Monday, March 31, 2014

Before and Afters.

Yesterday was Alicia from over at Brew Mama and my final weigh in for our 30 day challenge with Adie at Four Fit Sisters.
Alicia and I are pretty active and we are always trying to better our health in some way shape or form.
Some time in February we both realized we were in a funk.
We weren't doing as well as we wanted and we both weren't really losing anymore.
So on a whim I decided we should do a 30 day challenge with Adie.
I had been following her on Instagram and I'm obessed with how beautiful and supportive her and her sisters are.
We signed up a little late but we dove right in.
For the first two weeks we gave up gluten and diary and we both wanted to punch Adie for taking away our creamer.
I decided to stick with no gluten and dairy  because I honestly felt a difference and Alicia decided to stick with no gluten and minimal dairy.

It wasn't easy. In fact it was really really tough, but we both stuck with it. 100%  and it shows.

Left is day one, Right is Yesterday morning.

Left is day one. Right is Yesterday Morning

Left is day One. Right is Yesterday Morning.

In total I lost 5 pounds in 30 days. 
We also took our beginning and end inches. 

Bust 37.5                                        Bust 36
Chest 31.5                                      Chest 30.5
Waist 30                                         Waist 29
Midway 34                                     Midway 34
Hips 37                                          Hips 36
L Thigh 22.25                                L Thigh 19.75
R Thigh 23                                    R Thigh 21.25                                  

Total inches lost was 8.75

I'm pretty impressed, and the best part is. I don't want to stop here.
I have done loads of challenges before and usually after the 30 days I binge for a weekend and then slowly get back into it.
Not this time.
Something was different this time, and I felt it from day one, but I wasn't really sure what it was, until it finally clicked.
I texted that bish night and day about all the cupcakes I wanted to do bad things with.
I complained to her when the scale was being a bi-polar bitch and she listened.
You always here that whether you are trying to lose weight or training for something the most important thing you need is support.

Don't get me wrong my family and friends are supportive but it's a different kind of support. They support me because they love me and they want me to be happy.
Alicia supports me because if I slip and eat 20 cupcakes whats going to stop her from eating 20 cupcakes.
We support each other because when it really comes down to it, that means we support ourselves.

The best part is we are both doing another month. I'm just switching it up a little so make sure you come back tomorrow to check out where I'm going from here.

In the mean time you HAVE to check out Alicia's amazing results.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Seven Shitty Miles

I'm in dental class all day today learning how to count teeth. Yippie!
While I hope you are doing something more exciting you probably aren't because it's Friday and you have to work.
I busted out my long run of 7 miles yesterday to make sure I could fit it in this week and it sucked.
I am so super sore today everyone in the class is going to think I'm a nutcase.
Or that I need two hip replacements.
And now for your viewing pleasure.
My Friday Long Run Vlog.
Please ignore my chapped lips it was the last thing on my mind.

Don't forget to come back Monday to see how my before and after from my 30 day challenge with Adie! Even I am shocked at how many inches AND POUNDS I have lost in just 30 days.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Money money

I have to go learn about teeth all day tomorrow and I have today off sooo
I'm doing my long run today. 
With my new shoes and trying Nuun and a new type of fuel (not snickers even though I think that would be amazing). 
While you are anxiously awaiting my run recap go check out my blog crush Holly cause she's giving away two $50 Target gift cards. If you follow me on blog lovin and like me on Facebook you have already earned two entries!!

Enter the giveaway here!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fueling, Hydrating, and Fitting.

Monday I was so pumped to go get fitted for new running kicks.
Then daycare called and said Bub was sick.
Just another reason I will be happy when they are home.
So I wasn't able to go Monday but I am going today. Our work schedule is crazy this week and we have another dental class on Friday so today is my last chance.
Everyone that I have ever asked for running advice has told me the same things.
Remember to hydrate.
Find the fuel that works for you
and invest in good running shoes.

They make it sound so easy.
I will be the first person to say I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a constant feeling of being overwhelmed with all of the "science" behind running and prepping for long runs.
There are so many different products out there for fueling and rehydrating. That's not even including running shoes... I feel like if I'm at a race or by some weird chance I decided to run with a friend and I am using a different products they are going to disown me and announce to the running world that I'm faking.

"Um what is that in your hand? There's no way you are going to make this 7 mile run if you don't have any Gu with you. We will just meet you back at the car."

So today I'm taking step one. Shoes.

