Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That One Time...

It’s no secret that at any given time I have approx. one million things going on in my head.
I am forever making to-do lists, planning, organizing, and forgetting.
I work a semi-full time job (yup that’s a real thing), another sometimes job (also a real thing)
I’m the mother of two children who are BOTH at very crazy stages
I’m on the Town Planning Board (Holla I’m an adult!!)
I’m working on my Thesis for my Master’s degree.
I eat clean and I train mean.

I also sometimes forget the bread when I plan BLT’s for dinner.
It’s not a rare occasion for an empty Dunkin’s cup to be in the cupboard instead of the trash can.
I have to schedule in time to shower or I will forget.
I made my daughter’s valentines a week in advance just to be safe.
More than likely I will forget them on the day.
Whatever I’m normal.
Shit happens, and I don’t beat myself up over it.
I laugh at myself probably more than anyone, but don’t worry I laugh at you too.
Why am I telling you all of this?
Because WE ALL DO IT.
NEWSFLASH no one is perfect, especially moms.

The perfect mom is one whose kids run to hug and kiss her as soon as they see her, even though they slept in mismatched (or no) pajamas and had M&M’s for breakfast.
Incase you still think I’m perfect (which is okay because I’m pretty damn close) let me tell you about a little habit I have, that I’m pretty sure no one else has.
I get in the wrong car… all…the…time.
It doesn’t matter if I am driving or if I’m in the passenger seat.
If we have been friends longer than 5 years I bet you have a story that includes me sitting in the wrong car.
I have even gone as far as trying to START the wrong car.
Seriously I am out of control.
One time I was at the DHHS…if you don’t know what that is you are probably too rich to be friends with me…
And I got into my car, for some god knows reason my key wouldn’t fit in the ignition.
I tried and tried until a little voice from the back seat said

“It’s probably because this isn’t your car, dumbass”.

Insert me dying of embarrassment here…

The worst part… I’ve done it again since.
Seriously someone stop me.

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  1. I still love you! And you are an awesome mom, despite the M & M's for breakfast!

  2. Fruit gummy snacks for breakfast count as fruit don't they? that's the kind of perfect mom I have been lately, so I feel ya.

    I have never gotten in the wrong car, but I approach them with keys in hand several times and then see its either cleaner or messier than mine and quickly do a double-back and pretend that I wasn't about to get in the wrong car. hehe.

  3. I'm always paranoid that I'll get into the wrong car. If I'm with someone else, I wait until they get to the car first. If I'm alone, I always double check my license plate. Though my car is such a hot mess, it's hard to miss!

  4. You're silly.. I have tried to get in the wrong vehicle but I've never sat in the wrong vehicle. But give me time...my kids are making me lose my mind so it will happen one day, I'm sure.

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  6. Hahaha! This is hilarious. I've started walking towards the wrong vehicle quite a few times but I got a decal for my back window so I know which one is mine lol it works for me ;-p

  7. You kill me :) I am so glad i started following you!

  8. New follower from the blog hop!

  9. ah hahahah. I have gotten in the wrong car before and scurried out with shame, laughing my fool head off.