Friday, January 31, 2014

Tomorrow....and a Giveaway

So I finally got T25 in the mail.
Just kidding I am pretty excited. I am going to start on Saturday so that my "rest days" are Thursday and Friday.
I plan my long runs for Fridays so this works nicely.
The T25 program is only 10 weeks so the intense part of my half training will start right after.
I'm really nervous.
I hope I can stick with it.

This week I did better than last week. Except for my whole mishap at the gym that you can read about here.

I got three days of running in, but my diet... total shit.
Why oh why did someone have to invent a combination of Butterfingers and Reeses....
I always get in this mind set before I start something that I have to say "goodbye" to all the food I love.
I need to stop this because it only results in binges, and me feeling like shit.

Atleast my before pictures will look extra horrible haha.
I plan on taking Stats and pictures every Friday and posting there here on FTF because that's exactly what it's for.

This link up is really going to help me... I'm hoping.

I also decided that I'm going to reward myself, with things I want instead of food like I normally do.

The program is 10 weeks so I'm planning a reward at the half way mark and a big one at the end.
I'm thinking
-workout clothes
-running shoes
-expensive makeup
-a girl's night out!

Something like that (not all of them)

So my plan for next week-

Saturday- T25
Sunday- T25
Monday- T25, Running
Tuesday-T25, Back and Chest
Wednesday- T25 Upper Body
Friday- Long Run, Stretch. 

I also plan on following the T25 quick start diet for the first 5 days, but possibly upping the calories a little. The meals actually look really good!

So my all time favorite blog bish Holly is doing a Target giftcard giveaway for $100 dollers today.

Seriously we are the same person.

I love her for including me and I hate her for just making it so I win.
She's having a little case of the January blues and homegirl needs a beer. So head on over to her blog, tell her I sent you and tell her you think she's bomb. NOW!
Right after you link up....

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Being a Woman is Great....

So I'm writing this post between my tear drops falling on the keyboard
Don't worry nothing horrible happened no one died
Except for maybe my self esteem...
You know how you play those get to know you games and people always ask 
"What's your most embarrassing story?" 
Well I've never really had one
I mean I have some good stories 
  • Like the time I fell down the main stairs in the middle of school
  • The time I threw up on someone's lap on a plane 
  • The time I fell off my bike an chipped my teeth because I was drunk 
  • The time I farted in front of my husband (then boyfriend) and he thought it was someone's septic overflowing...

Yeah I got loads of them but none I them gave me that "I want to die" I'm so embarrassed feeling.

Until this week... twice. 

It's no secret I have two babes 
Mabel's delivery was no dream.
She was pretty comfortable in their and decided to hold on for dear life
45 stitches and two blood transfusions later (me not her) she learned to deal with the outside world.

Apparently when you have this type of tearing there are some "after effects" 
Yeah thanks for that heads up baby books.

Fast forward to three years later and I'm running on the treadmill feeling on top of the world 
My run is going awesome I'm in full on beast mode 
Pumping my fists in the air because I'm fucking awesommmmmeeee
Then I realize I'm really sweaty but only in my crotch area....
Like literally no where else.
Turns out that's not possible but apparently 
Pissing yourself at the gym is!!!
All my friends were so supportive....


Whatever I got over it picked myself up even bought some super cute new running leggings!! 
Wal-mart... HOLLA!

I woke up early this morning put on my new pants, took my preworkout, and skipped to the gym
Okay I drove but whatever 
I got in my stride really early in my run and it was going great. I finished the whole run and jumped off the treadmill like a BAMF 
Grabbed a towel to wipe down the machine, looked down...

And decided I needed to seriously re-think my life.

I started my period. 
Not just started it 
Like full on middle school girl in white pants at the front of the class, started
I'm surprised no one thought I was a stabbing victim and called 911.

What. The. Fuck. 

Thankfully I Martha Stewart'ed the hell out of those pants and they are good. 

Please someone tell me this only happens to the coolest people at the gym or that you know "someone" who has a worse story.

On the bright side (if thats possible). It's Wednesday and that means it's time for my #getupgetmoving challenge.

If I can bust this out after literally wanting to die this morning you can take one minute out of your day!!

Downward Dog Pushups.
Keep your feet hip width apart, and back straight. Use your shoulders and arms!

Look who figured out how to add videooooo.
It was pretty easy once I found that whole "load video" button on the top....

See how many you can do in 1 minute. Challenge your friends and see if they can beat you! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook post your number there and tag a friend!

It's only one minute you can do it!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today for Heyo Paleo I am bringing you the worlds easiest dish
It can be an appitizer, a side, or the whole meal. 
On top of all that it's seriously 

Sweet potatoe chips- you can make them yourself or buy pre-made just check what kind if oil they are made in 
Taco meat- any protien works here turkey ground beef, venison whatev, just brown and add in taco seasoning! 
Add the meat on top of the chips and pile on toppings 
I did black olives, guacamole, and salsa.

It's simple and delicious and my kids even loved it and didn't ask where the cheese was. 
You could also easily adapt this to different people and add cheese for some. 

All in all this will def be added to my rotation.