I also got a sample of Nuun watermelon from a friend to try on my next long run. I would also like to try Rehydrate from Advocare if anyone wants to send me a sample! Help a girl out.
As far as fuel last run was the first run I felt I needed to fuel during and I tried shot blocks.
I LOVE shot blocks. The taste is amazing, and it's like eating gummy candy.
Except when I'm running.
It got stuck in my teeth and all I could focus on was how soon I could brush them.
I'm going to look for something else today and see how it goes.
I would love advice or suggestions... and that goes the other way too.
If there is anything you would like to know or have any questions feel free to ask!

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's a FITNESS Pole.

This weekend I tried something new.
I have actually been wanting to try this since I watched Kendra.

That's right... pole dancing.
This month for the NH Blog and Tweet meet up we tried our hand at pole dancing at New Perspectives Pole and Aerial LLC.

It was located in this the commercial district of Manchester and the space was really neat.

I didn't really know what to expect but I figured I would come home with a ton of bruises and would probably do better after a few margaritas.
My husband and my kids rode up to Manchester with me because we decided to bring them to Build A Bear afterwards (which I will not be talking about in the same post...). So the Margaritas before hand were out.

We started with some stretches and some floor work. Which was not the normal floor work. This was like full body rolls on the floor, fan kicks and hip grinding.

Then we started with some "easy" spins and lifts on the pole.
I was amazed at how much of a full body workout every move was.
Every time I lifted myself I felt it in my arms, my legs and my core.

After we all practiced some of our new moves the instructor put together a little number that included all of them. A friend was kind enough to record mine but which I then texted to a VERY select few.

The carousal spin was my absolute favorite. Not only did it look cool it made me feel super strong.

We incorporated some hair flips and sexy walks, but this was the extent of my sexiness.


I really really enjoyed this and it would be an amazing girls day activity. Especially if it was followed by drinks while looking over pictures.
You can find all of the information on this class as well as some of the other amazing classes she offers at her website here.
You can also check her out on Facebook (make sure you like her page she has a grand opening day coming up that you don't want to miss!)

Friday, March 21, 2014


As usual today was my long run day as well as Follow Through Friday

From here on out every run on Friday will be my new personal record for longest distance. 
So here is your official warning. Some Fridays will be more emotional than others and some runs I will just walk like an 80 year old afterwards. 
Today was the latter. 
Please excuse the loud ass beeping in the background... I like to live dangerously. 
I also just wanted to get to the grocery store and eat all the foods. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Healthy Eating Link Up!

I really enjoy clean eating.
I feel proud of myself every time I choose fresh veggies over donuts (....mmm donuts).
Changing your diet takes lots of creativity as well as will power.
If you are anything like me you start to try new flavor combinations to switch things up. I am all about convenience which has led me to many a drive thru.  This time I wanted to make sure I had enough healthy "Convenience" foods that I could push past those cravings.

In the morning I have been loving my smoothies.
I use a whole banana, a cup of Almond Coconut Milk, a tablespoon of almond butter pictured here, a scoop of protein powder and ice.

I usually sip on that through until lunch.
Lunch is usually chicken and a veggie.
I have an afternoon snack which is usually a Larabar or veggies and humus.
Dinner I switch it up. It depends what my family is having and how much time we have.

These past three weeks I have found some products at our local grocery store that I wouldn't normally try but decided to give it a go.

Gluten Free Brownie Mix

So so good. I also made it dairy free by replacing the butter with coconut butter. Seriously I fed it to unsuspecting victims and no one even knew.


I always sing the praises of these but I can't speak of them enough. I always have one with me.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust. (This is also dairy free).

Using this I made my new favorite pizza.
Make the crust and split into two. Each will make a 12'' pizza.
Slice fresh bell peppers (I used orange, red, and green.)
Slice onion and black olives.
Cook crust according to directions
When done spread 1/2 cup tomato sauce and top with veggies.
Here's the kicker.... on top put balsamic vinaigrette.
Bake for 15 more minutes.

For a 12'' pizza 1/4 is a serving and it's about 355 calories give or take.

I didn't miss the cheese and the crust was different but really good. Seriously Try it.

Alright everyone. I hope we have lots of link ups and remember it doesn't have to be a full recipe it can just be a product you love that's healthy and easy!

Camo & Lipstick

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh Hey Morning.

Today started out like every other day.
I hated the sunshine ruining my beauty sleep. 
My kids felt the need to watch 10 million kid shows instead of getting dressed, or eating breakfast. 

I made my protein smoothie that was then spilled in the driveway which caused my daughter to ask a million questions about why I said bad words and left my coffee in the driveway.

I didn't want to get dressed so I wore my pajama's to work, and got two compliments on how nice I looked....

Nailed it. 

Then the doctor told me he wanted me to take another class... next week. 

I stupidly stepped on the scale this morning just to check and was up... 


