Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So What Wednesday
This week I'm linking up and saying SO WHAT if,

  • I don't this job, it just opens me up to work on an amazing project OUT IN THE FIELD with some great departments
  • I have to severly change Chip's diet so he stops getting sick, no ice cream is better than fevers and draining ears...ugh
  • I'm not seeing the progress I want, a friend reminded me that any progress is still that... PROGRESS
  • I'm addicted to Big Brother, and I totally like Elissa and Amanda, oh and that big teddy bear Spencer.
  • I bought Mae a bathing suit that has a tutu.... 
  • I havent showered yet after my run.....yesterday. 
  • I'm not ready to be done with school and I'm already planning a second Master's degree or even the big PhD....WHAT?!?!
  • My husband makes fun of all the pictures I take.... he doesn't even see me take half of them.
  • andddd....SO WHAT if my favorite show is Pretty Little Liars, that shit is beyond addicting and suspenseful and drives me nuts WHO THE F IS A???

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