Friday, February 28, 2014

Back in the Game

I don't really feel like it's Friday.
It's kind of weird.
Do you ever have those days where you are just in a daze, and you're like
"There is a lot I'm supposed to be doing, buttttt I'm not really sure what any of it is."
Well that's me today.
But it is Follow Through Friday, and I failed on posting last weekend because I was in bed with a case of Baby Fever.

It's no secret I haven't been on my running game... or maybe I was keeping it a secret.
Since my dad passed away I haven't been able to get to sleep as easily as I used to, which is super weird because I honestly stressed out more when I knew he was sick and in pain than I do now,
Not sleeping well = not waking up early.
It's also cold as fuck outside and I usually don't want to get out of the house.
I have been going back and forth on buying a treadmill to have in the house so on those mornings when I don't want to leave I can still go downstairs and jump on the wheel.

I think I'm just going to do it.
I'm the type of person who will actually use it.
I hope...

BUTTT Yesterday I got to the gym.
I ran and it was ugly but it felt damn good.

Okay now about T25...
I love this program, but all that jumping was ROUGH on my knees, and because running my half in May is my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, I am taking a step back.

My intense marathon training starts Monday and I don't want to take any chances.
I will def still be doing T25 but on my own terms.
I hope no one is mad...
It just seems to be the smartest thing for me.

As far as my eating has been going.
It's going.
I prepped last week and was spot on, but this week I didn't have time.
I ran to the grocery store and got lunches a lot and did my best to make good choices, but then there are things like single serving cakes.

Today I plan on prepping for the weekend as well as through the week which will be really good since weekends are my weakness.

My meal plan this week

Breakfast- Oatmeal muffins and coffee
Lunch- Buffalo chicken lettece wraps
Snack- carrots and hummus
Dinner- Asian Chicken, or Bunless burgers on the grill.

My boo Alicia and I have been texting each other weekly weigh in's on Sundays which helps. (although this week is going to be ugllllyyyy).
If anyone else wants in on this I would love to start a support group on Facebook, but I would like to keep it small so I can really do some one on one cheering! 
Let me know and I will get that up and running... Maybe 10 people??
This ish is free so don't you worry.

In the mean time check out our daily challenges on Instagram

Alright now link up so I can blog hop and check everyone out today!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Can't Even Make This Up

Kids are weird.
They say crazy shit and act like it's totally normal. 
Today I bring you... 
Shit my Daughter says. 

Mom I think it's time I went back to my old family now, because my other mom gets cold when she's looking for me. 

At school when our whole class is really good our teacher lets us get stoned. 
(They get marbles or stones for good behavior!) 

Mabel-When I was born did you push me out of your butt?
Me- umm no.
Mabel- oh good because I hate hard poops

When you only let me watch one kid show it just leaves me so hungry for more. 

Sometimes your dinner makes me throw up, maybe that's what's wrong with Chippy. 

I think it's time I got one of those boyfriends. 

You deliberately disobeyed me. 

Mabel- Lets have snacks before dinner
Me- Mabel you know the rules 
Mabel- Well this is going no where. 

Sometimes when I'm alone in my room I get shy around my dolls. They are just so friendly. 

Mabel-Can I touch your boobies. 
Me-No thank you Mabel
Mabel-You can't just keep everything to yourself.

I am the queen of all of my toys and when you come in my room you are just a silly village girl. 

I could seriously go on for days and days because she is always coming up with new and crazy things. 
She's nuts... but I can't get mad because that gene is directly from me. 
Make sure you hop over to Holly's blog today because she's having an awesome giveaway. 
If you are looking for a new challenge hop on Instagram and check out our 100 crunch challenge. 
Do them in groups of 10 throughout the day and you will be there in no time!! 
Yesterday I did 100 push-ups and I am still in shock! 
Use the hashtag #candranadaliciasdailychallenge 
So we can cheer you on! 
Now GO!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Back in Action

Lately I have been seriously lacking motivation.
I NEED to get back on my game. 
I love target workouts, and I'm always looking for new moves to get certain areas. 
SO while I'm on my hunt for new moves I decided to start sharing some with you! 
For as long as I can on Wednesdays (or whenever I feel like it)
I will post target workouts, and possible how-to videos or photos. 

One area I am alwayssss working on is my back. 
Those rolls have got to go. 
So I'm going to start with a quick little back workout. 

Are my graphics getting any better??
Here are some how to photo's. 


Lateral raise on all fours, You can also do this standing like shown, otherwise get on your hands and knees like above and lift the weights one at a time. 

