Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stealing my thunder

Do you ever set your mind on a goal and then someone you know goes and does the same thing? 

You should be flattered right? Imitation is the highest form of flattery right? 
But sometimes it's just soooooo annoying. 
You get all excited to achieve this goal and to work really hard on it and have everyone be so proud. Then it's like your balloon is just deflated. 
Maybe it's just me.
Don't get me wrong I love when people do good things for themselves and follow their dreams,
Just not when they are my dreams too. 
Just kidding! 

But seriously how do all of you handle something like that. Does it even bother you or are you just purely excited? 

So day one of my fitness Thanksgivig week is done. I went to the class last night and got my sweat on. Today is a rest day but I may walk on the treadmill this morning. Mainly just so I can watch Hart of Dixie. 

Tomorrow is a class called Ballerobica which I am pretty pumped about!! Hopefully the snow doesn't cancel our plans!! 

What are your fitness plans this week? 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Check in Fitday

I used to use Fridays to stay accountable and then I started to get lazy and had nothing to report so I stopped....but I am bound and determined to stay/get in shape this winter! 
My girl Aubrey Leigh does a link up on Fridays so I feel like it's a great excuse! 
This week I only had one rest day. 
Tuesdays are usually my rest days seeing as how I work a 12 hour shift. 
Otherwise I have been running (couch 2 5k) and switching it up between Body Pump, T25 and Yoga Inferno. 
Next week I have a big plan so here's my schedule to keep me on track 

Monday- Mat Flow Class and 30 min run
Tuesday-Rest Day
Wednesday- Booty barre!!!!!
Thursday- Annual 4 mile Turkey Run 
Friday- Bodypump 

I am super excited for everything next week so it will be no problem staying on track! 
At least with working out....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Soup Soup Everywhere, and Not a Drop To Eat.

I'm currently on the last day of a crazy crazy cleanse. It's from a book called Sugar Savvy and it's all about cutting sugar from your diet. Yes I did the sugar detox and yes I went right back to eating sugar. As is life.
Then I read about this cleanse in Reader's Digest which is always right (right?) that talked about how you have to cleanse your palette before a sugar cleanse in order for it to really work.
In our modern diets we have so much artificial flavoring and sweetners that our taste buds actually become numb to the real tastes of food. That's why everything seems so bland when you try to limit sugar or salt on food.
Enter the crazy cleanse, which you can read more about here
You make a soup which they deceivingly call Soupalicious Soup.
Flag number one. If you have to add a cutsey title to your soup it probably sucks. If someone walks up to me and says "Hey try this soup I just made it's bomb."  I will gladly grab three bowls.
If someone says "Hey check out this Soupalicious Soup I just made" I will roll my eyes and grab the Panera soup behind you.
First let me make a comparrison for you.
This is the picture the use to promote the soup

Here's what my soup looked like

BUT I figured I would give it a shot. I read a lot into it because I have been super against juice cleanses because I think they are dangerous. This "Soup" you make has everything you would need to stay healthy. Beans, carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes, olive oil, spinach. All very good things.
You can also flavor it however you want, but I'm thinking this soup is magic because no matter how I flavored it, it tasted like air.
Like seriously no taste.
Which I see now how it cleanses my palette because I'm pretty sure the air is tasting better and better.
I have lost 4 pounds already, which I will probably gain most of back, but I do have to say I am surprised at my energy level and my focus. Honestly I thought I would be either in the bathroom or in bed for these three days, but I haven't had either.
The soup is not good I am just going to throw that out there. I also can NOT cook beans soooo they are crunchy, but I can't afford to make a whole new batch so I'm suffereing through it.

I'm staying with my fitness level too which I am surprised about. I thought I would be way too tired to keep up and even planned to have my scheduled rest day during these three days.
The first night I did T25 and yesturday was my rest day. Today I'm planning on a run and possible Bodypump or T25 again.

I'm proud of my will power, because this soup looks like I already ate it.
Only one more day, only one more day, only one more day.

On another note you may have notice some blank space on my side bar! I am looking for some bloggers who would like to do a button swap! If you are interested let me know. I am kind of in a blogging funk so I would love to plan some link ups, guest posts, giveaways, whatever! Let me know.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cloud 9

