Friday, August 16, 2013

I won!!!!!!!!

Holy shit
I can't even believe it.
I won the blog design give away from none other than Hubby Jack.
Let me tell you a little story
When I was in elementary school every Friday the librarian picked a name out of a bucket to be student of the week and they got to pick the book that was read. 
Well I fly my nerd flag high and I was always so excited for my big break.
Every Friday I would wake up thinking "Today is my day suckas" 
And every Friday my dreams of stardom got shut down.
Seriously EVERY Friday.
I never won that shit.
I even went as far as ASKING the librarian to just pick my name.
If I had a job I probably would have skipped her a 20.
She gave me the same old BS about everyone needing an equal opportunity blah blah. 
Give me that damn prize.
Fast forward to the end of 5th grade.
Our teachers put together scrap books for us with things other teachers saved from our time there. 
The first page was a dedication page with a little slip of paper where every kindergartner wrote their own name. 
For some reason I didn't have a slip of paper so I asked the teacher.
Turns out I was absent that day in kindergarten.
What were those papers used for, you ask?
My name was never even in the bucket!
You would think after years of never winning even once that bitch would have just checked! 
Since than I barely enter drawings or giveaways because I thought I was cursed.
But this one I wanted bad.
It was an amazing cause and the prize was like gold to me.
So guess what,

Thanks Sami again for being so awesome, I know you didn't personally pick my name out of the bucket but you did much more than that!

Happy weekend! Enjoy the weather cause it looks like fall is around the corner and that means pumpkin pie coffee so I'm cool with it. 

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  1. I am glad you are so excited!! I am excited for you and can't wait to see what you and HJ come up with!!