Monday, January 27, 2014

One Letter and a Double Digit Number.

I like to be honest.
I like to tell you when I find a new workout DVD that blows, and when I find one that's awesome. 
I vowed to myself when I started this blog that I would be totally honest and not wimp out. 
If I'm lying to you guys I am MOST DEF lying to myself.

So when a friend of mine from high school....wait I'm being honest. 
We weren't friends in high school she was friends with one of my besties older sister, but I WILL say that I've always thought she was badass, and when I started my fitness journey I re-found her and now she's even more badass cause we are friends, cause she loves fitness too!
Anyway she asked me if I would be interested in reviewing T25 here for you guys.

That means, going hard, giving it my all. Following the program to a T....pun intended
and giving you guys my HONEST opinion.
I am so excited, and also kinda shitting my pants.
I have never been one to get motivated by at home workouts.
I usually start and then if there is ANYTHING I have to get down on the floor for I realize I forgot to wipe the floorboards, and also do the dishes, and set out snacks for my kids, and mop the ceiling.
You get my drift.
So this is going to be a real challenge for me, but I accept.
I want to tell you guys what it's really like, because we all know those infomercials (which I can't stop watching) are cray.
What's even more cray are the prices of some of these workouts.
But come on 25 min a day, only 5 days a week??
I'll take it.
If I'm going to be totally honest I will also tell you guys that I am still going to be running and starting to train for my half. 
I'm semi addicted to weight lifting so that will probably not cease either. 
Will I still be able to tell if the difference is from T25??
For sure. 
Running and lifting is something I'm already doing, so any new results will be solely from this video. (Can we still call them videos??)

Don't worry my blog won't turn into a daily re-cap of my workout, I'll just do periodic check in's. 
Of course if any of you have any questions at all feel free to ask. 

Since I'm being all brave and honest and shit, maybe someday I'll tell you about how I peed my pants at the gym..... but most likely not.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Follow Through Fry-Day

My favorite day of the week!! Not only is it almost the week I get to link up with some of my favorite blog ladiesss!

My week was not that great...
It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great.
I've been having a really hard time getting up in the mornings to get to the gym.
I'm blaming it on the cold weather because my gym is freezing.
We've also had tons and tons of stress in our home life the past few weeks.
My husbands truck has been in the shop for over a month.
You read that right OVER A MONTH.
We still have no idea whats wrong.
He does not deal with stress very well, sooo there's that.
I thought we had evaded the flu but I think it's finally hit us.
I can't stop sneezing and Mabel told me this morning her nose was broken haha.

Oh well you can't win them all!

I did manage to make it to the gym three days this week. Thats better than none.
I also prepped my meals and did really well eating.

I haven't weighed myself, because I need to get into the mind set that food is fuel and I'm fueling for a half marathon.

I don't think I can the whole "diet" thing and train for a half.
I just want to make sure I'm fueling my Rungrys with good food and not crap.

I'm also kinda freaking out about my half. I really need to get my ass in gear and up my weekly mileage. I just wish it was nice out so I could run outside... womp womp.

Next week is a new week, and hopefully I'll be starting T25....eeeeek.
I'm super nervous. If it gets here on time. I will be giving you guys a full run down Monday.

So goals for next week.

  • Prep meals 
  • No cheats, except one which must be EARNED!
  • Gym 5 days
  • Finish Week 6 of Couch 2 5k

Weekly goals are more doable for me.
I don't give up as quickly.

I hope everyone is feeling better, and not getting sick...!

Don't forget today is the last day to enter the V.S. gift card giveaway!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Need. Coffee.

I've been up since midnight with Chip.
This my friends is real life
Kids are so cute and fun until they suck the cuteness and fun right out of you. 
That's what breastfeeding really is. 
Then there's this 

And this 

So I guess I'll keep them....

It's also been a hot second since I've done a So What Wednesday so this week I'm saying so what if....

  • I didn't make it to the gym this morning. I needed that 15 min of sleep I got 
  • I'm super scared that my boss is paying for me to further my education in a field I never wanted to work in
  • I will never give up my Almond Joy creamer, I haven't had a soda in who knows how long and I haven't had half as much sweets so deal diet gods.
  • I already named the ducks we may not even get. Pepe and Petunia will love me 
  • I'm starting T25 on Monday ( more details Monday!) and I'm pretty scared but more excited.

If you haven't already seen it check out my new Wednesday Challenge #getupgetmoving 

Today's 1 minute challenge is plank with shoulder taps. Each tap counts as one! Hop over to my Instagram (@camoNlipstick) or my Facebook page and play along. Tag a friend and see if they can beat your number. Everyone has fun, and gets competitive... I like that 

Someday if I figure out how to add videos on here I will post them on here.
Anyone want to teach me? Anyone??

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's that time again!

I have lots of crazy and exciting things going on in my life.
For the first time EVER I have been getting emails, and texts from friends and family, and even people who just read the blog saying how I have inspired them. 
You guys are cray. 
For real. 
YOU inspire ME. 
I had so much fun with the fitness giveaway it will def not be my last. 

