Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It Happened.

Yesterday at work it started....
Holiday Season.

Working at Dentist Office we get lots of gifts sent to us to thank us for referrals and what's the best thing to send to a Dentist Office?
Oh thats right, sweets. 
Cake, cookies, chocolate, candy, crack.

Yes please send 12 dozen homemade cookies to our office of 3 PEOPLE. 
I also work up front, so I sit and stare at it all day. 
I have long had an issue of over eating, and while I have never let it get to an extreme point, I walk a very fine fine line. 
Personally for me a serving size is the box, or carton. Not 1. Duh. 
This Saturday is my first weigh in for my Biggest Loser Challenge. So technically this week doesn't count.
So why did I start this week, and I why did I not eat all of those cookies and that loaf of banana bread that looked perfectly moist and probably has banana chunks throughout it, with hot melted butter on top?
Because I know the first three weeks are the hardest, so why not get a jump start. 
Already this week I have had Twizzlers, Pizza, french fries, Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream and a soda womp womp. 
That is worse than I have been in awhile. 
I get in the mind set before I start a challenge that I need to say good bye to all the foods I love.
Then I binge, like big time.

Food is such a mind game. 
I kept telling myself yesterday 
"If I wait until 3 I can eat a cookie, but if I wait til 4 I can eat two"
Why am I rewarding myself for not eating snack, BY EATING SNACKS. 
Why am I rewarding myself with food at all. 
It never makes me feel good, which rewards are supposed to do. I always feel guilty after, and feel like a failure. 
I also tend to let one bite of bad food ruin my whole day. 
The whole "Well my diet today is shot so I might as well finish the entire cake" theory
That's my favorite theory, and also my least favorite.
I know there is a bazillion books out there on eating habits, such as Mindless Eating which I have wanted to read since college, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to dive into that.

Tiffany over at The Fit Train is having a Fit 4 Christmas Challenge that I climbed aboard on (see what I did there).

I'm pretty sure I'm going to try some Advocare products during this challenge and I promise I will be upfront and honest about all of them. I'm also thinking about becoming a distributor so I can get the discount so if you want to order from me let me know... That is probably the last time I will say that PROMISE!

On Monday's I will tell you my weight from the weigh-in's on Saturday and I will tell you how I'm feeling. Whats working and whats not. I also promise to add any good and healthy recipes to my recipe tab up top (don't bother looking now there's nada!).

You can follow me on Instagram where I post a lot of sweaty pictures and pictures of me crying over cake. womp womp.

If you are looking to send some extra cheer to someone this holiday season, or looking to make a new blogging buddy you can join JustJacq's Post Exchange. Sign ups are going on right now.
This is the second time I have done it and I got to meet the wonderful Kaara. She has an Etsy site with amazing pieces that are extremely reasonably priced. She informed me that she has kept her love for Billy (Bill Clinton) in the closet for too long and that because of me she is waving her love flag high! She recently did a huge overhaul in her AMAZINGLY LARGE closet and if I lived closer I would have been there like a little circus monkey collecting all the discards.
I love me some hand-me-downs.... You hear me Kaara... you have my address!!
Go show her some love and sign up for Post Exchange, you may be lucky enough to get yours truly and let me tell you I am in the crafty mood lately!


Tomorrow is Halloween, and it's probably going to get rained out... yay New England....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Friendly Fall Swap

I was so excited to do this swap especially because I saw a lot of my favorite bloggers participating and some I was excited to check out. 

I got paired with Jodi from Love and Crayons and I immediately stalked her blog. 
She has two adorable little boys that almost made me want another one right now. 
I also creeped her Instagram and hoped that she was going to send me a bunch of boxes of cookies. 
She didn't Thank Goodness because I don't need them. 
When the box came I was super pumped. 
First off if this swap has an award for most tape used I would like to nominate Jodi. 

