Friday, April 12, 2013

My fitness journey

When I checked in to the hospital to give birth to my son and they weighed me in at 170 I about fainted. I know it was a good amount of baby weight, but 170....

I figured I would leave the hospital at about 145 because that's what happened with my daughter (that birth story is a post all on its own!)

When I left to go home the first thing I did was step on the scale... 165 WTF

Did they forget another baby in there???

Did Chippy forget to pack all his things when he left??

Looks like mama has some work to do. 

it was really just a basketball

This is when I decided to really make a change. I have wanted to get fit before and have never been totally out of shape. I am aware that my picture looks like a lot of peoples after pictures, but the fact is, I wasn't happy with my body or my diet choices. 

I choose cupcakes over apples, and chocolate bars and sodas are my go to snacks. I have had an on again off again relationship with working out, and to say I hated running was a HUGE understatement. 

I have always used my go to excuse, my body just wasn't made for running. 

I tried the couch 2 5k program after I had my daughter and never finished because I had a ton of pain in my knees and shins. 

See my body wasn't made to run!

After that 170 weigh in slapped me the face i made a pact to myself that this time I wouldn't give up. 

Not only did I want to get in shape and fall back in love with my body, I wanted my kids to grow up in an environment where being active was the norm, and food was fuel. 

This time I'm not just doing it for myself and my health, I'm doing it for my kids. 

I created this blog to hold myself accountable, if I write it I have to do it right??? Lets hope so. 

I set a goal for myself to run 5 races this summer, and run a 7.2 mile loop using mapmyrun 
So far I am registered for 4 and my first one is in 8 day oh sweet baby Jesus

I am also in the middle of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred currently day 12 I hate you Jillian.
I am also  working on the C210k program ( I already finished the C25k woot woot!).
 pretending I just enjoyed my workout

I will not fail this time, I wont let it happen. I have a great long distance workout partner, and have found so much inspiration thanks to amazing bloggers like Skinnymeg, and  Mamalaughlin

and I have also been using wine as a's amazing what that does.
ugh seriously... we create cute kids

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here Goes Nothing...

Here I am, starting another project, 
not because I have a ton of free time
because I don't,
not because I think I'm awesome,
I mean I am but....
I'm starting this
because I need a place to voice my thoughts,
about how much I hate Jillian Michael s
a place to hold myself accountable,
a place to connect with people on the same journey as me, and
pretty much just a place to be me.

So here's my first blog post, it's short and sweet, and hopefully to be followed by many many more.

My kids are insanely cute so you will be seeing a ton of them, my dogs are just as cute.
My husband hates pictures so more than likely there won't be many of him, and
I work out every day (and by every day I mean every other day, or once a week, or when I feel like it).

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