Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Here's part three...and I'm finally early!!!
11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.
honestly there are too many to list, so instead I'm going to list my husbands because I think his are funnier....at least to me.
1. When the dogs grab a toy right after he puts it away
2. When the kids empty the toy box looking for a toy
3. When I leave trash on the counter directly above the trash can
4. When I leave time on the microwave
5. When Mabel asks him a question followed by "yeah or no" (Personally I love this its so stinkin cute)
6. When I try to cuddle him at night (it's his un-wind time and he only likes to cuddle in the morning...yes I know he's a weird one but I love him)
7. When I say relax like RAH-LAX instead of RE-LAX
8. When I blare the music in my car and shut the car off without turning it down (again I find this hilarious because it scares the crap out of him everytime)
9. When I bring home another plant, or transplant a plant clipping ("plants go outside, you have a million free ones right outside the window"...direct quote)
10. When I dance around in the kitchen and air hump him while he's trying to make dinner, or wash the dishes, or put things away, or get something in the fridge, yes I do this a lot 

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

I feel like every day is different. I just got a new job so I'm getting into a new routine, but on average it goes like this, 
6 am -hubs alarm goes off
6:15 am hubs alarm goes off again and I wake up
6:15:01 am Mabel wakes up and runs out of her room looking for me before she even opens her eyes
6:17-7:30 getting kids ready, getting myself ready getting the dogs fed and outside (hubs rolls out of bed around 7 and helps with Chippy)
7:30-8 Drop kids off at daycare
8-4pm Try to pretend I'm super busy (Now that I have a job I don't have to pretend anymore!!)
4pm Pick kids up from daycare and meet Hubs at home
5pm Dinner
6pm Family time
7-8pm Bedtimes
8-10pm Attempt to snuggle with Hubs until he flips out see above ^ this time can also double as my Big Brother time
Sleep, Repeat. 

13. What’s the hardest part of growing up?

Bills, bills, bills. Damn Destiny's Child for making bills seem cool. 

14. Describe 5 and weaknesses strengths you have.

1. I can adapt to new situations quickly
2. I am very organized
3. I am forgiving (but I NEVER forget)
4. I am a good cook
5. I am good at doing make-up and making it look natural

1. I have the willpower of a 1 year old...hence the breaking of my diet... always
2. I am very emotional I cried for an hour over a St.Jude's commercial and I used to have to pull over because I was crying so hard and couldn't see every time an OnStar commercial came on....seriously WTF
3.  I am a momma bear, and if you mess with my cubs I will kill you... is this a weakness??? Maybe this should be in my strengths
4. I'm a good baker...yes this is a weakness ...see number 1. 
5. I have anxiety about everything, including watching Tv shows where people are going to be sent home.

15. Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love.

 I've kind of already talked about this, but it was love at first sight, honestly. 
I never believed in it until it happened. I knew his family for 8 years before I met him and the second I met him I knew. We met at his family's Easter party on a Sunday. That Tuesday he had his sister ask me for my number, that night I went over to their house for dinner. That Friday he asked his brother (who is the one I have known for 8 years) to  babysit so we could go on an official date. On the way home I asked him when he was going to make me a Bergeron... and here we are today! 

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