I'm sure she didn't plan for it to arrive on arm day but holy. 
My little trembling arms were struggling with this haha. 
Once I got it open I was so surprised by all the goodies. 
read the card first like a good gift opener. 
The card said "The Kinder Eggs are for the kids, hope they get good toys"
uhhh... huh? What the F are Kinder Eggs and I hope they don't stink up the house. 
Then I remembered Jodi is from across the pond...wait is that England... I mean over the trees...?!
She's from Canada. 
That's right get jealous I have international friends. 

The Kinder Eggs turned out to be chocolate eggs (thank God!) with little toys inside. 
The kids loved them. 

The nail polish color was amazing and I painted my nails as soon as I could. 
I also fell in love with this "eco-tote". 
I have been looking for a good bag to bring to the gym and this is perfect. The material is washable so if it gets water or sweat... on it I can just wipe it off! 

I love all the treats in my package and I pray that my package gets to her soon. I was so confused shipping internationally that I'm pretty sure the man at the post office thought I was attempting to smuggle drugs. 
I kept asking "Are you sure this is going to get there, it's kind of really important"
Then I realized how creepy I sounded, and said "well it's just important to me and the person getting it"
Which upped the creepy level so I just  handed him my card and left as soon as possible. 
So lets all hope it gets to her some day. 

Jodi's package also had a little gift in it that I don't think she meant to include. 
She sent it in a peaches box and because she's from Canada everything was in English and French. 
I was extremely pleased to see that when I'm doing my  French accent and making my attempts to turn regular words into French words some of them are actually accurate. 

So thanks Jodi, my husband also thanks you  because my "french accent" has made it into our lives way more than normal this week. 

Tomorrow on the blog: Post Exchange and more info on my new link up!! 

Inspiration Station with a Mermaid.

Hey everyone, hope you are recovering from the weekend nicely, because I am not.
My friend Lauren talked me into told me about a Biggest Loser Challenge in her town, which I decided to do. 
If I really want to do this competition thing I need to get serious about it and get rid of those last 10 pounds. 
Before I start something like this I always get in the mind set that I need to say "goodbye" to all my favorite foods, and I tend to go crazy. 
I ate horrible this weekend, and I'm paying for it now. 
Thankfully I prepped all my meals for this week, and started to keep track of calories consumed and calories burned to see what works best for my body (eating back calories or creating a deficit). I'll keep you updated. 
When I have these bad food days, weekends, weeks, I turn to a friend I met through Instagram. 
I've been hounding her about writing a guest post for me, and she's been a little reluctant. 
Last night I get a random email on my phone, and it's her guest post. 
So here she is, and get ready because although she doesn't always believe it her transformation is AMAZING, and keeps me going, oh and her mermaid hair.

Hello blog world. I'm Marcia. Go ahead and say it...Marcia Marcia Marcia. Now that that's out, I have no idea what I am doing here but, when Candra asked me to guest post on her blog (even though this is totally out of my element) I knew I HAD to do it! 
Candra and I met on Instagram a few months back. When I found out we shared the same obsession of a few fit instagram ladies I knew it was fate! We clicked immediately. So I'm not the only crazy person dreaming of having a couple thousand IG followers, and a nice body to go along with it. ;)
In all honesty Instagram has brought me closer to having just that!!
I've sorta been in a little rut lately. Since March 13' I've lost a whopping 65 pounds! Sure I've had cheat meals here and there but I've been 90-95% consistent with sticking to eating only clean foods, and exercising 5-6 days a week. I'm so proud of how far I've come because I put in sooo much work! It's not easy!! I feel a little burnt out on the whole eating clean and exercise movement. I guess you could say I've sorta hit a plateau. Or just lost all patience for waiting for the rock hard body I dream of!! I've worked soo hard! Can't I just have it already?? So for the past 2 weeks or so I've not done a single workout and have stuffed my face with all the delicious food I've deprived myself of for so long. 
It is Fall and I just CANT say no to Pumpkin anything! :)
Here's where I started....

