Friday, August 30, 2013

First week wrap up

I knew it was going to be a good day today when Mae let me do this 

She never lets me do her hair, someone had an extra dose of sunshine this morning. 

I also added a little more glitter to my life with this mani 

It will probably only last through the weekend but that's fine by me! 

So I'm officially 5 days in and I am doing great. I haven't cheated once and I feel like I can see a difference. 

Favorite workout this week: leg day, Miley's ass made me squat 10x harder
Favorite meal this week: rice cakes and pb, this will always be my fav 
Biggest NSV: waking up every damn morning and coming home from the gym a sweaty mess, and still walking up these 

Least favorite workout: Concentration curls.... I hate you for reminding me how weak my arms are
Least favorite meal: tuna out of the can, woof 
Biggest struggle: not going to dunkins and getting my sweet sweet coffee 

I tried black iced coffee, it's the color of death. 

Currently meal prepping for our camping trip this weekend 

I had to fill out a favorites sheet for Mae this morning and I fell in love with her all over again, check out her favorite food...

Bacon. Enough said 

How was your week in fitness? Is there a good you are missing as bad as I'm missing bacon? 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tatas, Nunga Nungas, Jugs, Ninnys, and Vetos

My favorite day of the week is back bitches!!!

Lets dig right in shall we. 

Things I'm a crushin this week, 

1. The colors of my new jacket. I pointed this jacket out to Mae and told her "If daddy asks what mommy wants for her birthday show him this"... He did, and she did... New jacket for the win!

2. My Alex and Ani braclets which I also got for my birthday. I love the design of these braclets and I love that you can wear lots at a time without seeming over-done. I also found this gem of a store on Etsy which carries similar bracelets  Frosted Willow... I will def be purchasing some of these very soon. 

Frosted Willow

Frosted Willow

3. My co-workers shoes she wore today. I want them, I need them, and she's also wayyy tanner than me. I have always wanted a pair of Toms, and I also want baby Toms for both kids. Christmas presents done and done. 

4. How much I have been killing it at the gym. I was a sweaty mess this morning, and it hurt so good!
Such a hottie!!

5. Nature.. I know I know, I'm lame and nerdy, but go ahead and JUDGE, because I love me some environmental shiz, and I'm not afraid to show it. Thankfully my husband also loves nature (albeit in a less hippie crunchy way than me) so we spend A  LOT of time out doors. This week we found these cool mushrooms growing on a stump in our backyard....and I love them...done. 

....and this week I'm putting my boobs up on the block.

Seriously. I want a boob job done like yesterday. I have breastfed two kids and I'm pretty sure they both forgot to return my boobs when they were done. Thanks guys... I want nice perky big boobs like my home girl Amanda on BB. 

I want to wear a big t-shirt and no bra and not look like I'm filming a commercial for the next Discovery Channel New Guinea expedition. I have seriously seriously considered getting my tatas done, and every night I go to bed dreaming of new funbags. 

Then I wake up in the morning, put on my sports bra and go to the gym. 
Half way through my cardio I want to rip those suckers off. 
I know I could go buy one of those Moving comfort Juno Barely There (or whatever the F they are called) bras, but as I've said time and time again
Home girl is BROKE. 
My version of a sports bra is the Wal-mart special uh thank ya. 

There in lies my love hate relationship with my jugs. I plan on having 2 1 more kid and I def want to nurse so no major changes will be done for a long time, if ever. Until then look for me on the Discovery Channel!

Do you have a love hate relationship with your boobs? 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuna in a can

It's Wednesday already... and that means my birthday is over...womp womp.
That's okay only 364 days til my next one!!

Before we get started I want to talk to you about another one of my guilty pleasures. 

Seriously who the F is A....

Last night's episode which I watched this morning, because I have kids, and kids =  Jake and the Neverland Pirates was INSANE. 

I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but to say my jaw was hanging open at the end is an understatement. 
That shit cray.

On to the Link up!

So What Wednesday
Today I am saying So What if...

...I don't get as many "Happy Birthday's now that I'm not on Facebook, the ones I got mean so much more, because people ACTUALLY remembered
...Aaryn goes all honestly I really want her to stay, she's come a long way. 
...if I eat tuna out of a can, my ass is going to thank me
....if I work later than some people, I can send my daughter to dance lessons, and hopefully my son to swimming lessons.
...I am always dreaming about food
...Pintrest is trying to make me fat blog layout looks like a 5 year old did it, because soon I will have a BRAND NEW ONE!!

What are you saying So What to this week? 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm finally 25....or wait 26...

