Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let there be a Rest Day

I actually feel like myself today.
Like for real for real. 

I had to deal with stupid family ish that put somethings in perspective yesterday. 
Sometimes family is awesome 
and sometimes family sucks. 
I'm an only child so I get to bear the brunt of my family all on my own....insert flexing here. 
This shit ain't new so I was prepared. 
In the end what needed to happen happened. 
Okay wait.. pump the brakes. 

I am being super vague and facebook status-y here.... and I HATE THAT. 
SO lets be real. 
I want my dad's ashes. 
My Aunt decided that her being next to him when he passed away wasn't enough and she wanted his ashes for some celebration of life thing, that my dad would have HATED. 
At the END of MARCH.
So I said no. 

I may have been a little bitchy about it, but you know what. 

In other news  today is REST DAYYYYY
but I might actually do the ab interval again..... yikes I'm crazy. 

I am only 5 days into this program but I am really really loving it. 
I have done all the videos in Alpha at least once so I feel like I have a pretty good feel for it. 
I won't lie it's hard, but my girl Tanya modifys and I love her. 
I also used to laugh at people who wore sweat bands.... now I'm looking for some nice ones. 

I will review more in depth tomorrow with our Follow Through Friday Link up. 
Don't forget to enter the running giveaway from yesterday!!! 


  1. You are not a bitch! He was your father & you deserve to have some, if not all, of his ashes to do with how he would like done with it. I'm actually quite sure that he would want his daughter to have a piece of him.

    Keep your head up! Hugs!

  2. OMG why do people get all cray cray like. That was your Daddy and whatever is his is yours and you can determine what's done! People turn into such asshats around others deaths drives me bonkers!!!!! Hang in there lady! You are kicking ass and taking names!

  3. See!! The sweat is why I'm having a hard time sticking with it!! I can't stand that I have to wear a skimpy tank and baby shorts because otherwise I'm a walking rainstorm!! When I'm freezing my ass off in my sweats and sweatshirt I can't even fathom going to dress in workout gear!! Mike always says...yeah but you'll be hot in no time. Psshyeah... but not before I get frostbite!!

  4. I'm glad you're doing better today. If it makes you feel better, when my grandpa passed away, he was buried in the cemetery that a lot of our family is in. His sister, my great aunt, decided that she wants to be buried with him when she dies. Now... I fully understand that his daughter, my aunt, wants to be buried next to him because that's her father & she was never married. But the fact that his sister wants to be buried there too creeps me out. People are weird.

    You're doing the T25 right? I want to do it sooo bad but it's so freaking expensive! Keep me updated on how well it works!

  5. Brady bands or bondi bands are both GREAT sweat bands to try!!!