Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

This morning I am linking up with Darci over at The Good Life for Five on Friday woop woop.
My first link up so here goes nothing...

1. the library, yup I'm a nerd. I go every other week to get books for the little princess and she absolutely loves it. We have book time every night before she goes to bed, and she refuses to sleep with anything less than 5 books in her bed.  I am totally okay with this. I also have been picking up books for myself, and have started (and not finished) 2 books. I am an avid reader and love me a good book but for some reason I have not been able to get lost in a good one. Maybe it's because I live in a Podunk and my library has about 5 books. I'm trying again today with Mr.Mou's Travelling Couch by Dai Sijie check out the first comment....looks like I'm in for a treat.

2. Coffee...
Dear Coffee,
I love you.
In all forms, hot, cold, ice cream, perfume (okay maybe not perfume).
You make me excited about waking up in the morning
and going to sleep, because I know what awaits me
You make it possible for me to get through a morning after I've been puked on twice, cleaned up a carton of spilled blueberries, looked for my keys for 20 minutes, only to get to daycare to realize we've missed breakfast.
Thanks for always being their for me, even when I joke about giving you up, or cutting back on you.
You + Me= Us, I know my calculus. please someone get that reference

3. My husband and his amazing ability to do crazy ass things around the house, like build a deck in a weekend, or replace all of the floors, or let me pick the paint colors, or build my garden beds. He may fill up our DVR's with endless episodes of Diner's Drive-in's and Dives and leave the air conditioner on -89 while it blows directly on my face but if that's the worst... I can deal. He also always finds a way to make our pictures so priceless....

Yeah we're cute
4. My amazing photographer friend Lauren!!! If you are in the NH area and you are looking for an amazing photographer let me know and I will hook you up. She just did a whole photo shoot with my husbands entire family....all 40+ of us. I may or may not have thought that idea up all on my own after a couple of drinks.... I'm nuts. BUT it turned out amazing, and we surprised my MIL and she cried....mission accomplished. I also got some amazing family pictures, and pictures of my little babes that I'm dying over.

agh... I love us

This is making my ovaries ache....and then I remember this morning..
5. My sore muscles, because that means someday they will be really strong and I will be able to win an arm wrestling contest against my nephew.. or just show him up when we run this mother in
in 15 frickin days....

In other news, remember that awesome friend I was telling you about that I met on Instagram...well she's challenging me to 30 days of clean eating, no cheat meals, balls to the wall... I'm double thinking our friendship... I love my donuts, and cupcakes, and pizza, and my sweet sweet Miller Lites.... Lets hope I see major results because if not... well there isn't going to be a not.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Miles...No Really

(This post was supposed to happen a million weeks ago.... judge me.)

For some reason I thought it would be a really great idea to wake up at 3am on a Sunday, during a long weekend, to drive to Boston, to run 5 miles.
The longest I have ever run.
It was the Boston Run to Remember, and it was... amazing. 

I was so nervous and was on a total anxiety ride the whole way down, which originally I was going to do alone because there is no way the hubs and the babes would be joining me at the ass crack of dawn. 

At the last minute my sister-in-law decided to drive down with me and thank goodness she did. 

There was about half a million people and everyone was wearing super cute running clothes, and super high tech running gear, eating their super cool running pre snacks, and there was me. 

I don't know why but it's hard for me to call myself a runner. I always feel like an impostor and I'm just waiting for someone to spot me and start pointing until I'm slowly pushed out. (Irrational fear #1)

Luckily I wasn't spot before the race started and I was able to sneak in.

The race was amazing. The course was beautiful and so fun. Who wouldn't want to be able to run down the middle of the street in downtown Boston with cops cheering you on instead of chasing you ( I kid I kid...okay maybe not).

It wasn't hilly at all and I breezed through the first three miles at my normal sloth pace of 12/mi. My pace usually gives me anxiety because I'm afraid of being so slow that someone has to stop me because the race is over (Irrational fear #2), but this time I didn't care, I was taking in the scenery.

 Sometime during the third mile my stomach was all "hey remember me and how much I like food". It was about that time that every bakery in Boston decided to start wafting their yummy goodness into the street. 

So at the next water station I grabbed a Gu...vomit flavored Espresso flavored. It did the trick. 

Then before I knew it I saw the finish line and as if on cue my pump up song came on, and I sprinted. 

That's right I sprinted that shit, and my sister-in-law was right there cheering me on. So amazing. I'm hooked. Next year I'm doing the half, and I'm going to have a super cute running outfit because now I'm not scared to shop in the running section, 

because I'm a runner. 

Not the same race... I just look good here ; )

Remember that time I started a blog.... don't?

Oh thats probably because I posted like twice, and then decided I was too busy not doing anything to keep up with it.

So here goes another attempt.

I recently started a new weight training program, and so far I love it. I am trying to "lift heavy" so I can buy one of those cute workout tanks someday with the cute sayings like

"Keep Calm and Lift On"

When in reality mine should read something more like

"Do cupcakes count as dumbells?"

and not feel like a total imposter. I hope I stick it out, and gain some crazy girl muscles in the process.

As far as the job department, everything is pretty much exactly the same.
I'm still applying to half a million jobs, and not getting any interviews. So I sit at home and wonder why I got my Master's in the first place.

I met this great new friend through Instagram (@candra_ellen) who has had an amazing weight loss and she is insanely inspirational. Maybe some day I'll post about her, in the mean time, she's my little secret!! 

In the mean time I leave you with my most recent purchase,

I was channeling Matilda's mom... nailed it.