Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Dates and Throwing Up

So my friend Becky and I made plans to go out together on Valentines day.
Our boys don't really love the whole valentines day thing, and her birthday was yesterday (HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY) so it just make sense.
We are going to dinner and we are going to eat so many nachos and drink a margarita with two straws.
I might even propose.
If she's lucky....

There's also a glitch, or side bar, or other thing...
We are bringing my nephew on his first date.
Insert me throwing up.
For real.
In my mind he is still about 5 years old.
and cute and pudgy
and kind of a punk.
That I mostly want to punch in the arm.
While he is actually my husbands nephew I've known his family longer than I've known my husband (lost yet?) and he is more like my little brother than my nephew.
He's even my daughters God father.
I tried to tell him to not go out and get any girlfriends before major lovey holidays (hello Valentines day), but apparently my advice means nothing to him.

I wonder if he will bring Mabel on her first date... when she's 30....

In other news.
Today is Follow Through Friday

dun dun dunnnnnn.
Just kidding I rocked last week... and I'm going to rock next week even harder.
My girl Alicia over at Brew Mama and I decided we need to seriously get our diets under control.
We love donuts.
Donuts do not love our asses.
So I planned out my meals for the whole week.
I only have one rule.
If it's not on the plan I will not eat it.

Sorry I'm not awesome at PDF's soooo all I got is a picture.

If you want the actual PDF let me know and I will email that ish to you.

It's not that great so dont worry.
There are also a million printables online to help you create your own meal plan.
I like to cross each meal/workout off with a highlighter so I can visualize my progress.
If you want to hop on this train with me and Alicia make your own plan and next Sunday put a picture of your whole week marked off on Instagram .
Make sure you tag both of us, cause you never know there may even be a giveaway.....
 You don't have to follow mine exactly! Make your own just make it clean and healthy.

Candra @ camonlipstick
Alicia @ brewmama5


  1. I hope you have fun, eat some nachos for me :) that sounds so good!!!

  2. "donuts do not love our asses" - that made me laugh so hard!

  3. I will cry the day any of my nephews have their first dates. I already can't handle them turning 7, 5 & 1... I WILL NOT HANDLE IT!

  4. I am a new follower/reader, and this seems like a fun blog!

  5. Awesome! I like your plan! And yes bringing your nephew out would be awkward!!! Lol happy v-day lady!! Xo

  6. Over from the link up!

    Meal planning is my weakness. I do it for a week or two and then "forget". MUST MEAL PLAN!

    Great job!

  7. We are going kick some ass this week!!!