And Where I'm at today...

might as well put my "mermaid" hair on display too. Candra teased you all with :)

I've come so far!!! I'm well aware stuffing my face, and not exercising is not going to get me any closer to the goals I have set for myself, (I hope to compete in a bikini comp. next year!) in fact, that's the exact reason I was as big as I was last March. 
I guess you could say I've sorta been waiting for some sign, or reason to get back on track and it came to me this weekend.
My family has a annual Halloween party. My 12 siblings and our little families get together just for a reason to create all those Halloween themed food items we've been pinning on Pintrest all year long! And of course another reason for the kids to wear their costumes. While I'm indulging myself in all the delicious food brought, and I'll be honest I mostly kept my hands in the pumpkin cookies (We wont say how many of those I inhaled), we all joke about eating more than 10 cookies a piece (except I'm not joking) my sister says 
"No big deal I'll just pull a "Marcia" 
"Whats a Marcia" I say? 
They continue on about doing "The Marcia" as they call it. Even adding a ridiculous dance in saying "The Marcia" over and over. I knew they were talking about the transformation I was able to pull off. 
Then it hit me than that my transformation has made some sort of impression on them. 
It made me feel good. 
My family is not the most over weight family but, each of us could loose a few pounds. I sort of feel like a positive role model.  I'm now looked at as inspiration, and motivation for them to loose weight themselves. It was a great moment.
Since that night I've got myself back on track!! No more overindulging in too many unhealthy treats. I know everything in moderation is okay. But I know I have to be consistent in eating healthy and exercising if I'm going to reach my goals!! And I WILL reach my goals! We all can reach whatever goal we have with some self discipline,determination and consistency. 

So I hope maybe I can inspire someone else to "pull a Marcia" 

Thanks Candra for asking me to Guest Post. It was fun!! And Maybe just MAYBE I'll be back in the future!
Happy Monday everyone!! 

Well one thing is for sure, that girl def keeps me motivated. She forgot to mention she has three very active (and insanely cute) little boys at home, and recently went back to work after being a Stay at Home Mom. 
Girl's got a full schedule and still makes time to pop that booty at the gym. 

On the Blog Tomorrow: Fall Friend Swap Reveal!! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

You're Not as Crazy as You Think, You're Welcome.

Everybody has weird quirks that they think nobody else does but Steph over at SMD pointed out to me this morning that  she shares one of mine so I feel a little less crazy today.
We both make our beds in a certain way and get upset if it's not perfect. 
I love finding out that something i do that makes me feel crazy isn't so crazy after all. 

So my gift to you is this....

Five Things You Thought You Were The Only One Who Did. 

1.  Make a bucket with your hands in the shower and see how much water you can collect and then let it splash on the floor.
 Personally I cross my arms and see how much water I can collect between my boobs before I splash on the floor, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy that does us
2.  When you're on a long phone call you pace the entire house
When I'm on the phone for longer than five minutes I find myself standing in places in my house that I've never stood before.
I typically end up in my daughter's room or in the bathroom staring creepily out the window
I really don't get it.
3. You rehearse arguments in your head just in case they ever happened
When I was little I used to play out conversations I would have with celebrities in case I ever met them.
I have yet to use any of those conversations but believe me I've got some good ones stored, you never know when I'm going to meet Laura Ingalls Wilder (or the person who played her who in my head is the real Half-pint)

4. You spell Wednesday like wed-nes-day in your head every time you write it
 I also do this for emergency, like EM-ER-GEN-CY....yes I know that one doesn't really make sense, but in my head it does.

5. You sometimes stop the microwave before it reaches 1 so you can pretend you are defusing a time bomb.
I do this every morning when I'm making my breakfast, because said time bomb is real
and it's called my kids.

How many of these describe you? By the way my quirk was not even on the list so thank God Steph said she does the same! 

