Thursday, July 25, 2013

Breaking the Rules.

II feel like it was one of the first things I heard after I had my son.

Don't compare your kids.

Please find me one mom who doesn't and I bet after 2 glasses of wine she'll admit to it.

It's so hard. Especially when they are close in age. Mabel had just turned 2 when Chip was born so she was still hitting milestones at a mile a minute.

Mabel my little princess was a dream baby. She was so happy and easy going. We used to describe her as stoic. 
She used to fake laugh when you tickled her because she knew it was what she was suppose to do. She was a self soother a happy nurser (she nursed til 15 months) and she was all around an easy baby. 

Then came my boy Chippy. He was a bundle of anxiety before I could even deliver. His delivery story is a post all in its own. He has had more medical complications than I could have ever imagined. 

He also laughs full bellied all the time. He loves a good kiss session and loves being held. 

While Mabel walked at 12 months, Chip is just starting to take his first steps this past week. 

Mabel was a little chatter box (and still is) and Chip is a man of few words. 

Mabel loves the water, Chip would rather play with rocks on the beach. 

Mabel was a blueberry fiend, legit would eat her weight in them. Chippy loves him some graham crackers. 

But you know one thing I can say is the exact same with the both of them 

How much I love them, how I can't get enough of their kisses, how my heart melts at the sight of them sleeping.

They are also pretty damn cute, they look so much a like I love it.

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