Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Clean Choices, and Round Two's

Yesterday was my first day on the clean eating challange and guess what the hubs wanted to do after dinner.

Go get ice cream.

Reluctantly I went, but before we left I cut up a banana sprinkled a little unsweetened coconut and a little squirt of honey to take with me. It worked perfect. It gave me something sweet to munch on while watching my loving family down some of my favorite flavors....

My hubs is also on vacation this week and next week so today we took a drive to the mall and he decided he wanted to go out to lunch....uhhh okay I guess. We decided on Ruby Tuesday's because they have a great salad bar so worse case I could load up on veggies.

Immediatly the waitress came over and placed two cheese biscuit on our table. I kindly asked her to remove them because if I eat them there is a good chance I could also eat her hand.

 I looked over the menu and decided to go with a chicken breast with steamed broccoli and zucchini and added the salad bar.

It was amaze.

I was so full after the salad and veggies that I only ate half the chicken breast and didn't even look at the dessert menu.  I walked out of that restaurant on cloud 9. Not only was I still full of energy as opposed to every other time we go out to eat and I roll myself back to the car to unbutton my pants and sleep the way home, I was so proud.

While today is only day two I feel like a million bucks!

To top it off I got called back for a second interview for a job I really want. Could things be looking up? I think they are. 

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