Today I'm linking up with Darci for Five on Friday, and also joining a new link up

My blogcrush Jen is Co-Hosting today and I've already found a ton of great new blogs so be sure to check them out!

Prototype Mama

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Miley, Gummy Worms, and Some Potential

It's Thursday.
That means tomorrow is Friday.
I know total shocker. 
This Friday is different though.
Becky and I are going to have a much needed mom's night out. 
It will be full of girly drinks, and probably some tomato and garlic nachos, with bacon... uhh my mouth is already watering. 
During the day tomorrow I am going to prep a shit ton of food for the weekend so I can make up for my horrible night by eating well all weekend. 
Buzz kill womp womp. 

In other news, I've been thinking about starting my own link-up on Tuesdays. 
I'm thinking a This or That with weekly themes such as Parenting, Fears, 90's edition. etc. 
I would love to have some co-hosts and I already have a potential one lined up! 
If you are interested shoot me an email candrabergeron(at)gmail 

I always find myself wondering what to write about on Tuesdays so this will give me something to look forward to! 

Today I am linking up with Kristen at Kandid Kristen for her Thursday Tunes. 
You all know I love me some Miley and this version of her song We Can't Stop is seriously on repeat in my car right now. 

The video is even better. 

I'm also linking up again with Kristen at Hopelessly Ever After for her Thirsty Thursday
I'm so excited for some dranks tomorrow woot woot. 

Here is my drink...well alcoholic treat 

Vodka Gummy Worms

I made these last year for a Halloween party but couldn't partake because I was nursing. 
If you have never tried them, do yourself a favor... 
Here's what you need to make them 

3 1/4 lbs gummy bears
1 fifth (750mL bottle) of Smirnoff vodka
1 can juice concentrate
The directions can be found on this here. Lauren gives great directions with pictures so I decided to link to her site instead of try and explain it myself!! Hope you enjoy them! 

This is not a last minute throw together thing to bring to a party!
They also do not taste like vodka so be careful 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Damn You Caleb

There's so many things I want to say So what to this week!
Just so this post doesn't turn into 10 pages I will modify my list for ya

This week I am saying So What if....

....I had a horrible horrible food day on Monday like Zebra cakes, cookies, and brownies bad. Amber from CHM was sweet enough to return my pleading email reminding me that everyone has bad days but not everyone can pick themselves back up

....I'm already thinking about my next giveaway when I reach 100 followers. I love giving gifts!
....Every muscle in my body is sore today and it's only Wednesday 
Yay for gym hair!

....I got pissed that I felt like a fictional character was or is going to cheat on his fictional girlfriend just because he's on his own series now (ie Caleb on PLL) 

....I'm finally going to have a girls night out soon (hopefully Friday) and even though I told her we should just go to dinner, we are going to the bar.
....I've given up my search for the coveted Pumpkin Cheesecake Ben and Jerry's. It would probably result in over eating anyway and in the mean time I'll just be over here... Crying on my rice cakes 

This is also thanks to Amber haha. 

What are you saying So what to this week? Can't wait for my giveaway? Here's some that are going on right now and in the mean time grab my button, spread the word! This giveaway is going to be good I promise!

Linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" and Katelyn at Imperfect Perfection2justByouCreated by Laurie, and #Kidsmincalling

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stroke of Fate

The way this weekend worked out was nothing less than a stroke of fate.
The hubs was gone all weekend moose hunting, so I was single mommin' it which was fine. 
Saturday we watched movies and cuddled and played around the house.

This would never happen if Daddy was home!

