Friday, February 7, 2014

Me and My Bishes.


So this week I finally started! 

Saturday- T25- Cardio, and I accidentally did Beta instead of Alpha and almost died
Sunday- T25- Speed 1.0, this has been my favorite so far. Mostly because they incorporate a lot of stretching... i.e. breaks
Monday- T25, Running- Total Body Circuit, Tough, so so tough, but I pushed through!
Tuesday-T25, Back and Chest- I only did T25 because that whole getting out of bed thing wasn't happening this week. Ab Intervals. I wanted to be more sore than I am... womp womp.
Wednesday- T25 Upper Body- Again only did T25, but it was a double and it was a DO-SEY !
Thursday- FULL REST DAY, Done and Done. I actually missed working out though.
Friday- Long Run, Stretch, We are travelling out of state today and I plan to do the stretch when we get there! I probably won't get in my long run today. 
I am soooo excited to get away for the weekend. 
We are going up north to see my mom and hopefully spend lots of time outside getting the kids nice and tired. 
I am bringing T25 and my mom said she would work out with me. 
One thing I REALLY like about this program is the modifiyer. 
She's not just there for me when I'm tiredddd, she also helps people of all fitness levels do this program. 
She doesn't do all the jumping which is good if you have bad knees. 
If you aren't following me on Instagram already  (@camonlipstick) you probably should because there will be an overload of cuteness this weekend. 
Also pictures of me boozing, which I know my little BREWMAMA loves. 
During my down time I'm going to be getting into a new book and catching up on all you lovely so make sure you link up! 
anyone read it??


  1. Have a great weekend! I have that book on my need-to-read list, hope it's a good one!

  2. You'll have to let us know how that book is! I'm always wanting to start reading again!

  3. I've been wanting to read that!! Let me know how it is! I loved the Speed 1.0 on T25, too!! Mostly because of the breaks.

  4. Great job on working out this week. I know it was a tough week for you but you still stayed focused which is amazing. Have a great weekend, I'll miss you, my lady friend.. lol

  5. Way to finish out the week! Total Body Circuit is SO tough..I agree. Woof. Have a wonderful weekend up north!

  6. I posted but couldn't find the linky (was on a cruise so didn't want to waste a ton of minutes trying to figure out who actually posted it) so here is my week recap:

    Curious to hear how that book is!