Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Smell a Challenge, or Just a Rude Awakening.

The other night my husband and I were lying in bed and he turned toward me and said
"Now don't get upset but..."
This statement is usually followed up by something a long the lines of "I had to pick up your sports bra off the floor AGAIN" but this time he said
"Now don't get upset but, well let me start with saying how proud I am of you going to the gym and getting up every morning. You have been doing awesome, but maybe the whole 'clean eating' thing just isn't for you."

OKAY I HEARD YOU. LOUD AND CLEAR. I have been eating one too many cookies, and drinking soda and triple dipping in the cheese dip. I get it. I know he wasn't saying this to be mean, or even to hint that I was looking fat he. 
He could care less what I look like as long as I put the trash IN the trash can instead of near it. I know because he leaves me love notes like this 
He also knows how hard I am on myself and how upset I get when I set my mind to something and fail, or even just feel like I'm failing. 
So he told me to focus on one thing and work on the gym, but I know more than anyone that, no diet can be out trained. 
So I am here to try again. 
Try really hard. 
Harder than I have. 
Because my ass IS getting up and going to the gym at 5 am, and whats the point of that if I counteract it with cupcake....mmmmmcupcakes. 
I started this week with a new mind set. Clean eating can be good, and it can include sweets. Just in moderation. 
So I made a 14 day clean eating dinner list, because this is where I usually go awry. My eating is good all day until dinner because I don't want to make different meals for everyone. 
I came up with 14 meals that are clean, AND my family would eat. I also included a few sides that are NOT clean and highlighted them so I knew to plan ahead and make sweet potatoes for myself. 
Pintrest is my bestie and I found this, 
I took a lot of her meals, and tomorrow I will go more indepth on which one's and share their receips. 
While browsing pintrest I also saw the idea to fill old eye shadow containers with nail polish for pretend makeup. 
This was the final product and let me tell you it was a hit!
She wanted to do makeovers for everyone. 
I need to figure out a way to do more of this so she has a whole makeup set!!

What are your favorite family friendly clean recipes? Do you struggle with dinner?

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  1. My fav is salsa chicken with cilantro brown rice and corn salsa!! Yum!! It is a big hit!! Proud of you for getting up and going to the gym......and can not be out trained. :) Keep it up!