Thursday, August 22, 2013

Veto Thursdays

I'm starting a new trend, and if I was braver and more confident with my blog I would even make it a link up...maybe someday.
Anyway Thursdays are my favorite days of the week, because they are LIVE EVICTION DAY
 Seriously where have I been the last 15 seasons. 
Last night was the veto comp and if you didnt watch Elissa man handle that comp you missed out. 
She was a beast and I loved it. OTEV the crying beaver made me laugh so hard.

Thursdays are my happy days so I will be using it to rave about things I'm crushing on this week
Every Thursday I will post 5 things I am loving that week,
since I am ALWAYS the winner of the veto comps (in my head) I will also be using my power of veto to save my sanity and since I am also always HoH I will be placing someone on the block for eviction.
In normal people terms I'm also going to include one thing I am hating this week. 
Big Brother is going to my head.  
I know, I know it's similar to every other bloggers link up, but the difference is
This is my blog and Honey Badger don't give a shit, right Steph?

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1. This nail polish from essie. Before you are all "I thought she said she was broke, bitch buys essie nail polish!" My boss bought this to fix a scratch on something, reason number 2 why I like it...Free.

2. Monster Energy Zero Ultra, thank you Elle Noel for this. I don't drink energy drinks often, I'm a coffee girl, but I decided to give this one a go, and I frickin love it. I am going to enjoy my last week of cheat meals 24/7

3. Dawson's Creek....ya'll know I love me some Pacey. This gets me through my cardio at the gym. 
that shaved head.... HELLO

4. Polyvore, it's as addicting as Pintrest and makes me wish my wallet had an endless supply of money just for cloths. 

5. Big Brother...duh. I seriously can't make up my mind who I like and want to win. I kinda like Amanda...judge me, I also kinda want to Judd to come back and rock that redneck all the way to the end. 

and this week for eviction I'm putting up...

My mechanic... while I love them, they conveniently "forgot" to pay out the loan on the car I just traded in, which resulted in me getting sent to collections for non payment... YAY. I was especially delighted to hear this after the reason we traded in said vehicle was because THEY COULDN'T FIX IT. Girl, bye. 

What are you loving this week? What would you evict from your house this week?

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    I love Pacey. I wish I was on that show.

    I think I have that essie polish. Penny Talk? Love it. And I look at it like this: even if you buy it, it lasts longer on your nails than the cheap shit. Truth.