Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dear Stacy

Get out my life with your damn goodies. Why did you have to go and invent cake Pringles. Honestly you play dirty and unfair and while I like your style I want to punch you in the throat.

I found these today

And upon further inspection I found these

Of course I bought both and ate those damn things all the way home. I decided to keep them in my car for some ungodly reason and continued to eat them on my way to every errand INCLUDING THE GYM. Seriously Stacy without an e you think you're so cute. Well F you and your crack products. 

I didn't blog yesterday because I had an AWESOME doctors appointment with Chip (insert sarcasm here) and it was Double Eviction night on Big Brother so I couldn't contain my excitement enough to get my thoughts together. So here are the questions from yesterday and today's. 

Thursdays first cause I love me some chronology. 

1.Describe your relationship with your parents.

This one's tricky so I'll keep it simple. My parents are amazing people. I don't feel like either one of them play parents roles, and maybe thats because I'm in my mid 20's (actual number isn't necesaaru) but to be honest I have felt this way my whole life. 

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

I can never answer this questions. I see myself happy, healthy and loving on my kids the same way I do today. 

3. What is your favorite holiday and why?

Seeing as how I'm always on a diet, and trying to get in shape my favorite holiday should be pretty obvuious it's the only holiday completely surrounded by food... THANKSGIVING
Pumpkin flavored things are among my favorites. 

4. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about parenting. 

Favorite- When my kids tell me they love me or randomly hug and kiss me. That will never get old. 
Least Favorite- when my kids hurt or they are sick. It kills me to see them cry or in pain

5. If you could have dinner with one person in history who would it be and what would you eat?

I am a pretty big nerd so there are a lot of people I would love to eat dinner with, like
Bill Clinton, Oprah, Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, but right now I would say Amanda Bynes because I want to know what the F is going on with her. I would also prob just order a pizza. 

Okay now for FRIDAY's questions
1. What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?
That a good work ethic isn't important if you're working and hourly job. Seriously in this day and age be thankful you have a job, and WORK that job. Be proud and THANKFUL. I can NOT stand it when someone complains about having to work. You don't have to work you can sit your ass on the couch if you want to, but there are people out there who would DIE for a job so be thankful you are working, and able to work. 

2. What is your favorite part of your body and why?
I used to say my boobs, but nursing two kids, and father time has changed them quite a bit. Now I say my eyes because they change color depending on what I'm wearing and thats pretty cool. Both my kids have the same eyes. 

3. What is your favorite quality in your spouse?

The thing I love the most about him also drives me crazy sometimes, but it's his dedication to his family. He goes out of his way to help anyone in his family with anything. He lets them borrow anything we have even if it's worth a couple hundred dollars and we probably wont get it back in the same condition. He is so loyal and loves his family. 

4. What are your hopes for your prosperity?

I would hope to work in a job that allows us to do fun things and take weekends away and not have to worry about our budget

5. List 10 things you want to be remembered for
1. Always showing my family love
2. Being commited to nature and conservation
3. Being smart and motivated
4. Running races to race money, and being healthy
5. Raising thankful and loving children
6. Winning Big Brother
7. Always taking in kids
8. Being an active member in the community and not letting small town politcs be run by small town minds. 
9. Being an avid traveler
10. Secretly donating thousands of dollars to family's of sick kids so that they are able to be by their child's bedside without having to worry about jobs and funds.

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