Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm finally 25....or wait 26...

I feel like once you have kids your birthdays don't really matter anymore.
For a good part of this year I thought I was turning 25.
Turns out I was 25.
Math is def my strong subject....
I don't feel old
In fact I feel young.
Too young to have a toddler in dance classes and a baby running all over the   house.
Too young to have a mortgage payment due on the same day as my birthday.
Too young to get presents like this 

And actually keep them.
Too young to say things like
"When I was in college" 
"I used to be able to do that" or
"You'll understand when your my age"

Seriously I'm still a baby I should not be saying these things. Besides, 

Today was/is day two of my 6 weeks to a new me.
Yesterday I killed it at the gym 

I told Mae I killed it this morning and she started crying and asked why I killed her friend fisher.

Which I did not. 

 Our yard is seriously the town animal sanctuary, which most of the time is pretty cool unless you come home from the gym to this 

That my friends is a fisher cat. Look that shit up. Legit terrifying. Ain't no body got time for that.
Mae also seems to think its her friend.

Uhhhh no.

We also get really cool things like this little guy 

Hatched in my hand. Coolest thing ever. 

Okay anyway.
My workout was awesome. I felt accomplished but not dead after which I like. 
The food was okay.
My protein shakes tasted like shit smoothies but they were do able.
I got an intense migraine and spent a good portion of the day in bed trying to sleep it off so I missed meal 4 (tuna) 
I think this was subconscious but oh well.
I'll have to suck it up today.
No cake for me this year unless this one counts

That time is right.
5 am club even on my birthday bitches! 

Do you feel too young? What things do you do or say that make you feel old? 



  1. Happy birthday! The turtle was cute but I'll skip on the Fisher Cat! Yikes!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Oh the wild animals!!! I die
    You are kicking serious bootay in your workout! GET IT GIRL!!!!
    Happy belated birthday! You're still a bebe! ;)