I feel like once you have kids your birthdays don't really matter anymore.
For a good part of this year I thought I was turning 25.
Turns out I was 25.
Math is def my strong subject....
I don't feel old
In fact I feel young.
Too young to have a toddler in dance classes and a baby running all over the   house.
Too young to have a mortgage payment due on the same day as my birthday.
Too young to get presents like this 

And actually keep them.
Too young to say things like
"When I was in college" 
"I used to be able to do that" or
"You'll understand when your my age"

Seriously I'm still a baby I should not be saying these things. Besides, 

Today was/is day two of my 6 weeks to a new me.
Yesterday I killed it at the gym 

I told Mae I killed it this morning and she started crying and asked why I killed her friend fisher.

Which I did not. 

 Our yard is seriously the town animal sanctuary, which most of the time is pretty cool unless you come home from the gym to this 

That my friends is a fisher cat. Look that shit up. Legit terrifying. Ain't no body got time for that.
Mae also seems to think its her friend.

Uhhhh no.

We also get really cool things like this little guy 

Hatched in my hand. Coolest thing ever. 

Okay anyway.
My workout was awesome. I felt accomplished but not dead after which I like. 
The food was okay.
My protein shakes tasted like shit smoothies but they were do able.
I got an intense migraine and spent a good portion of the day in bed trying to sleep it off so I missed meal 4 (tuna) 
I think this was subconscious but oh well.
I'll have to suck it up today.
No cake for me this year unless this one counts

That time is right.
5 am club even on my birthday bitches! 

Do you feel too young? What things do you do or say that make you feel old? 


Friday, August 23, 2013

Took the Plunge

There is no turning back now. I officially start Monday with my new trainer.
I sent her my before pictures and wanted to cry.
Half of that is that I am in a super funk today and I'm dealing with the fact that I want to punch that d-bag, known as Father time right in the jugular.
Seriously, my kids are growing way to fast, and I can't handle it.
It's already widow football season again, which means Tony is gone 1 day a week.
Bubba is walking like a maniac, and by maniac I mean only when no one is looking.
Ugh, I feel like Downer Debby today, blah blah blah.

I read a book called The Happiness Project and the author talks about how she changed her attitude by acting the way she wanted to feel. When she was down she would force herself to laugh out loud, even if it was fake.
Seriously try this
No matter where you are.
It is impossible to not smile after you feel like a nutcase (and probably look like one too).
You could also try some Laughter Yoga... absolutly redonk and I will not be doing this in public.
Another technique to change your day around, and make yourself feel better about EVERYTHING in your life is to pop on an episode of Jerry Springer.
My husband loves this show, and he DVR's joke. The people are so rediculous its humerous.

What do you do to change your mood around? Do you ever have down in a funk days?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Veto Thursdays

I'm starting a new trend, and if I was braver and more confident with my blog I would even make it a link up...maybe someday.
Anyway Thursdays are my favorite days of the week, because they are LIVE EVICTION DAY
 Seriously where have I been the last 15 seasons. 
Last night was the veto comp and if you didnt watch Elissa man handle that comp you missed out. 
She was a beast and I loved it. OTEV the crying beaver made me laugh so hard.

Thursdays are my happy days so I will be using it to rave about things I'm crushing on this week
Every Thursday I will post 5 things I am loving that week,
since I am ALWAYS the winner of the veto comps (in my head) I will also be using my power of veto to save my sanity and since I am also always HoH I will be placing someone on the block for eviction.
In normal people terms I'm also going to include one thing I am hating this week. 
Big Brother is going to my head.  
I know, I know it's similar to every other bloggers link up, but the difference is
This is my blog and Honey Badger don't give a shit, right Steph?

(place really cool button to link back to this blog here, too bad I dont know how to do that...)

1. This nail polish from essie. Before you are all "I thought she said she was broke, bitch buys essie nail polish!" My boss bought this to fix a scratch on something, reason number 2 why I like it...Free.

2. Monster Energy Zero Ultra, thank you Elle Noel for this. I don't drink energy drinks often, I'm a coffee girl, but I decided to give this one a go, and I frickin love it. I am going to enjoy my last week of cheat meals 24/7

3. Dawson's Creek....ya'll know I love me some Pacey. This gets me through my cardio at the gym. 
that shaved head.... HELLO

4. Polyvore, it's as addicting as Pintrest and makes me wish my wallet had an endless supply of money just for cloths. 

5. Big Brother...duh. I seriously can't make up my mind who I like and want to win. I kinda like Amanda...judge me, I also kinda want to Judd to come back and rock that redneck all the way to the end. 

and this week for eviction I'm putting up...

My mechanic... while I love them, they conveniently "forgot" to pay out the loan on the car I just traded in, which resulted in me getting sent to collections for non payment... YAY. I was especially delighted to hear this after the reason we traded in said vehicle was because THEY COULDN'T FIX IT. Girl, bye. 