By the way the rumors are true, Brave scared the shit out of Mabel... 
Saturday night my wonderful Sister-in-law offered to take Mabel for a sleep over. 
Sunday morning Chippy and I woke up nice and early to drive down to the Bay State Marathon to surprise and cheer on Lauren 
You can read her guest post here.
The hubs took my car....and my GPS. 
I mapquested it and wrote the directions on a piece of paper. 
I had no idea where I was going and there were approximately 20 times where I thought to myself 
"Lauren will never know, I should just turn around"
but then I remembered how hard it is for me to find supportive and motivating friends on my fitness journey and they best way to get friends is to be a friend. 
So I kept going and thought, if nothing races always make me emotional and re-charge me so I will have that. 
When we got closer I saw the road closed and a bunch of runners. 
I pulled into the closet parking lot and parked the truck. 
As I'm getting out and getting Chip in his stroller I look over and next to us was Lauren's mom! 
She had no idea who I was and honestly I barely recognized her ( I haven't seen her in 13 years!)
She told me to go across the bridge and I would probably catch her. 
At the word bridge I almost put Chip back in the car. 
Walking over one?!?! Is that a joke. 
I didn't want to look like even more of a creep so I smiled and walked away.... towards the bridge. 

I was having a panic attack the whole time, and just kept thinking Lauren is running 26.2 fricking miles right now I can walk over a damn bridge. 

I finally got over it and stepped to the side of the road to get our signs ready and gather myself. 
I looked up and there was Lauren. 
I called her name but she didn't hear us and ran right past. 
I was so bummed we came this whole way and we missed her. 

Then she stopped running and went over to the side. 
I was standing right next to her husband and she stopped to re-fuel. 
I ran over screaming her name and she immediately started crying. 
Honestly I'm crying writing this. 
I'm sure many of you reading this understand that feeling, when you know someone has worked so hard and wanted to give up so many times, but they didn't. 
They pushed on. 
They won. 
They crossed that finish line. 
Lauren did that, for me even before she started the race. 
I was so happy to be there to share even one second with her. 
She finished under 5 hours which was her goal. 
I couldn't be more proud. 

After her race with her friend Amy

Congrats again Lauren, I never had any doubt. 
Our signs for Lauren

This one was soo good. He had a whole stack of them!

I also got my hair done this weekend finally. I had a friend from high school do it and I love it. It's not a drastic difference but it's shorter and I have some honey brown highlights. Let's see if I keep up with it. 

On the Blog tomorrow: Who knows... I can't think about it yet!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to My World- Guest Post

I first met Jamie at my "brother's" cookout.
She was his new girlfriend.
She's no longer his girlfriend and he's no longer my "brother" but I love them both the same.
When met Jamie she came in loud and strong, and my husband leaned over and whispered
"She's a little much for me"
I turned to him and smiled and said
"She's perfect"

Do you ever met someone and immediatly want to be them their best friend.
That's how I felt about Jamie, and I didn't even know her yet.
The more I get to know her the more I love her, and hate how far away she lives.

I'm so thankful she agreed to do a guest post, honestly I think she needs her own blog.


Welcome to My World

Newflash… Im OCD. And I think ADD. This may jump, shuffle, and skip. Kind of like the 80’s mix-tape that I’ve downloaded onto my iPod.

When asked to write a guest post, I of course jumped & said yes. And yet- I’ve rewritten, pondered, edited & changed 92,364 times. Sweet. It’s not the NY Times, nor writing an entrance essay for college. Then my parents showed up for wine… and this is late getting to Candra. Welcome to my world.

“Camo & Lipstick” is as perfect of a juxtaposition as “Stilettos in the Mud”, a name for a blog I’ve been toying with for years. The main, huge, difference is Candra throws caution to the wind, jumps at the risk & goes with gusto- with sass & passion I might add! Then there’s me… realizing I am all of the traits above, combined with the potential inability to dig my heels in & go for it, for fear of putting myself out there without acceptance, or the worry of not being of interest. Welcome to my world.

I am a Jersey girl. Through & through. I wear stilettos. I dance in my walk-in closet. I swoon the fact that I enjoy accessories, love things with bling, & am nearly always more dressed for an occasion than the bulk of the people attending the same event. My boyfriend named me “Jersey Girl” in his phone, and has been know to literally paint it on the wall. 

