Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Can't Even Make This Up

Kids are weird.
They say crazy shit and act like it's totally normal. 
Today I bring you... 
Shit my Daughter says. 

Mom I think it's time I went back to my old family now, because my other mom gets cold when she's looking for me. 

At school when our whole class is really good our teacher lets us get stoned. 
(They get marbles or stones for good behavior!) 

Mabel-When I was born did you push me out of your butt?
Me- umm no.
Mabel- oh good because I hate hard poops

When you only let me watch one kid show it just leaves me so hungry for more. 

Sometimes your dinner makes me throw up, maybe that's what's wrong with Chippy. 

I think it's time I got one of those boyfriends. 

You deliberately disobeyed me. 

Mabel- Lets have snacks before dinner
Me- Mabel you know the rules 
Mabel- Well this is going no where. 

Sometimes when I'm alone in my room I get shy around my dolls. They are just so friendly. 

Mabel-Can I touch your boobies. 
Me-No thank you Mabel
Mabel-You can't just keep everything to yourself.

I am the queen of all of my toys and when you come in my room you are just a silly village girl. 

I could seriously go on for days and days because she is always coming up with new and crazy things. 
She's nuts... but I can't get mad because that gene is directly from me. 
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Now GO!


  1. OMG this is great!! She sounds hilarious!!

  2. Um, that first statement gave me goosebumps! Creepy! I fear the day that Milo points to a corner and says "man" or something freakish.
    And congratulations on 100 pushups! Booyah!

  3. She needs her own blog! that is a riot! I needed a good laugh, thanks!!

  4. Tee hee! That is hilarious! Loved it! :)

  5. omg I'm in tears laughing right now! Gah, this is why I love kids. The things that come out of their mouths is just so crazy!

  6. Did you read my facebook post the other day? Mia was talking to a fried shrimp: " good can you freaking be??!" hahaha. I love love love kids! Your daughter is hilarious!

  7. your daughter is awesome! i can't wait to have kids and hear them say the most random things! great post and your daughter is beautiful! :D

  8. haha this is too funny, some of these things would make me just bust out laughing if I were there!

  9. This is hilarious!! You can't just keep your boobies to yourself, mom! I LOVE her sweet little name :)

  10. those little sayings are hilarious!! those are going to be great ammo to embarrass her at her high school graduation party. :)

  11. Ok...I'm seriously dying reading the things that Mabel has said, Yep def your child! lol

  12. Oh my gosh this had me cracking up!!! You're daughter is too freaking cute and holy cow does she look like you!

  13. OMG! New follower right there, just for Mabel! Almost peed my pants reading!! I have two boys and am a school nurse, so I hear funny shit all the time!! I LOVE IT!!!!