Monday, February 10, 2014

Calories Burned Making Whoopie

We are finally home from our weekend away.
It was a MUCH needed but short vaca. 
My mom lives up north, like way way up north, so when we go to visit we call it a vacation. 
While we were there we visited our family's ( not really family, but the description is long and confusing and I really like them and their cows so to me they are family) organic dairy farm. 
I was in heaven. 
It smelled, the cows were pooping, there were baby cows that sucked your thumb and I wanted to stay there forever. 

Unfortunately we had beer in the fridge so I was able to peel myself away from my new friends. 
Up there the word of the day was and always is Snowmobile. 
When you learn how to walk you learn how to ride a snowmobile and we all had a blast. 
Little girls in snowsuits and helmets is seriously adorable. 

I even busted out my workouts in the middle of our family get together. 
Take that SHAWN T. 

Speaking of workouts. 
I love seeing how much I burn when I'm at the gym. 
Even more so when I'm trying a new workout so I can compare the calorie burn. 
I got my polar watch last summer and I use it all the time. 
Even when I'm out mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow, or doing laundry, or grocery shopping, or doing things with my husband...... that escalated quickly.

It can turn a stupid task like power cleaning the house into a competition against yourself. 
Now YOU can turn it into a competition with everyone you follow on Instagram.

"Oh you burned that many calories at the gym this morning? Well I burned that many calories making whoopie with my Hubby". 

How you ask?

All these lovely ladies and I are giving you the chance to win one of your own, in the color of your choice. 
I have gold...cough.cough. 

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  1. wahoo. cant wait to announce the winner :)

  2. SO want to win this!

    And I totally LOL'd at "calories burned making whoopie". Hey, every calorie counts!

  3. Glad you had a nice weekend!! Snowmobiling is so fun!

  4. Great giveaway. Now calories burned during bootay sesh will be all I think about when I see these things in my IG feed. Bahahahaha.

  5. Makin whoopie....that makes me laugh...that is all!

  6. I would totally love the red/pink! awesome giveaway!

    I've never gone snowmobiling... sounds like so much fun!

  7. OMG!! I want to get one of these just so I can see how many calories I burn while I'm doin the do. OMG! Awesome freakin idea!! So excited. How many was it by the way?? haha.

  8. I would love to have the pink one!! :)

  9. I would pick the white or black!

  10. I would like black.