We had the second ultrasound, and again the tech looks at me and tells me to wait for the doctor.
You know its something bad when only the doctor can tell you.
Another doctor came in and told me that they were really unsure what was going on.
At this point they thought he had a stroke in the womb, and they weren't sure what condition he was going to come out in.
They wanted to induce me right away, and they gave me the option of a c-section right away.
I am TERRIFIED of C-sections so I said no a million times.
We went right upstairs and checked into the maternity ward.
From that point we met every doctor in that building.... or so it seemed.
My labor progressed pretty rapidly.
Honeslty most of this part is a blur to me, everything happened so past.
I remember little things, like the doctor told me I was at a 9 and then he broke my water and I was a 7, and I wanted to punch him right in the face.
I delivered in the operation room, because they thought he might have to go right into surgery.
I remember the bright lights and a line of people in yellow suits head to toe standing behind it.
We had the entire pedicatric neuro surgery team, the NICU team, the genetisist, and 4 doctors in what felt like a hallway closet sized room.
My husband said they were like a pit-crew.
After I delievered the doctor cut the cord.
They needed to save all the cord blood for testing and possible transfusions so my husband couldnt do it.
They handed my son right over to the "pit crew"
and we waiting in silence.
It seemed like hours and hours were going by and then they brought my son over to me and put him on my chest.

They wheeled my bed back from the operating room to my maternity room, and I sat in awe.
I keep telling myself that if we were together everything must be okay right?
Later that day the doctors came in and ran through the list of tests they wanted to run on my newborn.
They had ruled out a stroke, but they still had a lot of unanswered questions.
All they knew was that there was a growth on his brain stem that was obstructing some of the normal paths in his head, like his optical nerves, and his glands.
He was going to need MRI's and nerve testing, and possible surgery as soon as the next week.
I wasn't ready to let him go, I had just got him.
On top of it I was two hours away from our 2 year old daughter. I had never been away from her before.
Later that night, Chip went in for his first MRI, and again I waited.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Week Two Wrap Up

Hey Loveys
Today is my Week Two Fitness Wrap up!
I love this new program and I am seeing some major results.
I have to admit my eating wasn't as great this week.
Don't get me wrong I still ate clean and healthy, our budget was just a little lower than expected so meal prepping for the entire week through me off.
That whole three day weekend did it too.
Sundays are Football days, also known as widow days.
This means Disney movies playing outside, and MEAL PREP.
Obviously this could not be done last Sunday and we all know PLAN TO PREPARE OR PREPARE TO FAIL, or whatever the F it is.
Anyway, wrap up, stay on track Candra....

Favorite Workout of the Week: Assited Pullups. A new friend on Instagram explained to me how to use this machine, and it may have been "assisted" but I did a Mother F'in pull up. WHAT?! I know awesome.
Favorite Meal this week: Turkey burger on the grill with spicy mustard over a bed of spinach, HOLLA
Biggest NSV: My nephew showed me a headstand and I said " I can do that to" and he told me there was no way and my husband chimed in saying "only against the wall" So I busted out the most important headstand of my life, and they all applauded, UH THANK YA. 

Least Favorite Workout of the Week: Concentration curls.... I hate you.
Least Favorite meal: Eggs. I have never loved eggs, and after eating this every morning, I want to punch some chickens.

Biggest struggle: Dunkin Donuts has Pumpkin Pie donuts....enough said.

ALSO my LOVE Sami over at Simply Sami tagged me to participate in "Six Things About Me"
So here are her questions.

1. Who is your biggest crush besides your significant other? We all know you have one!
I can't really think of anyone I know personally, but in the celebrity world I love Larry the Cable Guy, and Shia Labeof. Crazy opposites I know haha. 
2. Who do you want to see in concert that you haven't?
I would love to get all dressed up in redic clothes, cover myself in glitter and go see Kesha, oh wait I'm sorry Ke$ha. I use her music to pump me up at the gym and don't even know a lot of her songs, but I think that concert would just be a big love fest, and an oppotunity to look crazy and still fit in.

3. What one blogger that you follow do you want to meet in real life?
I would love to meet 
Jen over at FatChick2FitChick and Sami at Simply-Sami
and duh Brandi and Skinny Meg, who doesn't
4. What is one thing your significant other does that sets them apart from anyone else?
Loves me unconditionally. 

5. Do you like to cook? What is your favorite dish to make?
I love to cook and I love to bake. I love trying new recipes and soon I hope to have a recipe tab on my blog, I am just not computer savvy, for now my Pintrest will just look like this...

6. What is one thing you would change if you were elected President tomorrow?
So many things come to mind...
Maybe put a salary cap on entertainment and sports fields???

Now I'm tagging a couple of Bloggers who I found recently

Lindsay @ Cowboy Boots and an Apron
Lindsay @ Training Lindsay
Jess @ Truly Jess
Jules @ Je Ne Sais Quoi Jules
Steph @ Life According to Steph
Liz @ Fitness Blondie

Alright Ladies my questions for you are short and sweet!

1. What is your favorite workout move?
2. If you had to eat the same cheat meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
3. Live in the mountains, or by the ocean?
4. East Coast or West Coast and why
5. What is the book you recommend the most?
6. How do you take your coffee (or energy drink)?

Well everyone this concludes my week, but be on the look out... I feel a weekend post a brewin.
Also if you were looking for a good cry, here ya go. Although it may just be my faulty tears ducts