Monday, July 29, 2013

Color Me Rad

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to run in 5 5k's. I have never considered myself a runner, so this goal seemed pretty crazy to me at the time.
This past weekend was my 5th race this summer, and it's not even August!!

This weekend I ran the Color me Rad race in Ghettoville Brockton Mass. with my friend Becky.

She is not a runner and she has a crazy busy schedule so she didn't really train much.
Yes her shirt says running sucks 

She told me she was so nervous I was going to get angry if she couldnt run the the whole thing.

Girl is cray.

I wouldnt have cared if she wanted to pull up a chair and watch everyone else run by while we sipped margaritas.

I was just happy to have someone to run with. We had a blast. We didnt run the whole thing but I give my girl props, not only had she not run like all summer, she was super sick and could barely breath, and she EASILY could have ran the whole way.

The course wasn't that great. It was in the Brockton fairgrounds and kind of in surrounding neighborhoods. The "color stations" were pretty grouped together so you ran through two colors right away and then didn't see any for about a mile and half, then you ran through the rest.

There were color bombs to pick up near the finish line which ended up causing a line, so I'm glad I wasn't trying to PR.

At the end we were COVERED.

There were also a lot of really great sponsers including redbull who handed out their limited edition flavors, blueberry, cranberry, and lime. I love them all and I dont even like Redbull. 
They also had froyo and as I was nicely finishing mine up I got color the face....

The whole thing was super fun and totally worth it. I will def be doing it again next year, but there are a ton of color runs in our area so we may try another one thats closer.

We also went blueberry picking but I didn't get any pictures because I'm sick now too and I choose to sit under the bushes eating them instead!

Have a great week!!

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