Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Farting is cooler when you're 3 feet off the ground.

This past weekend I was in more car more than I can even handle.
I went through ever podcast I had and I STILL had more driving.
Most of these trips were not worth my buttcheeks going numb,
but at least one one.
On Sunday I drove to Sandown NH, (Don't feel bad, even I've never heard of it) and met up with some lovely blog ladies to do Aerial Yoga.
Karlene and I actually know each other from College (and she said she remembered me from working NOT from being a drunken mess at a party!).
Karlene blogs over at Kickstart Fitness and Nutrition.
She has tons of yummy recipes like these that she even made for us Sunday!

Her studio is actually in her home, which normally I don't love, but her's was perfect.
She has two swings which was helpful for me because she was doing the poses right along with me.

We started with some warrior poses and right away I was amazed at how deeper I felt these stretches.
After doing T25 and running a good deep stretch was very welcome.

Then we got both feet off the ground...

I got up into the swing fine but then she was like

"...and now we spread our legs and go into a split."

um homegirl does not do the splits.
Just look at my face here.

I've had two kids and I already know what it feels like to have my area stretched uh thank ya.

But I went for it, and I was actually surprised how far I could go.

I'll tell you a secret, I even went home and tried the splits on the floor, and guess what....
I did it.

From there Karlene showed me numerous yoga poses translated into aerial yoga.
It was seriously so much fun and a great workout without actually feeling like I'm working out.

Many of the poses I could have gone deeper into but I was really scared I was going to fart.
Unwanted farts can only go two ways.
They can be an immediate un-invite to all upcoming blogger events, or
they can make immediate life long friends.
I wasn't able to really feel out these ladies yet so I was real nervous.

Either way it was one of my most favorite yoga classes I have ever taken. 

I sent my husband a text and his first response was
"Is that you"
his second was
"I thought this was yoga, is that a sex swing?"

You know how sometimes you send a text and the other person doesn't get it right away, and then they get and think it's part of the new conversation.

Well I TRIED to tell my husband how cool these were and how I wanted to look into getting one for the house, annnnnd he got that after he asked if it was a sex swing... sooo big bang boom, my husband started asking prices, where we could buy one, and how much we would use it.

 At first I thought he was being so supportive, and then I put two and two together, when he asked how much WE would use it.
Dead give away.

You can check out more about Karlene on her Blog, and her Facebook page.
She's also on Instagram @Kickstart_Fitness_Nutrition

If you are in the area I highly recommend you check it out.
Also if you are a blogger in New Hampshire and you are interested in attending these blogger meet-ups please let me know. I'll give you the hookup.


  1. This was so hilarious! I think my bf would act the same way, unfortunately. Men.

  2. That looks like a really fun workout!

    I too would be afraid of the uninvited fart...but you know what, everyone does it! Tee hee! :)

  3. haha...I can guarantee that my Hubs would have been on the same wavelength as yours!

    How fun to try that though!

  4. OMG- if you had farted we definitely would have become immediate life long friends! I am so glad we got to meet up. And guys, no joke, Candra was AWESOME at this!