And yet--- I live in a rural area of Vermont where Crocs, camouflage clothing, and country music is prevalent. (Let’s not delve into the fact that it’s the fall… which apparently not only means foliage, but also gun racks, home coming’s to small rural towns where most don’t actually leave, and those eager people dusting off the dead Christmas Wreaths that have been up all year but feel they’re now ahead of the game for this year).  People constantly say “you’re not from around here”… Well- I never will be officially “from” here, but after 8 years, I call VT home for now, and love the life I have created. I wear my fur coat in the winter, stilettos in mud season, and usually have an “emergency” hairspray in my purse. Welcome to my world.

I met Candra during a time in my life that seems so long ago. So foreign, And yet so imperative to whom I am today. I quickly felt a connection to a person that I had seemed to have little in common, and yet, an immediate fondness for. Married for more 10+ years, I realized divorce was the best decision for my ex-husband & I. NOT an easy choice, however, the right choice at the right time. Candra was the “sister-in-law” to the gentleman I was dating at the time. It’s a puzzling time in someone’s life- a time of uncertainty as to the decisions we make, the friends we have, and the future that may be in store for us. People left my world that I never imagined would. And people came into my life that I cherish & never would have met without the situation unfolding. I’m blessed for all of this. I have met the man of my dreams whom I know I will happily spend the rest of my life in pure joy, and am extremely fortunate for this.  I have a super relationship with John, my ex-husband, and feel lucky to be able to say this. Candra, & her mom Sharon, are byproducts of the time in my life that I was finding myself… never could I have imagined to have found forever-relationships with two women who inspire me, that I feel such a strong connection with, and whom I cherish. Life is good when we’re true to ourselves in the decisions we make.

My ex-husband. My father. And my world… the love of my life. I count my blessings daily!

I love organization.
I love striving for better.
I yearn to be as happy as I have been for the past year, for the rest of my life. (and know this is possible).

I don’t ever want to hear “you have cancer” again. Twice is enough.
I never want the “fat girl” to come out of me again.
I don’t desire those I love to ever wonder… I tell them every chance I get that they make me who I am.

I cherish my world.

I’ve been dealt a hand that involved more than the average 67 year old would have to deal with. I’m 35. I’m happier today than my dreams ever allowed me to think was possible. Moral of the story- DREAM BIG…Bigger than you can, go beyond. I’m in the process of figuring what will make me happy professionally, but personally- my head shakes daily that this life is mine. I count my blessing… and owe it all to my travel buddy, my partner in crime, and the one who makes me smile even when lifting at the gym on a Sunday (when all I’m really wanting is a big burger & a huge glass of wine!).

I set goals all the time. They are either added to a current list, or replacing goals I’ve achieved. Some are immediate, more like a to-do list. Some are long-term. Some are constant, as if reminding me to do a particular thing or be a better person, and some are always there to allow me to strive to be better.

Some current goals on my list… In no certain order:
·         Pack for Mexico (note… I'm late on this- we leave in 36 hours)
·         Paint the stairs
·         Christmas list (note… I JUST dropped LAST year’s Xmas gifts to my niece & nephews. I suck. Welcome to my world.)
·         Get my travel blog up & running
·         Move to the Seacoast
·         Spend my forever with D.Bennett Williams
·         Send Candra the blog entry. 

Guess I can check one goal off. But… I think I’ll leave it on there. I’d like to do this again. I’d like to share the healthy recipes that allow us to keep the “fat” away. I’d like to tell how I achieve goals in my life, and how stilettos in the winter CAN be mainstreamed into VT life! Maybe some travel ideas… or just to check another to-do off my list!

Shoot… I haven’t made lunches for tomorrow & its 10:33pm. And I promised Candra this would be to her mid-afternoon. Welcome to my world.



I hope to have many many many more guest posts by this wonderful lady because she forgot to mention her INSANE fashion sense, her AMAZING cooking skills, and her SMOKIN body. 

