Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Running Away

So I have a confession.
I have not been consistent with my running since my dad passed away. 
I keep trying to tell myself that it's okay and that taking a break is fine and I'll be able to jump right back into it but I know that's not true. 
I lose my endurance really quick. 
Does that happen to anyone else??
I needed something to get me motivated again so I thought about the races I want to do this year. 
So far I have three for sures and 1 maybe. 

In April I am doing the Color me Rad 5k in Manchester NH with a few friends and my daughter. 
In May I am doing my first half which will be the Boston Run to Remember, with Lauren
In September I will be doing the Mudderella which is a mud run obvi in Haverhill MA, with a fellow mom friend and a bunch of ladies I have never met....
In October I am thinking about doing another half which will be the Smuttynose Half, hopefully with Lauren.
If you don't know already Smuttynose is beer... beer and running. Sign me up. 

I would love to add a couple more 5k's in there and maybe a 10k, but we'll see how the year goes on. 

I will probably do one or two of the Flex it Pink virtual races

So last night my running friend Lauren (also my amazing photographer) started asking me all these crazy questions like I was a real runner. 

What's your pace?
What are you using to fuel?
Are you wearing a belt or carrying a bottle?


My pace is....running pace?
I don't usually wear a belt I wear running shorts... and I thought the beer was after the race.


I'm kidding...kind of. 

I plan on using my Nathan Hydration vest and fueling with Advocare Rehydrate and shot blocks. 

Last year the race was sponsered by Gu and I hate that shiz, but I may try it again just incase. 

My pace is around 10-11 min mile. 
Honestly I just want to take my time and ENJOY the race. I LOVE LOVE this course and the first reason I signed up to do the half this year was because I wanted to see more of the course. 
Weird I know. 

What are you races planned for this year?? Any advice? 


  1. I'm in the same boat girl. I was doing really well and then my Grandma died and I haven't run since 2/8. Woops. I actually packed my gym bag today to take to work for the first time in a week but I might have to visit the lady doc after work which means I won't get to run. I'm trying to figure out that priority... running or vagina?

  2. Girl beer and running? I'll run to the fridge to get a beer fo sho! The Tea Party 5k always provides beer for the entire day after the run. Saweet!! But not sure if I'll be up for a 5k. I suck at running.

  3. You'll love the Run to Remember - it's a great half, nice flat course and prime time of year for good running weather.

  4. Ugh. I know exactly what you mean. I lose endurance like in a day it seems like! I'm running my first half in April. I have no plans to hydrate or eat! I gotta bust a move. Don't be too hard on yourself sister. Grieving is a hard time!

  5. I have my first 5k Color Run on Sunday, eeeek!

  6. A virtual 5K? What a cool idea! That sounds like so much fun!