What are you loving this week? What would you evict from your house this week?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mommy Confessions

It's So What Wednesday, and I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew for my own little version

This is So What Parenting Version.
So What Wednesday

So what if...
I give my son cookies for breakfast so I have more time to try that new make-up technique I learned on YouTube
I laugh when my daughter says swear words and then tries to cover them up with similar words
(for example last night she said "what the fuck, I mean buckkkkket, like a bucket. I said what the bucket")
I bribe my daughter with kid shows
I let her fall asleep with the light on
I'm secretly glad my son isn't walking yet because I am just regaining my energy from chasing my daughter
I just rearranged my entire budget to sign Mae up for dance lessons...oye
I sometimes lie about what time it is so they can go to bed earlier
I haven't started college funds for either one of them yet... I'm still trying to get my college funds under control
I have never used a changing table...we have a huge floor that goes all the way around the house, why do I need a tiny space to do it??
I have two totes of toys in our shed that were hand-me-downs and I haven't brought them in yet. 
last but not least...

So what if I want 3 more. Okay maybe just one more....or 3. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wish list

There are quite a few things on my wish list right now.
Since my birthday is a week from today I figured I would treat myself to all of the following 

And all of these new outfits

Then I topped it off with a mani pedi in my dream color nail polish 

JUST KIDDING we are broke remember! 
But the hubs did get me an awesome early   birthday present! 
A new trainer!
I have a six week eating and workout plan ahead of me and I'm using this blog for accountability 
So get ready to get sick of my food and gym pictures.

Happy Tuesday!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I won!!!!!!!!

Holy shit
I can't even believe it.
I won the blog design give away from none other than Hubby Jack.
Let me tell you a little story
When I was in elementary school every Friday the librarian picked a name out of a bucket to be student of the week and they got to pick the book that was read. 
Well I fly my nerd flag high and I was always so excited for my big break.
Every Friday I would wake up thinking "Today is my day suckas" 
And every Friday my dreams of stardom got shut down.
Seriously EVERY Friday.
I never won that shit.
I even went as far as ASKING the librarian to just pick my name.
If I had a job I probably would have skipped her a 20.
She gave me the same old BS about everyone needing an equal opportunity blah blah. 
Give me that damn prize.
Fast forward to the end of 5th grade.
Our teachers put together scrap books for us with things other teachers saved from our time there. 
The first page was a dedication page with a little slip of paper where every kindergartner wrote their own name. 
For some reason I didn't have a slip of paper so I asked the teacher.
Turns out I was absent that day in kindergarten.
What were those papers used for, you ask?
My name was never even in the bucket!
You would think after years of never winning even once that bitch would have just checked! 
Since than I barely enter drawings or giveaways because I thought I was cursed.
But this one I wanted bad.
It was an amazing cause and the prize was like gold to me.
So guess what,

Thanks Sami again for being so awesome, I know you didn't personally pick my name out of the bucket but you did much more than that!

Happy weekend! Enjoy the weather cause it looks like fall is around the corner and that means pumpkin pie coffee so I'm cool with it. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

As Promised

Here it is, my 14 day clean eating meal plan, but first
what clean eating means to me.
Clean eating for me is non processed, whole grains, lean proteins with lots of veggies, little to no sugar. It also means budget friendly, because I dont know if you remember but home girl is broke-ass. I buy fresh fruits and veggies when they are in season and cheap-o, but I whip up frozen veggies like I'm on Iron Chef.

We are still in the middle of this plan so there are some new recipes that we haven't tried yet. The ones we've had I'll comment on!

Day One: Chicken and Broccilli Tetrazzini
This was amazing! Hubs had seconds and I even had it a few days later for lunch with a little hot sauce on it. So good.
Day Two: Honey Lime Grilled Chicken with Zucchini and Corn Succotash
This will def be making it in the rotation. It was soooo good and super easy. Hubs gets bored with chicken on the grill so this changed it up, and the side...heaven.
Day Three: Penne Rosa with Shrimp
It was good, but way too spicy for the kids, and I BARELY put any pepper flakes in. *Side note this blog is amazing!
I hate these plates...

Day Four: Mexican Casserole from my woman crush Jen over at Fatchick2fitchick
This is currently in the oven and I want to nose dive into already
This little guy is from our garden!!

Day Five: Tacos
This is a weekly meal, we used lean ground turkey, a low sodium seasoning packet, and load up on veggies. I want to try to make my own tortillas at home...anyone have a recipe??
Day Six: BBQ Ranch Chicken Salads
Day Seven: Burgers with fries (sweet potatoes for me, regular for the hubs)
Day Eight: Turkey meatballs and whole wheat spaghetti
I have never tried meatballs because the MIL makes these and I don't even ATTEMPT her recipes, I refuse to get the "It's good but not my mom's".... but here goes nothing.
Day Nine: Steak and Cheese Stuffed Peppers
Another one from Jen....we love it. I eat these cold the next weird but I can't help it, cheese gets me everytime
Day Ten:Whole Wheat Pizza
We do this a lot but I'm trying a new crust recipes
Day Eleven: Steak Carnitas in the Crockpot
Day Twelve: Chicken, a veggie and SIMPLY SALAD
I hate this pasta in a box, but my husband loves it and requests it. I do not eat it, so I will be making sweet potatoes again.... 
Day Thirteen: BBQ chicken wraps
Day Fourteen: Turkey Tacos, and cupcakes.
Just kidding.....about the tacos...
This is how I get things on the top shelve.... anyone else??