She signed up for a Tough Mudder, by herself... sigh, seriously can't I just be her already. 

Oh yeah she crafts too. 

If you think she needs her own blog like I do make sure you comment below and let her know!!

On the Blog Tomorrow: Lauren's Marathon, & My new hair! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five things I Learned From the Circus

Sami from Simply Sami was the winner of the giveaway!!
I promise it was not rigged, and I couldn't be happier she won.
She just moved into a new house and she could DEF use some "Mommy Only" presents.

I feel like as soon as you have kids you forget to give to yourself.
When I was in college T.J. Maxx sprees and hair salon trips were on the reg.
Now if I EVER go to TJ's I find myself in the kids section the whole time, womp womp.

So congrats Sami!! Head on over to her page here and congratulate her!! 

Mabel and I went to the circus a few weekends ago.
Neither one of us had ever been so I was super excited
She was skeptical 

Our seats weren't that great but there was so much going on it didn't really matter 

After the show we were tired and over stimulated.
Mabel could have given two shits about anything circus related and was only concerned with her lack of face painting
Which at $12 a pop mommy was not going to do. 
If anything going to the circus did show me some things I'm doing wrong in my life 
So here is my list of 

Five Things I Learned From the Circus 

1. I am obviously using the wrong conditioner 

2. My yoga poses are not as cool as I thought they were

3. My well trained dogs are actually not trained at all. 

4. My anxiety levels levels do not mesh with the caging of wild animals while some idiot try's to play patty cake with them 

5. You can put lions and tigers and elephants in front of a three year old and they aren't going to think they are half as cool as her popcorn which then sat in my car for a week.
and then I ate it.....

Some bonus things I learned, 7 pm shows are not good for 3 year olds. The food is INSANELY priced, The VIP tickets are worth the get to sit on the floor with the clowns. 
*we got our tickets for free so free is always worth it*

I mentioned earlier in this post that I used to get my hair done on the reg, and I think it's long overdue that I pamper myself a little. 
So I think today's the day. 
I'm changing up my hair... nothing drastic, but hopefully I feel good after. 
If you can't wait til the reveal on Monday you can follow me on Instagram here (@candra_ellen) 

Until then Happy Weekend!! The Hubs is going moose hunting up north so I'll be a single mom this weekend.... sounds like movies, kid shows, snacks, and park visit all weekend!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful for Booze.

It's that time of the week again!
Time to be thankful.
You guys know that I try to be thankful all the time not just on Thursdays but any who.

This week I am thankful for 

  • The remote at the gym I hate watching something depressing while I'm trying to get my run on
  • Our photographer Lauren for putting up with my two little monsters and still being able to get some great shots ( I will do a reveal post when they are all in!)
  • Supportive friends who assured me that there is a difference in my progress pictures that I texted them 
  • Miley, hate all you want but her new cd is amazing, and I will sing Wreaking Ball at the top of my lungs where ever and whenever I want. HOLLA

You know what else I am thankful for... Booze. Especially because I'm in full on slim down mode, and that means no booze or beer, and I miss you sweet nectar of the gods.

When I was in college we would drink the most random shit.  A bottle of Zhenka (aka rubbing alcohol, just kidding but seriously I think they are interchangeable) and a bottle of Dr.Pepper was boss. I also love me some Miller Lite.
Now that I am older my taste buds are much more mature.... haha.
I love me some Margaritas, which in reality is no different than college, but now I can stop myself at 3, 2, 1.
So here is my recipe which is stolen adapted from a restaurant I worked at in college.

The Spider Cider Margarita. 

2 oz. Tarantula Azul Tequila 
1 oz. DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker 
4 oz. sour mix

This makes me think I need a girls night out with these, and lots of nachossssss. 

If you are looking for more drink ideas go check out this link up. 

Hopelessly Ever After

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