Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Traditions To Come

I almost didn't do this link up
Two reasons
We don't really have any traditions
And my mind was focused on some more important things today like this 

...yeah I'm not going to go details cause it really just goes downhill from there. 
Any who back to the point 

We don't have any traditions
I mean we do the whole Santa pictures... so I guess there's that.

I also never had any traditions growing up.
Don't feel bad cause I don't! 
I had two households as a kid and sometimes I was at my moms Christmas Eve and my dad's Christmas Day and sometime vise versa 
That makes it a little hard to have traditions.
I'm sure my husband had loads of them because his familys like that 
You know perfect and shit.
Just kidding...kinda.
So I wasn't going to do this link up until I realized I'm starting a tradition this year! 
Thank goodness my kids can't read because this would sure spoil it. 
Also hubs stop reading here.
Just kiddin he never reads this.
This year I'm starting the tradition of a Christmas Eve box.
I am making by hand matching pj bottoms for the whole family as well as appliqu├ęs tops.
Personalized hot chocolate mugs,
And filling the box with hot chocolate marshmallows, cookies, two Xmas books and a movie. 
Now everyone pray I get all that shit done in time.
This is the fabric for the boys 

And this is for the girls

I'm now taking suggestions for a good movie! 


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! Love the idea of starting new traditions!

  2. I love this!! We are starting matching pjs this year too, but I ain't crafty like you, so this Momma ordered "em. Can't wait to see the pics from ur new tradition!!

  3. Ah so cute. Feel free to make me a pair of pj pants too while you're at it! ;) But seriously, such a great idea!!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  4. Love the box idea! Christmas movie??

  5. We do a movie.....but it's typically not Christmassy or anything. I think this year we will watch Percy Jackson?

    Love the pjs and the idea of making NEW traditions for your family. My husband didn't grow up with Christmas so luckily he just defers to me and my family traditions :)

  6. I told my boyfriend that I want to wear matching pj's for Christmas. He said he would only if they were sweet seahawk ones... Challenge accepted! Haha.

  7. I love this idea! What about Despicable Me 2? I think it comes out December 10th.

  8. That's an awesome tradition!! And making the Jammie's yourself! Go you!!

  9. We watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (the original cartoon version, not the remake), the old-school cartoons (Frosty or Rudolph), or The Santa Clause. Our Christmas box just has new pjs (that I buy-not crafty!). We do the movies just as our tradition.

  10. My husband's family is "perfect and shit" too. LOL

  11. I love this idea!!! It's fun to start new traditions. Ok that was the best text ever!!