I also had a long conversation on the phone with my boo Alicia where I was preaching what I preach. 
Slow progress is progress and you just need to celebrate small victories and focus on the good. 
Then she said it
"Do you ever listen to yourself?"

Um no I'm annoying. 
But she's so right. I can tell you all about how to eat healthy and get over the number on the scale, and yet here I am in a pissy fucking mood because the scale isn't moving the way I want it too. 
I need to focus on the positive just as much as I tell everyone else too. 
I spilled my whole breakfast in the dirt and yet I DID NOT stop at Dunkins to eat my sadness in donuts. 
I stopped by the grocery store and got an apple and healthy snacks to hold me over. 


I decided it's time for some positive affirmations. I need to feel good about myself because I'm pretty fucking awesome. 

I found this online and decided to give it a go.
Let me say I am not big on the whole self love thing, but I think there comes a time when everyone needs to sit down and remember how awesome they are. 

Do any of you do this on a regular basis? Try this worksheet with me today. Let me know what you think. 

Don't forget Alicia and I are having a big healthy food and recipe link up tomorrow!!! Make sure you link up with us!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh Shit

So my kids will officially be out of daycare by the end of the month.
I'm starting to have that, holy fuck what I have I done feeling.
Right now I don't work on Friday's and my kids still go to daycare.

Judge all you want, I do me.
This is my day to get shit done around the house and go on my long runs during training. This is also my shopping addiction day, where I buy things no one needs.
When my kids are out of daycare I will be staying with them on Fridays.
Good-bye free time. Hello more money, with no time to spend it.
I'm excited to spend more time with my kids. Especially when the weather is nicer. We have a beach within walking distance and in the next town over is an amazing playground. I plan to be outside  A LOT.
That leaves me with my long runs.
When the F am I going to get those done.
I called the hubs crying and he told me "Babe I know you and if you want to do something you are going to figure out a way to do it, beside your long runs are only like 45 min right? I can just watch the kids"

... I jumped on that bandwagon before he could figure out the math and realize that pretty soon my long runs will be 2+ hours.

He's right if I want to do it I will.
I hope.

The one thing that's really keeping me motivated right now is my two week progress pictures from my challenge group with Adie.
I wasn't going to share them with you until the end, but I need them to remind myself.
These two weeks have been about diet, working out was an afterthought, because life gets in the way some times.

You may not see a huge difference and that's fine, because I do. I am my own worst critic, and I will sit here and point out my own faults until the sun goes down. When I saw these side by sides it reminded me that it really is 80% diet. I think it's probably about 90% diet for me.

Hopefully being home with the kids more isn't a test on my willpower.... which it will be
Hopefully we won't have more snacks around than usual....which we will.
Hopefully I'm not so overwhelmed by everything that I forget about myself.... which I WON'T.

In other news Frozen comes out on DVD today and so does American Hustle.... that calls me a big movie night this weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The One with the Cops

My blog crush Holly posted a story today about how she cried wolf and called 911.
It reminded me of the only time I have ever called 911.... ever. 
First off I grew up in a city. A huge city. I may be a backwoods country girl now, but I was born in a city. 
When you are a little kid in the city you grow up a little different. You also learn different things in school. 
Like what neighborhoods not to wear red/blue in. 
Also how to curl your bangs and apply eyeliner to your eyes, lips and eyebrows by the time you are in 3rd grade. 

You also learn that calling the cops is no joke. It's not like out here where if you butt dial 911 Joe Smoe from down the roads stop by to see if you are ok (I'm just kidding I love our police and fire department... and I know all of them... you get my drift). 

So growing up I knew if the time came for me to call 911 I had to make sure I REALLY needed 911 and that I wasn't going to piss anyone off by sending their baby daddy to jail, when really she just wanted her cigs. 

Flash forward about 20 years and I'm living by myself for the first time ever. I'm also 8 months pregnant with my daughter and pretty sure the people living in all of the apartments surrounding me are meth addicts. I was newly out of  college and was still under that dorm room fear that if I lite a candle the RA was going to kick me out of school. 

I had terrible terrible heartburn with Mabel and I was also thirsty all the time so I was up about 20 million times a night. 
On one of my many trips to the bathroom... and by trip to the bathroom I mean taking 2 steps from my bed to the toilet because my entire apartment was the size of a bathroom... I heard a weird sound outside. 

I turned out every light and unplugged everything that had light so I could carefully open the door in case it was a murderer. 

When I opened the door I heard these soft little crys that sounded like they were coming from the cars parked below my apartment. It was obviously dark out and I couldn't really make anything out. I tried to tell myself I was crazy and I just needed to go back to sleep. 