Before I get to far into this, let me get a little nerdy on ya.
Do you know where the phrase "On cloud 9" comes from?
Either do I , but thats because there is no difinitive answer. Which makes me HATE this phrase. If I am going to use a phrase I need to know what I am saying. When you sneeze and I say bless you, it's because you have a sign of the plaque and I am blessing your soul because you will envitably be dead soon.
When I say I run slower than molasses in wintertime it's because I live in New England and I know for a fact molasses in winter time is wicked slow.
You get the idea.
So back to the original reason for this post.
Last Wednesday I woke up and went for a run. I felt pretty good about getting my workout over and done for the day. Then my neice texts me and asks if I want to do Bodypump, so I say yes, and no sooner am I finished with Body Pump my friend texts me and asks if I want to join her for a Mat Flow class downtown.
Three workouts in one day. I thought I would die, but then again it's Mat Flow which is usually sleepytime yoga so I figured it would be fine.
I got there and she's like oh I'll grab your weights......
Hold the phone.... we do not use weights in sleepytime yoga.
Thats when I knew I was getting myself into a mess.
The class was a mix of yoga, pilates, and choreographed aerobics. Kinda what I imagined all group fitness classes to be like in the 80's.
I loved it but I was dying.  Mat flow obviously was talking about the flow of sweat from my forehead to my mat.
After the class the instructor came up to me and told me I was really athletic.
Swiggity Swhat.
She was out of her mind obviously.
I told my friend how I had toyed with the idea of getting a certification to become a fitness instructor myself and she told me to go talk to the instructor (who also owns the gym). So I got some balls and went to talk to her.
She pretty much told me I should def do it, and when I get it let her know and she will help me set up my own classes there.

As in.... teach. my. own. classes.

Holy. Holy. I told my husband and he pretty much solidified the idea. He said I would be really good at it, and really enjoy it. SO IT'S SET IN STONE. Now I just need to look into which certification program I want to do. There is one next month that I may look into but I'm not sure thats enough time. I have looked into AFAA and ACE certifications, and I'm leaning towards the ACE.
Either one I'm giving myself until December 31st of next year. 

Do any of you have any advice? Any suggestions or ideas?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Filling in the Blanks

I started my challenge book club this week and I can already tell it's going to be a great group of women. 
Since I am a self proclaimed challange addict I know these things. 
Our discussion question yesterday seemed simple enough. Fill in the blanks

The thought of ________ ( workout) sends me into a panic. _______(workout) is more in my comfort zone. 

I seriously thought about this all day and could not come up with answers. I didn't get it. There's lots of things that send me into a panic 

Student loans
Over filled balloons 
Law and Order SVU (seriously how do people what this?!)

But when it comes to workouts I really can't think of one. I love trying new things and things that seem hard. I'm not saying this to be all " I'm so awesome and inspirational, the world is my Oyster and I can crack that baby open with my chiseled arms" 
I'm saying all of this because it makes no sense, and I kind of feel like all of this working out adventurousness is actually holding me back. 
Nothing holds my attention. 
That's why I'm a challenge addict, because I'm always looking for something to hit that switch and change my cupcake eating ways and make me all of a sudden use beets as frosting and make quinoa into donuts. 

I haven't found that one thing that makes me follow all the advice that I give everyone else. 
I do have faith that it's still out there and until I find it I will forever be challenging and trying pole dancing and Zumba on the Wii 

I am also taking suggestions. 
What did you do that flipped the switch? Are you still looking? What would you fill in the blanks with? 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Musings

I love waking up early. After I've already woken up. 
If I'm laying in bed I hate waking up early. 
Thankfully this morning was one of those mornings that I actually woke up. 
Now here I am already worked out, drinking my coffee and actually writing a blog post. 
What the what
Waking up early actually gives me the time to be productive?!?!
That shit is cray. 
I also don't really have a ton to talk about this morning because I have jury duty and my mind is totally on what I am going to do for a million hours. 
In the mean time I am giving away a Vegetti on my Instagram page @camonlipstick 
Go check it out!! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Talk Distance

The number one question my friends and family ask me about running (besides whyyyyyyy???) is 
"Are you going to run one of those marathons now?"
The short answer, hell no
The long answer maybe, but probably no.
I am slow like slow slow. Like slower than molasses in winter, and if you don't know how slow that is you probably aren't from New England. 
I honestly have no desire to run for like 7 hours which is probably how long a full marathon would take me.
Might I remind you I ADDED time to my second half. 
I have done a 5k, 10k and a half marathon. 

I do enjoy running halfs and I will be running more, but that got me thinking about my goals for my next half.
Do I even have goals for my next half? 
Usually my only goal is to not die and to not walk. I don't care about my time, except it is kind of a bummer that when I finally do finish all the good race food is gone and the vendors are closing up. 
That's not so good for my ego. 
But again I usually don't care because I just ran for 3 straight hours.
I would love to get a sub 2:30 half under my belt but will I cry at the finish line if I don't? 
No I will cry at the finish line because I alway cry at the finish line. 
Remember this gem 

A friend of mine (told you I would write about you) said she thinks we should make 10ks the new cool thing. 
I totally agree. I could see myself pushing for a new PR on every 10k. 
It's like the perfect distance, long enough to get into stride but not so long that I have to tell myself 
"If you don't keep running you are a bitch".
Maybe we should start our own 10k and have beer at every mile. I could totally do 6 beers and keep running.... 
Hey Tiff I think we should make this a thing. 
Plan that shit and I'll see you at the start line, maybe not at the finish.