Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend, and I have about 2 million bug bites to show for it.

We went camping in Exeter at a campsite that was choosen purely because of it's proximity to the race on Saturday.

The campground looked great from the website, was a little pricey, but it was surrounded by a river and our sites looked fairly secluded.

Silly me, I forgot surrounded by water = surrounded by bugs. Super bugs that don't give a shit about bug spray.

The kids enjoyed it, the hubs hated it, and I got the tent back in the bag, zipped up! SUCCESS. Mostly because they set up the tent, and told me there was no way it was going back in the bag.

The race on Saturday was awesome. The drive there was super short, we were in the third wave so the parking was super easy and there wasn't a huge crowd. Originally we had planned to have the boys bring the kids to hang out while we ran the race because there was supposed to be a festival, but when we got there we were glad they decided to just hang around the campsite.

There was one mini sized bounce house for kids, and....that's it. Oh well it worked out for us so what-ev.

Here's a cute picture of us before
I look like a child...
It's the only picture from the race we have right now, because we couldnt run with real camera's or our phones, so the only thing I had was a disposable camera.... insert flashbacks here.

It also took me three attempts to find a place that even recognized my "vintage" camera to get the film developed, and apparently it won't be back until next Wednesday...oh technology.

ANYWHO, the race was so much fun, and we were already planning our attack on next year before we were even done.

The course was at Kimball's farm in Haverhill MA and I'm pretty sure by mud, they meant cow shit, but I plugged my nose and dove right in.

It was no Tough Mudder, which I still want to do, the obstacles were more like an over grown birthday party, with bounce houses and slip n' slides.

We finished in under an hour, enjoyed our free beverages. I got a Mike's Hard Margarita, Kassie, got a Black Cherry Lemonade, and Krista stuck with the original.

There was no option for the under-
agers which in my opinion is super lame. Give the kid a soda!

Next up.. Color Me Rad. 

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