Don't forget to enter the V.S. giveaway

I also realized that my training plan from yesterday is a little confusing. The spreadsheet is what I plan on doing as far as running is concerned. The day breakdown is on-top of the running. 

Alright enough chit chat I know why you guys are really here!


I have to admit I have not been fully paleo, but I will also admit when I eat shit I feel like shit. 
I did not eat all of this... I promise!

I am back on the wagon this week and I meal prepped and I'm READY. 
Meal prep is huge. 
I also realized that if all I do is try to "paleo-fy" sweets I am going to fail. 
I need to cut back on the sweets all together. 
Obviously coconut flakes and almond butter are not going to taste like a Reese's and I'm going to get mad, and go out and buy a Reese, and while I'm at the store I will probably buy a soda, and some toasted caramel coconut cupcakes to eat on the way home. 

So the recipes I have for you this week are ones I tried before I came to this conclusion. 
I tried Honey Merengiues, and Coconut flour pancakes. 

I don't like to listen to directions. 
I'm a rule breaker. 
The result of most of my cooking expenditures show this. 

Oh you want me to use a silicone baking sheet lightly sprayed with coconut oil. 
That's the same as my cheap-o cooking sheet sprayed to hell with Pam right? 
Oh the recipe calls for 4 eggs but I only feel like cracking 3 so just go with it?


Meringues are pretty easy and are kinda fail proof... unless you are me and you spend 10 min whipping egg whites from a carton before reading the carton that clearly says "Not recommended for meringues"
Once I started over they whipped up right away. 
I pipped them onto the cookie sheets (instead of the called for silicon baking whatever) in cute little dollops. 
They cook low and slow, and then they are supposed to sit overnight. 
I checked them after an hour and they were turning brown. 
or burning... 

so I took them out, and let them sit for about 20 min. Then proceeded to eat them, like all of them. 
They did not come cleanly off the cookie sheet, 

and apparently our dogs thought they were for them.
I loved them. 
So did the kids. 
I want to keep working on these. 

Verdict: Keeper for sure

This recipe is a direct product of trying to "paleofy" something I love, which is turn guarantees a fail. 
There's something about pancakes that don't have sugar...
They aren't sweet. 

The ingredients are as follows. 

4 eggs
3 tablespoons coconut floor 
Coconut oil for frying. 

That's it, but for some reason, I felt the need to make this small ingredient list even smaller. 
I didn't feel like cracking 4 eggs. 
I only wanted to crack 3. 
I also wanted to add blueberries
So I did. 
and these were disgusting. 
I couldn't even finish them. 
I gave them to the dogs, and they didn't even eat them.... 


Monday, January 20, 2014

The One with The Training Plan

First off the fitness giveaway winner is Ashley from Bits N Pieces! She had a super cute blog so check her out! 

If you didn't win it's okay I seriously loved this giveaway so it won't be the only one! 

Speaking of...some sexy blogbishes and I are giving away a Vickie's gift card!! 
Nothing makes me feel sexier than a nice pair of undies that actually match my bra and weren't purchased on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart. 

Alright so I've recently talked about how I'm running my first half marathon in May.... yikes.
I have ran this race before but I ran the 5 mile course, and since I decided I'm pretty bad ass I signed up for the half this year...
... insert me shitting my pants here.
I've kind put it in the back of my mind but then my husband went and got me a Nathan Hydration Vest and a foam roller for Christmas
Shit got real.
So I buckled down and figured out my "plan"
I emailed this to a couple of friends who are runners and got their input.
I also emailed this to an EX friend who was going to run a half the same month as me, but then decided she needed to wear her big girl panties, and got a full time job... thanks bitch.
I wanted my main focus to be running and increasing my milage, but I didn't want my weights to slip, so I tried to combine the two.
I am going to for-go leg day for the duration of my training because I don't want to risk any over usage injuries.

Here is the break down.

Monday- Hill intervals
Wednesday- Back
Thursday-Shoulders/ Rest
Friday- Long Run
Sat- Active rest/ Cross train

Rest 3/1
3 miles
3 m run
3 mile
3 miles
3 m pace
3 mile
3 miles
4 m run
3 mile
3 miles
4 m pace
3 mile
3 miles
4 m run
3 mile
3 miles
4 m pace
3 mile
3 miles
5 m run
3 mile
3 miles
5 m pace
3 mile
3 miles
5 m run
3 mile
3 miles
5 m pace
3 mile
3 miles
5 m run
3 mile
3 miles
2 m pace
2 mile
Yoga 5/24

The most important thing for me during this is going to be listening to my body. My end goal is the race so if I feel like I'm doing too much I will cut back in other areas.
I won't skip my long runs
but I may skip a weight lifting day.
I'm open to any and all suggestions so tell me what you think, or what you would do differently.
I had to build it around my work schedule and around my weekends, because above all,
Familty time is Family time.

I'm excited about our Friday link up because I feel like I have to do this, otherwise I have to show my failure to lots of people haha.
Just that extra push to get me out of bed in the morning.

Let me know what you think??
Did you join the GetupGetMoving challenge last week??
Hop over to my facebook page every Wednesday to get your booty up and moving.
See if you can beat my number.