I layed in bed for about 2 min until the sound got louder. So I opened the door again and this time I was sure it was little kids locked in a car crying because they were tired and scared. 
It wasn't like normal baby cries it sounded like tired last breath cries. 
I had no idea what to do. 
Should I call 911... my old fears came racing back. What if the meth heads were setting me up to see if I would rat and they were waiting down there to kill me. 
I didn't know what to do and I couldn't let those kids die. 
So I called 911.
I begged them to be anonymous if it was even possible, and I asked them to do a loop before they stopped so it looked like it was their idea, and someone didn't call. 
The woman probably though I was a meth head. 
But they came...
... and I hid. 
Then came the knock at the door.

I froze. 
I knew it was going to be the end of me. The neighbors were pissed, and they were going to show me what happens to snitches. 

I cracked open the door and saw a police officer. 
I opened it a little more. 
He asked me to listen and see if I could still hear the sound. 
I did and I did. 
He then proceed to hold back a laugh while he told me that was a cat in heat. 
He appreciated my concern, but he was going to be on his way now. 

There you have it can take the girl out of the city but you can't take the city out of the girl. 

Head on over to Royal's page to read about why you should not mess with her family, and join her link up! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Vlogging through tears.

Warning there may be some tears shed in this one...

There's lots of things going on in this video, try not to be distracted by my hair....

Make sure you bop around and check out my other ladies. As well as every one that links up!
Keep an eye out for more information on a link up I'll being doing on Thursdayyyy.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I woke up with a Pink Flamingo

In college I was... how should I put this.
A drunken mess. 
Hot mess express. 

I went to college in a small town that has a plethora of bars on Main street, which I also happened to live and work on. 
I also worked for the majority of my time in college at restaurants as a waitress. 
If you have ever worked in the food industry you know that your job is an after thought and your life is a party. 
I went into work between 3-4pm and got out of work between 11pm and 2 am. 
What else was I going to do with my life but party hardy. 
Crazy enough I still had a very hard work ethic and was working about 60 hours a week while maintaining good grade in all of my classes....uh thank ya. 
Mama knows how to multi-task. 

I made good money where I worked and my rent was cheap. Helloooo bar tabs. 
I also was good friends with half of the bartenders in town so I tended to get deals...or at least I thought I did. 

While I had a lot of friends through school, most of my close friends where the people I worked with. Like my managers... awko-taco. 

Most of our really busy days where days I wanted off too... like my graduation. 
So my managers/friends/inabliers made me a deal which was more of a bet. 

I could have graduation off, if I worked a double the next day, AND if I made it into work ON TIME I could be the first to get out. 

I was made in the shade, or so I thought. My so called friends also wanted to celebrate my actually graduating, because in their words they thought I was lying about going to the college, so there were many many many tequilla shots. 

Many many. 

There was dancing, 

mostly done by me alone, and more shots. 

When the bars closed, we were WAY to awesome to go home. 
So we went to an after party that had jello shots, and more booze. 

When my amazing friend Erica decided it was time to put me to bed, we started the walk home. 
Everything about the town I was about to move out of seemed soooo amazing. 
I loved every one, and every house, and every flower garden, and I LOVED that pink flamingo. 
I neeeeeeded that pink flamingo. 
I walked right up to the house and took it and hugged it and loved it. 

And then we stopped at another party, because...duh it was graduation night. 
My flamingo was the life of the party. 

Next thing I know my phone is blowing up and so is my head. 
I open one eye to read a text from Erica that said "Brush your teeth I'm down stairs"
I opened the other eye, and there she was, my pink flamingo. 
I didn't listen I just grabbed my purse and went downstairs. 
My savior had everything I needed for work, and she even got me there on time. 

They didn't say I had to be sober. 
I win. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Talk Yoga

I personally love yoga.

All types. 
I have never tried hot yoga but I think I would like it... as long as I don't pass out, in which case I probably wouldn't like it. 
In July I am doing a secret (apparently not secret anymore) photo shoot. 
For this photo shoot I would LOVE to nail some bad ass yoga poses like these below. 

I've been working on my inversions and I love handstands, but a lot of it is mind over matter, and for me
That shit is scary. 

A goal I have for myself this year is to practice my yoga more regularly. 
Stretch, breath and stretch some more. 
I really like the few Jillian Michael's Yoga DVDs I've tried, but I will be honest they are good for burning calories but not for getting that deep stretch, or furthering your poses. 
In my opinion. 

There is nothing like a great stretch after a long run. So I think bettering my yoga will better my running. 
As well as my recovery. 

If anything yoga poses make for some pretty bad ass photos. 

Especially naughty ones to text my hubs. 
I'll keep those to myself. 

Do you practice yoga? Is there a pose that you are trying to master, or would love to try? When's the last time you did a handstand??