Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This or That Link Up

So this weeks theme is Make Your House a Home.
This or That Link Up

When I was thinking about the questions and how I was going to answer them I decided to ask my husband the same questions
He answered them so quickly like rapid fire 
He didn't even think or explain his answers
I asked him how the hell he just knew each one and he said
"I thought you were asking me where I would rather have sex"
Well that explains it. 
I figured I would have a little fun with it this week and answer the questions my way AND his way. 
The dirty answers are in red!

Wrap around deck or screened in porch 
I would love both of these! A wrap around with a screened in section. I love being outside and decks are my favorite besides I love a good deck joke
"Have you seen my husbands deck it's so big!"
Screened in porch it gets cold up here. 
Big luxurious bathtub or Walk in Closet
If I choose walk in closet do that mean I magically get enough clothes to fill it? Right now I barely fill up my regular closet. 
I also don't really love cooking myself in a bath so I'll pass on that.
I'm goin to have to say walk in closet again besides if I have enough cloths for a walk in I'll probably have some boas or leather in there....
Kitchen with an Island or Kitchen with a Breakfast Bar
Growing up my best friend's kitchen had an island AND a breakfast bar. To this day when I picture my dream kitchen I picture hers. If I had to choose though I would probably say an island, with hooks over it so we can hang our pans like they do in the movies. 
Island.... a breakfast bar would be too high.
Big Front Yard, or Big Back Yard
Our house has a big front yard but our house isn't parallel to the road so it's kind of a side yard? Does that even make sense. In normal terms I would have to say big back yard, it's more private and when the kids are playing out there you don't have to worry about them being right next to the road.
Back yard, because we when are playing out there we don't have to worry about being right next to the road... 
Bountiful garden or nearby grocery store
Garden hands down. 
Again garden hands down...I'm not into that public shit. 


  1. Love your husbands answers....maybe you should do a this or that about where to have sex haha jk people might be offended!

  2. I'll take a walk in closet, a kitchen island with storage, a garden, and a wrap around porch, one part screened in!

  3. Hahaha!! Love the dirty part! However, we have a big island, remind me to never invite you and your husband over at the same time!!