Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wanna be a Blogger, Shot Caller.

How do I even use this thing? 
It's been over a year since I blogged, and like that old friend, you lost touch with after babies and husbands and adulting, I miss it. 
On those Friday nights when I'm in bed at 8:45 wondering when my life turned into this circus, I miss it. 
I miss the accountability, the friends, the community. Everything! 
I'm sure there are a few readers still out there (Hi Caity!) but hopefully I can get this back on track. 
Maybe it'll be a reason to wake my ass up in the morning! 
In the meantime here's some photographic life updates for your viewing pleasures.
Let me know if your still out there!! Any good linkups still around?! 
The newest little addition Miss Agnes 

Oh those snapchat filters!! 

New work friends and wider face ☺️