Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two days in a ROW

So I survived the run. 
I'm also still scared shitless of the run on Friday, but my current mindset is that I am going to fucking nail it, and if I don't, it's Friday so I can drink wine all night and try again Monday. 
I still don't understand how birthing a baby could make all my self believe disappear. 
I should be like I CAN DO ANYTHINGGGG. 
Instead I'm over here like, ummmm maybe I should start with a yog.

So have I told you guys about my goals yet?
I turn 30 next summer (womp womp) so I decided to set three big goals, and then times them BY THREE.
You know because 30… 3-0…3…. Anywho.

Goal number 1- Running
I am hoping to set some PR’s in a 5k a 10k, and a half
In all honestly this shouldn’t be that hard because I’m a slow slow slow runner and my current PR’s are nothing to write home about.

Goal number 2- Hiking
I want to complete three major peaks in New Hampshire.
We live in hiking country and I have like half a million to choose from so I should be taking advantage of them!
The only one I have set in stone so far is Mount Washington.
My friend’s recent pictures has put this loop on my maybe list!

Goal number 3- Running, Biking, Swimming
You know putting them all together and doing a fricking Triathlon!!! There are a few local ones so I just need to learn how to swim without plugging my nose and I should be good… maybe.

I’m hoping that having these big goals will help me to focus on something other than the scale, which I had my husband hide.
We have also started a daily challenge at work were we pick an exercise out of a box and do 100 throughout the day.  It’s been so swell.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping so I have protein bites and a breakfast casserole on the menu. 
AND just for good measure he's a picture of our best attempt at a family photo 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Running Hives

Hey friends!!
It's been so long I don't even know how to start anymore. Sooo.... how've you been? How are the kids? You look great? Oh this old thing? I've had it for yearsssss.
Lets talk about fitness.
Or lack there of.
I've started the Couch 2 5k program again and today I start week 5.
How is it that I used to run half marathons but the thought of running for 8 min this week is giving me hives...
I want to be back there.
I miss my long runs. I miss the mindless pace I hit when I run longer than 5 miles.
Even more so I miss my kid free timeeee.
Don't get me wrong I love my kids, but my son has recently learned all the words to The Little Einsteins theme song and I'm pretty sure listening to the same kid song can be used as a form of torture.
Okay rewind, I just looked and this Friday I am supposed to run TWENTY MINUTES.
What if I can't do it.
Ugh Ugh Ugh.
Whatever. I need to focus on today before I pee my pants about Friday.

Lets talk about food
and how I've been eating all of it.
Like everything, and anything. Nothing is safe.
I'm at my highest weight I have ever been in my life. I hate the way I look in pictures and I am trying very hard not to compare myself to where I was before I had Aggie, but we all know how that goes.

I'm tryinggg.
Okay I'm really not, I mean lets be honest with ourselves. If I was REALLY trying I would be SUCCEEDING right?

One week at a time. ONE WEEK AT A TIME.
I can finish these runs.
I can not buy Dunkin Donuts every morning.
I will wear my wedding ring again someday without getting it re-sized!!!