Friday, December 27, 2013

An Alternate World that You Can Only Reach at 2 AM.

While my husband and I are a lot a like, there are subtle differences between us
He's a man
I'm a woman
He's tall
I'm short.
You know the usual.
The biggest difference, that cause the most side eye responses from me, is that he likes to fall asleep with the TV on.
I hate that shit.
Like HATE. IT.

But I'm in love so I let the mangy fool have his way. What makes it even worse it that he's one of those guys that falls asleep hugging the remote so I can't change the channel or turn off the TV.
On the rare occasion he does let me sneak the remote and turn off the TV
He wakes up three minutes later and turns it back on acting like he has no idea how it turned off.


So I'll just learn to live with it.

If your husband or sleeping partner (or laying in bed partner?!) is anything like this, then there's no chance you have been able to escape that alternate world.

The world of Infomercials.

So I bring you

5 Infomercials where I found one hand on the phone and the other on my debit card. 

1. Shake weight.
 While I will admit this thing looks so stupid. I bet it works. Granted you look like you are practing for something other than an arm wrestling contest, that motion is not easy. I have since seen them in stores and even tried them while no one is looking. I hold my ground... if you are brave enough they probably work. Unless you are a guy, because you do that motion enough already.

2. Any Beachbody commercial ever.
Yes I want a new body
Yes I want to feel better than ever before
YES I have 30 min a day!
No I don't want to spend $180 on a workout DVD.... Thanks though.

3. Stem-Tap the Flavor
Why wouldn't this work? This is pure genius! Oh right... slamming a spray bottle top into a lime does not make it magically fill with enough juice to spray all my delicious avacados.

4. Air Curler
I love cotton candy
I love my hair
So I would love putting my hair in a cotton candy machine right?
Something tells me no...

5. Margaritaville Blender.
It's no secret I love margaritas.
I even used to work at a restaurant called Margaritas.
They had the best. The best of the best. I have never been able to reproduce them at home.
oh wait.... It's $280 dollars... ON SALE. Thanks but no thanks. I'll take my $5 marg.

Has anyone ever tried the Shake Weight? Or any of these other products? Do you ever get sucked into infomercials?


  1. lol that hair curler thing scares me every time I see it! I just imagine my hair getting caught up in the vortex and my scalp tearing off. And I have a beach body dvd... turbofire. It was shit expensive but I lurve them.

  2. I want sooo bad to buy all of the beach body workouts but my bank account can't handle that either girl lol

  3. Luckily my fiance & I both need the tv on to fall asleep, so it isn't really an issue for us! But when I can't sleep, I get sucked into the infomercials & I can't tell you how many times in my half asleep state I've been like "OMG I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW!" and then in the morning I'm like wait... what? I'd never use that. Except there's a chopper that I totally do need & I am waiting for it to be in stores lol

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  4. This post is greatness! I am a sucker for info-mercials.

  5. I hate the tv on, when I'm trying to fall asleep! Hate, hate it! I have to have pure silence, and dark!

  6. Oh man I just looked at Youtube videos of that air curler thing and it kind of works! Now I kind of want one! The worst infomercials are the Wax Vac one (every time that guy pretend stabs his ear drum and screams I also scream) and the Tag Away one. *shudder*

  7. husband has to watch tv all night long. And when I turn it off he turns it back on. But...he doesn't hog the remote. He actually puts it on my side. Which means when he wakes up 40 times in the middle of the night and wants to change the channel he wakes me up because he can't find the remote. GGGrrrrr. Never tried any of those things....well, except T25. But I didn't pay for it....ssshhhhh. haha.

  8. I always want to buy the workout DVDs yet I do not use the workout DVDs I have at home.

    MFD falls asleep with the TV on and it drives me insane.

  9. The only infomercial I will watch is the coffee one with Mario, I don't want one, but I do love looking at his dimples..... ;)