Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The SUPER UGLY

For all of you who have never done a race, or who haven't done a race YET there are these little gems called, race photos.


I'm not sure what they are supposed to showcase, but, well let me just show you, I'll start with the best....

It's nice and're welcome.
Okay seriously... what was I thinking. It was freezing so I threw that free shirt on like it was no body's business, and I didn't give a SH how I looked.... as you can tell.

This was Boston's Run to Remember 5 miler, and here's another beaut..
I think this is the point every bakery in Boston decided to start baking yumminess.

I was probably looking around to see if anyone would notice if I snuck in a bagel....

I also did a race back in April for Earthday and for some reason the race photo's look like I'm some random celebrity going for a nice morning jog and that damn paparazzi won't back off!
This was my first race ever!
My hubs snapped a photo on his phone that shows what I actually looked like during that race..
I also had to hold this pose, because he couldn't find the camera.....
So there ya're welcome, and as soon as I get the race photo's up from the foam fest, I will show you some more....maybe.


  1. You are freaking adorable.... LOVE THE PICS and thank you for linking up.

  2. I love the celebrity photos...go get em, superstar!!

  3. You have some pretty good ones, I think!
    Your "celebrity" photo and explanation are SPOT ON!! (can I have your autograph?!?)
    Thanks so much for linking up!! :)

  4. You look great girl! This is my fav line! "I look like I'm some random celebrity going for a nice morning jog and that damn paparazzi won't back off!" It is so true! That is a great photo!!

  5. OMG I DIE...the celebrity thing just made me snort! Its true...the women behind you look like your fans haha :) I have yet to see photos of myself from offical races...weird right?...probably for the best lol :) PS Now YOUUUU Have another follower :) LOVEEE your blog name! :)