Start like this

then bring your elbows in behind your back. Like you are trying to touch them together. 

Alright that's it for this week. 
Are there any target areas you want me to focus on? 
If you try this let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Farting is cooler when you're 3 feet off the ground.

This past weekend I was in more car more than I can even handle.
I went through ever podcast I had and I STILL had more driving.
Most of these trips were not worth my buttcheeks going numb,
but at least one one.
On Sunday I drove to Sandown NH, (Don't feel bad, even I've never heard of it) and met up with some lovely blog ladies to do Aerial Yoga.
Karlene and I actually know each other from College (and she said she remembered me from working NOT from being a drunken mess at a party!).
Karlene blogs over at Kickstart Fitness and Nutrition.
She has tons of yummy recipes like these that she even made for us Sunday!

Her studio is actually in her home, which normally I don't love, but her's was perfect.
She has two swings which was helpful for me because she was doing the poses right along with me.

We started with some warrior poses and right away I was amazed at how deeper I felt these stretches.
After doing T25 and running a good deep stretch was very welcome.

Then we got both feet off the ground...

I got up into the swing fine but then she was like

"...and now we spread our legs and go into a split."

um homegirl does not do the splits.
Just look at my face here.

I've had two kids and I already know what it feels like to have my area stretched uh thank ya.

But I went for it, and I was actually surprised how far I could go.

I'll tell you a secret, I even went home and tried the splits on the floor, and guess what....
I did it.

From there Karlene showed me numerous yoga poses translated into aerial yoga.
It was seriously so much fun and a great workout without actually feeling like I'm working out.

Many of the poses I could have gone deeper into but I was really scared I was going to fart.
Unwanted farts can only go two ways.
They can be an immediate un-invite to all upcoming blogger events, or
they can make immediate life long friends.
I wasn't able to really feel out these ladies yet so I was real nervous.

Either way it was one of my most favorite yoga classes I have ever taken. 

I sent my husband a text and his first response was
"Is that you"
his second was
"I thought this was yoga, is that a sex swing?"

You know how sometimes you send a text and the other person doesn't get it right away, and then they get and think it's part of the new conversation.

Well I TRIED to tell my husband how cool these were and how I wanted to look into getting one for the house, annnnnd he got that after he asked if it was a sex swing... sooo big bang boom, my husband started asking prices, where we could buy one, and how much we would use it.

 At first I thought he was being so supportive, and then I put two and two together, when he asked how much WE would use it.
Dead give away.

You can check out more about Karlene on her Blog, and her Facebook page.
She's also on Instagram @Kickstart_Fitness_Nutrition

If you are in the area I highly recommend you check it out.
Also if you are a blogger in New Hampshire and you are interested in attending these blogger meet-ups please let me know. I'll give you the hookup.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Holy shit was my weekend busy.
I never do "weekend re-caps" but I feel like I mentally need to say goodbye to this weekend so it doesn't flow into the week. 
Anyone that knows me, knows that I tend to put a lot on my plate. 
The plate of life that is. 
Also my food plate, but that's another story.....
So between all the normal shit I do I decided it would be cool to go and get my CDA (certified Dental Assistant). 
Oh you don't have enough degrees you don't use Candra... why not go out and get yourself some smancy certificatteeeee. 
Shut up self. I do what I want. 
So this weekend was my first course. 
Infection Control in a Dental Office.... also known as Handwashing and Using Disinfectant wipes. 
For real. 
Three hours on a Saturday to talk about how to wash your hands, and how to wipe down everything in the office after you touch it, and before you touch it, and when you think about touching it, and also when you just feel like it needs to be wiped down. 
Then you watch it dry, and start over. 
Holly would have probably loved this class. 

I also got to wear scrubs for the first time ever. 
Wal-mart special fools!
They are like pajamas. 
Comfy and kinda cute, but do nothing for my ass, and make me tired. 

After the class the hubs and I went out to redeem his Living Social coupon for a remote starter in his truck. 
He's all mine ladies.

My nephew and his girlllllfriennnnndddd babysat. 
I also like to play jokes on him so I sent him numerous text messages to keep him on his game. 
Mind you my son is almost two...

Good news is he was totally going to do it. 
Bad news is he was totally going to do it. 

Saturday night when the hubs and I were lying in bed too tired to even hold hands we mentioned how late it was and I rolled over to look at the clock. 
Ladies and Gentlemen. I am officially old. 
I guess its valid since 
I'M A GREAT AUNT.... ahhh. I literally can not get over this. 
Also my face gained Tricia's Pregnancy weight.