On another note, the winner of the Free Blog design from Hubby Jack is announced tomorrow....keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Smell a Challenge, or Just a Rude Awakening.

The other night my husband and I were lying in bed and he turned toward me and said
"Now don't get upset but..."
This statement is usually followed up by something a long the lines of "I had to pick up your sports bra off the floor AGAIN" but this time he said
"Now don't get upset but, well let me start with saying how proud I am of you going to the gym and getting up every morning. You have been doing awesome, but maybe the whole 'clean eating' thing just isn't for you."

OKAY I HEARD YOU. LOUD AND CLEAR. I have been eating one too many cookies, and drinking soda and triple dipping in the cheese dip. I get it. I know he wasn't saying this to be mean, or even to hint that I was looking fat he. 
He could care less what I look like as long as I put the trash IN the trash can instead of near it. I know because he leaves me love notes like this 
He also knows how hard I am on myself and how upset I get when I set my mind to something and fail, or even just feel like I'm failing. 
So he told me to focus on one thing and work on the gym, but I know more than anyone that, no diet can be out trained. 
So I am here to try again. 
Try really hard. 
Harder than I have. 
Because my ass IS getting up and going to the gym at 5 am, and whats the point of that if I counteract it with cupcake....mmmmmcupcakes. 
I started this week with a new mind set. Clean eating can be good, and it can include sweets. Just in moderation. 
So I made a 14 day clean eating dinner list, because this is where I usually go awry. My eating is good all day until dinner because I don't want to make different meals for everyone. 
I came up with 14 meals that are clean, AND my family would eat. I also included a few sides that are NOT clean and highlighted them so I knew to plan ahead and make sweet potatoes for myself. 
Pintrest is my bestie and I found this, 
I took a lot of her meals, and tomorrow I will go more indepth on which one's and share their receips. 
While browsing pintrest I also saw the idea to fill old eye shadow containers with nail polish for pretend makeup. 
This was the final product and let me tell you it was a hit!
She wanted to do makeovers for everyone. 
I need to figure out a way to do more of this so she has a whole makeup set!!

What are your favorite family friendly clean recipes? Do you struggle with dinner?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Running for Maggie

Today's the big day of the Running4Maggie link up over at Simply Sami. I've been talking about it for awhile now and it's finally here.
Simply Sami

Sami hosted a virtual 5k last week in memory of her sister Maggie who was taken far too early.

I'm a new blogger and I'm just finding my footing, but the main thing that made me want to jump in feet first was the sense of community. People get together all over the world to join up and make big moves. It's amazing.
Sami is so sweet and really gave this link up and virtual 5k her all. She commented on every picture posted and every blog that mentioned it. That means a lot to me because thats what I'm here for.
I am super nerdy and get excited when "bloggers" write me back. When Jen over at Fatchick2fitchick started following me on Instagram I seriously felt like I made the big time. If you haven't checked her out yet, do yourself a favor.
Her accent, I die.
Her and her husband Timbob did the 5k as well. 

This week was my first week at the gym and I used this virtual 5k to motivate me. I made sure that every day I was there I did 3.11 miles on SOMETHING. I instagramed a few to make sure that Sami knew I was getting my fat girl hustle on all week thanks to her inspiration.
I like trying all the new machines at the gym and switching up my cardio. I used to use the elliptical all the time in college but haven't had a chance to use one in a long time.
I went to the gym last week and decided to do the full 5k on one there. I set the time I wanted to work out and went at it. It was hard and I really had to push myself. I just wanted to see that number.
It was 2.9
then 3.01
then 3.09
then the machine shut off and was flashing my "workout summary" at me.

I dont care about the summary I'M NOT DONE!  I kept going for another 5 minutes just to be safe.
Then I got off and wanted to cry.
I posted this picture.

and of course, Sami commented. That reminded me that it doesn't matter how far you go, how long it took, or whether or not it's recorded because you did it.
For a long time my personal mantra has been  "Be thankful"
it takes on different meanings at different points in my life, but this week it just plainly means
be thankful you're alive.
be thankful you're able
just be thankful.

 So THANK YOU SAMI for putting this together, and reminding me how important life is. I won't be taking it for granted this week, I'll be living and loving to the fullest. I hope Maggie is looking down with a huge smile because her sister is the, oh and that 8 miles....seriously you rock and I cried many many tears of joy for you. Get it girl.