Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tatas, Nunga Nungas, Jugs, Ninnys, and Vetos

My favorite day of the week is back bitches!!!

Lets dig right in shall we. 

Things I'm a crushin this week, 

1. The colors of my new jacket. I pointed this jacket out to Mae and told her "If daddy asks what mommy wants for her birthday show him this"... He did, and she did... New jacket for the win!

2. My Alex and Ani braclets which I also got for my birthday. I love the design of these braclets and I love that you can wear lots at a time without seeming over-done. I also found this gem of a store on Etsy which carries similar bracelets  Frosted Willow... I will def be purchasing some of these very soon. 

Frosted Willow

Frosted Willow

3. My co-workers shoes she wore today. I want them, I need them, and she's also wayyy tanner than me. I have always wanted a pair of Toms, and I also want baby Toms for both kids. Christmas presents done and done. 

4. How much I have been killing it at the gym. I was a sweaty mess this morning, and it hurt so good!
Such a hottie!!

5. Nature.. I know I know, I'm lame and nerdy, but go ahead and JUDGE, because I love me some environmental shiz, and I'm not afraid to show it. Thankfully my husband also loves nature (albeit in a less hippie crunchy way than me) so we spend A  LOT of time out doors. This week we found these cool mushrooms growing on a stump in our backyard....and I love them...done. 

....and this week I'm putting my boobs up on the block.

Seriously. I want a boob job done like yesterday. I have breastfed two kids and I'm pretty sure they both forgot to return my boobs when they were done. Thanks guys... I want nice perky big boobs like my home girl Amanda on BB. 

I want to wear a big t-shirt and no bra and not look like I'm filming a commercial for the next Discovery Channel New Guinea expedition. I have seriously seriously considered getting my tatas done, and every night I go to bed dreaming of new funbags. 

Then I wake up in the morning, put on my sports bra and go to the gym. 
Half way through my cardio I want to rip those suckers off. 
I know I could go buy one of those Moving comfort Juno Barely There (or whatever the F they are called) bras, but as I've said time and time again
Home girl is BROKE. 
My version of a sports bra is the Wal-mart special uh thank ya. 

There in lies my love hate relationship with my jugs. I plan on having 2 1 more kid and I def want to nurse so no major changes will be done for a long time, if ever. Until then look for me on the Discovery Channel!

Do you have a love hate relationship with your boobs? 

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  1. Hahahaha When I workout/run I have to wear 2 bra's. OMG! It sucks...but I wouldn't change it! I love having big(ger) tata's!! :)