He's the third cutest kid in the world. 
I am BEYOND proud of my niece, and also super jealous because she didn't have any of the wonderful things they forget to mention in the baby books, LIKE TEARING. 
Well let me just tell you, 
baby fever is real. 
While this blog won't be turning into a pregnancy blog any time soon. 
It's happening. 
We are going to have another baby by next summer. 
Or whenever the hell I decide to make an appointment to get my IUD out. 

Then came Sunday... 
I drove super far to do one of the coolest things ever. 
Aerial Yoga. 

I want to tell you guys all about it in detail so make sure you come back tomorrow so you can read about how I prayed I wouldn't fart, and my husband looked up sex swings. 

I also really miss Skinny Meg's Workout Wednesdays, soooo I have a little something up my sleeve for you guys on Wednesdays!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A new Pirate.

My niece is finally in labor.

Poor thing has been in early labor for like three days, and now it's go time. 
I'm at work and I want to cry that I can't be there, but I'm going right after with a little bag full of goodies 
Sometimes people get overwhelmed with a new baby and forget about the mama. 
So today I wanted to write her a little letter, and really this letter is to any young mom out there. 

Dear Princess, 

You may now have a little princess or prince of your own, but your title hasn't changed. 
You are still that beautiful strong and confident woman under those baggy clothes and unwashed hair. 
You may doubt yourself and your abilities but always know that, that baby never will, and neither will I. 
You may get scared, and you may feel lost, but that's okay and NORMAL. 
Even us seasoned vets still feel that way. 
Being a mom does not make you less beautiful or sexy, in fact it magnifies that. 
You will be so overwhelmed with the love you feel for your new baby that you may forget to feel that love for yourself. 
It's okay to take time to be you again. 
It's okay to take time to breath. 
It's okay to take time. 
Your body may look different, and your heart will most defiantly feel different but you are still you. 
And that YOU is what I love, and what that baby will love. 
You did it girl. 
You created this life and brought it into the world. 
So every year on this day, remember to celebrate yourself as well as their birthday. 
I mean really you did all the work ; ). 

Trisha, you are seriously an inspiration to me and to more people than you think. You are strong and brave and not just my family but one of my very best friends. Don't ever doubt yourself in any way because you are doing everything right and you are going to rock the shit out of motherhood. FOR REAL. 

Beside I live down the road and I'll call you out if you are fucking things up. 

This may be premature.. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON! 
Or as I will be calling you Sparrow because you are my little Jack Sparrow, and you are a pirate. 
Your Great Aunt is already crying and I haven't even seen you yet. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Running Away

So I have a confession.
I have not been consistent with my running since my dad passed away. 
I keep trying to tell myself that it's okay and that taking a break is fine and I'll be able to jump right back into it but I know that's not true. 
I lose my endurance really quick. 
Does that happen to anyone else??
I needed something to get me motivated again so I thought about the races I want to do this year. 
So far I have three for sures and 1 maybe. 

In April I am doing the Color me Rad 5k in Manchester NH with a few friends and my daughter. 
In May I am doing my first half which will be the Boston Run to Remember, with Lauren
In September I will be doing the Mudderella which is a mud run obvi in Haverhill MA, with a fellow mom friend and a bunch of ladies I have never met....
In October I am thinking about doing another half which will be the Smuttynose Half, hopefully with Lauren.
If you don't know already Smuttynose is beer... beer and running. Sign me up. 

I would love to add a couple more 5k's in there and maybe a 10k, but we'll see how the year goes on. 

I will probably do one or two of the Flex it Pink virtual races

So last night my running friend Lauren (also my amazing photographer) started asking me all these crazy questions like I was a real runner. 

What's your pace?
What are you using to fuel?
Are you wearing a belt or carrying a bottle?


My pace is....running pace?
I don't usually wear a belt I wear running shorts... and I thought the beer was after the race.


I'm kidding...kind of. 

I plan on using my Nathan Hydration vest and fueling with Advocare Rehydrate and shot blocks. 

Last year the race was sponsered by Gu and I hate that shiz, but I may try it again just incase. 

My pace is around 10-11 min mile. 
Honestly I just want to take my time and ENJOY the race. I LOVE LOVE this course and the first reason I signed up to do the half this year was because I wanted to see more of the course. 
Weird I know. 

What are you races planned for this year?? Any advice? 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympic Figure Skating.

 I live in the U.S. version of the North Pole otherwise known as New England. 
New England is cute. 
It likes to fuck with you when you complain about the weather. 
In the summer is super fucking hot and humid. 
Like you walk outside and you can't breath because outside as you know it has turned into a sauna. 
So you bitch about how hot it is and how you can't wait for winter again. 

