Thursday, February 20, 2014

A new Pirate.

My niece is finally in labor.

Poor thing has been in early labor for like three days, and now it's go time. 
I'm at work and I want to cry that I can't be there, but I'm going right after with a little bag full of goodies 
Sometimes people get overwhelmed with a new baby and forget about the mama. 
So today I wanted to write her a little letter, and really this letter is to any young mom out there. 

Dear Princess, 

You may now have a little princess or prince of your own, but your title hasn't changed. 
You are still that beautiful strong and confident woman under those baggy clothes and unwashed hair. 
You may doubt yourself and your abilities but always know that, that baby never will, and neither will I. 
You may get scared, and you may feel lost, but that's okay and NORMAL. 
Even us seasoned vets still feel that way. 
Being a mom does not make you less beautiful or sexy, in fact it magnifies that. 
You will be so overwhelmed with the love you feel for your new baby that you may forget to feel that love for yourself. 
It's okay to take time to be you again. 
It's okay to take time to breath. 
It's okay to take time. 
Your body may look different, and your heart will most defiantly feel different but you are still you. 
And that YOU is what I love, and what that baby will love. 
You did it girl. 
You created this life and brought it into the world. 
So every year on this day, remember to celebrate yourself as well as their birthday. 
I mean really you did all the work ; ). 

Trisha, you are seriously an inspiration to me and to more people than you think. You are strong and brave and not just my family but one of my very best friends. Don't ever doubt yourself in any way because you are doing everything right and you are going to rock the shit out of motherhood. FOR REAL. 

Beside I live down the road and I'll call you out if you are fucking things up. 

This may be premature.. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON! 
Or as I will be calling you Sparrow because you are my little Jack Sparrow, and you are a pirate. 
Your Great Aunt is already crying and I haven't even seen you yet. 


  1. Very cool! I too make up a little something for the mama when I go visit at the hospital. I figure the baby got stuff at the baby shower & will get stuff after birth - mama did the work, she deserves some goodies! :)

  2. You're so sweet!! I love that letter. So heartfelt. Yay for babies!!