Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Hangover

I had an amazing Christmas but let me be the first to say
I am glad that shit is over. 
We got all our wrapping done Monday night and with the help of a few frosty beverages I didn't even freak out when the hubs starting using pieces of different wrapping paper. 

I also saved this for last because seriously. 
How the hell do people wrap these things. 

We had a little fun with the name tags because our kids can't read and we hand out the presents anyway. 

Everything went off with out a hitch kinda. 
I almost had a break down when we decided to stop by my MIL's house for a bit on Christmas Eve and all the kids there were watching Despicable Me 2
...the movie I put in our Christmas Eve package that I had been planning for weeks
I seriously almost cried. 
Tony assured me the kids would not care and they would be excited we were actually going to let them watch a movie twice. 
He was right..... YOU HEAR THAT BABE !
Mabel loved the whole package. 
She was so pumped she had her own coffee mug and that we all had new pajamas. 

I made Lasagna for dinner with my own homemade sauce and it came out amazing. 

I also made this over night french toast casserole for breakfast. 
Word to the wise. 
Let it cool down before you eat it. 

Our kids went to bed in record time. 
Then the hubs and I enjoyed some nice together time while watching Jerry Springer to remind us of how awesome we are. 
He was telling his stripper gf that he slept with her stripper sister. Then they had a stripping contest to see who would win him. Ah Christmas.

Christmas morning we had to wake the kids up. Btw neither one of us could sleep. I didn't fall asleep until midnight and Tony was up at 3. 
All that wrapping and stressing was totally worth it. 
Then we went over to my MIL's house again to spend the day with the whole family. 
There is a million of us so for the kids we do a gift exchange and the adults have a Yankee swap a few weeks after. 
Mabel got a Doc McStuffins costume and started calling Chip "Donnie"

Chip forced anyone and everyone to read to him. 

and I ate way too much. 

All in all it was amazing, and I can't wait til next year. 

Speaking of next year, it's right around the corner.
I want to start the new year off right so in January I will be doing 30 days Paleo.
I also declared that 2014 is the year to get our finances in order since 2015 we will probably have another expense wink wink.
I talked my husband into doing this with me

We are going to do it backward though. Starting with putting $52 each into savings and working our way down.
The end of the year is always tight on money so it will be easier to stick with it if we are only doing a few dollars.
My math crazy hubs figured out if we both do this for five years we would have $13,780 in savings!
Just by putting a little in savings every month! 


  1. You are the best daughter a mother could ask for. You are Beautiful; beautiful kids, beautiful husband, beautiful family. Love you.

  2. So glad you guys had a great Christmas! Looking at that french toast makes me hungry.. looks delicious!!!
    I love that savings plan. I think it's such a great idea & it's so so simple!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  3. I LOOOOVE Despicable Me 2, we watched it yesterday :)

  4. I LOVE Despicable Me 2 ! :D and I am doing the 52 weeks too (also in reverse!) It's a good way to save up for last minute Christmas gifts too {which is how I am doing it}

  5. Those

    Going backward on that money chart is an amazing idea!!

  6. Ooh great idea to do that backwards.

    So glad your sauce and lasagna were awesome!

    I'm also glad Christmas is over.

  7. I love you dear friend... I'm so happy you had a great Christmas. I need that recipe for the french toast please. Miss you and our texts...Did I mention I wish we lived closer?