Then you wake up one morning and BAM
You get 20 feet of snow and it's freezing. 
Like literally freezing. 
Your pipes burst because they are also sick of this shit and your walk to the car turns into a try out for the Olympic figure skating team. 

You also can't wear cute boots. 
I mean you can, but you have to also lug around TRANSITION boots. 
Otherwise your cute boots will get covered in salt... 
...and mud. 
Because in New England whether we have 20 feet of snow or the sun is attempting to burn directly through your skin 
we have mud. 
There are however a few weeks during the year where the weather in New England is amazing. 
If you blink, you will miss them. 
You will also probably miss them if you get sick from the sudden changes in weather and end up in bed for those wonderful weeks like I usually do. 
It's 29 days until spring. 
Until I get another chance to live it up for those few weeks, before I can't breath outside and my inner thighs become melted together. 

We have four distinct seasons here in New England. 
Ice, Mud, Summer, Tourist. 
I mean call me crazy but I wouldn't trade any of it. 
Especially because Ice season gives way to one of my favorite past times. 


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Dates and Throwing Up

So my friend Becky and I made plans to go out together on Valentines day.
Our boys don't really love the whole valentines day thing, and her birthday was yesterday (HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY) so it just make sense.
We are going to dinner and we are going to eat so many nachos and drink a margarita with two straws.
I might even propose.
If she's lucky....

There's also a glitch, or side bar, or other thing...
We are bringing my nephew on his first date.
Insert me throwing up.
For real.
In my mind he is still about 5 years old.
and cute and pudgy
and kind of a punk.
That I mostly want to punch in the arm.
While he is actually my husbands nephew I've known his family longer than I've known my husband (lost yet?) and he is more like my little brother than my nephew.
He's even my daughters God father.
I tried to tell him to not go out and get any girlfriends before major lovey holidays (hello Valentines day), but apparently my advice means nothing to him.

I wonder if he will bring Mabel on her first date... when she's 30....

In other news.
Today is Follow Through Friday

dun dun dunnnnnn.
Just kidding I rocked last week... and I'm going to rock next week even harder.
My girl Alicia over at Brew Mama and I decided we need to seriously get our diets under control.
We love donuts.
Donuts do not love our asses.
So I planned out my meals for the whole week.
I only have one rule.
If it's not on the plan I will not eat it.

Sorry I'm not awesome at PDF's soooo all I got is a picture.

If you want the actual PDF let me know and I will email that ish to you.

It's not that great so dont worry.
There are also a million printables online to help you create your own meal plan.
I like to cross each meal/workout off with a highlighter so I can visualize my progress.
If you want to hop on this train with me and Alicia make your own plan and next Sunday put a picture of your whole week marked off on Instagram .
Make sure you tag both of us, cause you never know there may even be a giveaway.....
 You don't have to follow mine exactly! Make your own just make it clean and healthy.

Candra @ camonlipstick
Alicia @ brewmama5

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some things.

5 Things I'm thankful for. 
  • The woman at the post office who carried the heaviest box in the world out to my car, hugged me and gave me money for a coffee. 
  • Plow Trucks, and the people who go out at all hours to drive them. 
  • A hot shower. I do my best thinking in a hot shower, also my best crying and joke telling. 
  • My date for Valentines Day.. It's not my hubs, but him giving me a night out with my best GF is the best present ever. 
  • Coffee.. all day every day. 

4 Things that made me happy this week

  • The black and white episode of PLL this week. So good So good. 

" I want you to know, that was the last carrot stick"

  • The two donuts I had for breakfast yesterday
  • Mabel learned the sign for a raccon so she has been walking around the house saying "I'm a Cacoon, I'm a Cacoon".
  • The snow... if it makes me happy than it can't make me sad right. 

Three things I'm doing this week
  • Getting life insurance, and family documents in order. It's never too early but it can be too late. 
  • Meal planning and prepping like a boss.. 
  • Finding something to do with that heavy box. 

Two things I can't get enough of this week

One last thing... 

What are some topics you would like to see more of on this blog? Any questions or suggestions? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That One Time...

It’s no secret that at any given time I have approx. one million things going on in my head.
I am forever making to-do lists, planning, organizing, and forgetting.
I work a semi-full time job (yup that’s a real thing), another sometimes job (also a real thing)
I’m the mother of two children who are BOTH at very crazy stages
I’m on the Town Planning Board (Holla I’m an adult!!)
I’m working on my Thesis for my Master’s degree.
I eat clean and I train mean.

