Friday, August 23, 2013

Took the Plunge

There is no turning back now. I officially start Monday with my new trainer.
I sent her my before pictures and wanted to cry.
Half of that is that I am in a super funk today and I'm dealing with the fact that I want to punch that d-bag, known as Father time right in the jugular.
Seriously, my kids are growing way to fast, and I can't handle it.
It's already widow football season again, which means Tony is gone 1 day a week.
Bubba is walking like a maniac, and by maniac I mean only when no one is looking.
Ugh, I feel like Downer Debby today, blah blah blah.

I read a book called The Happiness Project and the author talks about how she changed her attitude by acting the way she wanted to feel. When she was down she would force herself to laugh out loud, even if it was fake.
Seriously try this
No matter where you are.
It is impossible to not smile after you feel like a nutcase (and probably look like one too).
You could also try some Laughter Yoga... absolutly redonk and I will not be doing this in public.
Another technique to change your day around, and make yourself feel better about EVERYTHING in your life is to pop on an episode of Jerry Springer.
My husband loves this show, and he DVR's joke. The people are so rediculous its humerous.

What do you do to change your mood around? Do you ever have down in a funk days?

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  1. Um I may or may not watch the geico commercials on you tube....namely the hump day and pilsbury doughboy ones.... How can you not laugh at a camel saying "hump daaaaaaeyyy" I mean really! :-) I love that quote about one pos thought in the morning though! I'm going to try to do that every day this week and I'm going to look into that book :-) hang in there girl....isn't your hunting season coming ? :-)