I also sometimes forget the bread when I plan BLT’s for dinner.
It’s not a rare occasion for an empty Dunkin’s cup to be in the cupboard instead of the trash can.
I have to schedule in time to shower or I will forget.
I made my daughter’s valentines a week in advance just to be safe.
More than likely I will forget them on the day.
Whatever I’m normal.
Shit happens, and I don’t beat myself up over it.
I laugh at myself probably more than anyone, but don’t worry I laugh at you too.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Because WE ALL DO IT.
NEWSFLASH no one is perfect, especially moms.

The perfect mom is one whose kids run to hug and kiss her as soon as they see her, even though they slept in mismatched (or no) pajamas and had M&M’s for breakfast.
Incase you still think I’m perfect (which is okay because I’m pretty damn close) let me tell you about a little habit I have, that I’m pretty sure no one else has.
I get in the wrong car… all…the…time.
It doesn’t matter if I am driving or if I’m in the passenger seat.
If we have been friends longer than 5 years I bet you have a story that includes me sitting in the wrong car.
I have even gone as far as trying to START the wrong car.
Seriously I am out of control.
One time I was at the DHHS…if you don’t know what that is you are probably too rich to be friends with me…
And I got into my car, for some god knows reason my key wouldn’t fit in the ignition.
I tried and tried until a little voice from the back seat said

“It’s probably because this isn’t your car, dumbass”.

Insert me dying of embarrassment here…

The worst part… I’ve done it again since.
Seriously someone stop me.

In other news don’t forget to enter both of the giveaways going on right now.

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, February 10, 2014

Calories Burned Making Whoopie

We are finally home from our weekend away.
It was a MUCH needed but short vaca. 
My mom lives up north, like way way up north, so when we go to visit we call it a vacation. 
While we were there we visited our family's ( not really family, but the description is long and confusing and I really like them and their cows so to me they are family) organic dairy farm. 
I was in heaven. 
It smelled, the cows were pooping, there were baby cows that sucked your thumb and I wanted to stay there forever. 

Unfortunately we had beer in the fridge so I was able to peel myself away from my new friends. 
Up there the word of the day was and always is Snowmobile. 
When you learn how to walk you learn how to ride a snowmobile and we all had a blast. 
Little girls in snowsuits and helmets is seriously adorable. 

I even busted out my workouts in the middle of our family get together. 
Take that SHAWN T. 

Speaking of workouts. 
I love seeing how much I burn when I'm at the gym. 
Even more so when I'm trying a new workout so I can compare the calorie burn. 
I got my polar watch last summer and I use it all the time. 
Even when I'm out mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow, or doing laundry, or grocery shopping, or doing things with my husband...... that escalated quickly.

It can turn a stupid task like power cleaning the house into a competition against yourself. 
Now YOU can turn it into a competition with everyone you follow on Instagram.

"Oh you burned that many calories at the gym this morning? Well I burned that many calories making whoopie with my Hubby". 

How you ask?

All these lovely ladies and I are giving you the chance to win one of your own, in the color of your choice. 
I have gold...cough.cough. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 7, 2014

Me and My Bishes.


So this week I finally started! 

Saturday- T25- Cardio, and I accidentally did Beta instead of Alpha and almost died
Sunday- T25- Speed 1.0, this has been my favorite so far. Mostly because they incorporate a lot of stretching... i.e. breaks
Monday- T25, Running- Total Body Circuit, Tough, so so tough, but I pushed through!
Tuesday-T25, Back and Chest- I only did T25 because that whole getting out of bed thing wasn't happening this week. Ab Intervals. I wanted to be more sore than I am... womp womp.
Wednesday- T25 Upper Body- Again only did T25, but it was a double and it was a DO-SEY !
Thursday- FULL REST DAY, Done and Done. I actually missed working out though.
Friday- Long Run, Stretch, We are travelling out of state today and I plan to do the stretch when we get there! I probably won't get in my long run today. 
I am soooo excited to get away for the weekend. 
We are going up north to see my mom and hopefully spend lots of time outside getting the kids nice and tired. 
I am bringing T25 and my mom said she would work out with me. 
One thing I REALLY like about this program is the modifiyer. 
She's not just there for me when I'm tiredddd, she also helps people of all fitness levels do this program. 
She doesn't do all the jumping which is good if you have bad knees. 
If you aren't following me on Instagram already  (@camonlipstick) you probably should because there will be an overload of cuteness this weekend. 
Also pictures of me boozing, which I know my little BREWMAMA loves. 
During my down time I'm going to be getting into a new book and catching up on all you lovely so make sure you link up! 
anyone read it??