Thursday, December 19, 2013

Queso Spanish for Hell

Since I've started eating clean, and working on getting my diet in line I have discovered a few things.
Broccoli makes my farts smell worse than my sons diapers 
I never get tired of chicken with salsa
A little seasoning makes a big difference
Protein shakes aren't that bad
Food is fuel
and most importantly cheese is the worst thing in the world. 

I used to love cheese, and by used to I mean I still do. 
I love that shit. 
In all forms, but especially on pizza. 
Or over vegetables,
or on crackers
or spreadable....

When I first started getting really serious I did the Advocare 10 day cleanse, which means no dairy for 10 days. 
Then with most of my meal plans there just wasn't any dairy, or at least no cheese. 
Then came my first planned cheat meal. 
I wanted pizza. 
So I limited myself and only had one slice. 
Then I was laying in bed for the rest of the night with stomach pains. 

Since then I have stayed away from dairy, (again mostly cheese), but that fucking pizza taunts me. 

My husband bowls on Wednesdays and he brings the kids, so after work I meet them and bring the kids home while he finishes. When he gets there he orders a pizza for them all for dinner. 
When I get there I sit and stare at it, and steal smells when no one is looking. 
The pizza at the bowling alley is seriously the best pizza in the world. 
I even lived in Italy for 5 months and it doesn't even come close. 
For movie nights we used to get broccoli , buffalo chicken pizza. 

I made some small goals for myself this week, and one of them was no dairy. 
Well that I failed, last night I ate Mac and Cheese directly out of the pot I made for my kids and now I'm crying. 
I have been in pain all morning and we are supposed to have our office holiday lunch today. 
Womp womp. 

Has this happened to anyone else?? Is it all in my head?? Please say yes I miss my queso!
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  1. I wish I could tell you it's all in your head, but unfortunately it most likely isn't. I LOVE pizza. I ate clean for a long time. Past tense because this week apparently I want to torture myself. Most unclean meals now give me horrid gas and stomach pains within an hour. What's worse is the longer I eat off plan, the longer the effects last.

  2. I try to avoid dairy for the most part too but it's challenging. If I eat too much cheese or really too much of anything that is high in fat, I have a serious stomach problems. It's not in your head unfortunately. :(

  3. Its happened to me before... it is what it is, and it SUCKS! Why do we stand over our kids food and eat some anyway? I do the same thing and it pisses me off to no end!

  4. I REALLY respect your clean eating and wanting to get healthy (motivate me please)!! I have a recommendation for seasoning: I swear by and always use (on everything, literally) Cavender's Greek Seasoning. It even comes in Salt Free! It's the best thing since sliced bread and can be bought at Walmart and most grocery stores. Also, my Mother tries to stay away from cheese and what not but when she needs a cheesy treat, she does by mozz string cheese. Weight Watchers makes them but the "regular" brands aren't that bad if you eat them in moderation. They are a great snack and an even better fix!

  5. It happens to me all the time especially when I've been eating clean!

  6. Well dairy technically just rots in your stomach, so it makes sense. I used to drink milk and eat dairy like it was the last cow on earth, but have recently really eased off of it. Not eating dairy helps my stomach and sinuses, and I can really tell when I do eat it now. Raw milk doesn't bother my stomach so I mostly stick to that when I want milk. And high quality cheeses and goat cheese don't bother me either. I feel your pain on the pizza though... it sucks. You can also try taking a lactose intolerant pill before eating to see if that helps

  7. I think it's just your body adjusting to something it hasn't had in awhile. Happens to me when I eat better for a few days and then eat crap again.

  8. That's the thing with cleaning up our diets and guts, at least for me, I honestly didn't realize how bad I was feeling until I didn't feel it anymore. When you (me) ate cheese and yummy unclean stuff all these years, our bodies got used to it and honestly we got used to the cruddy feeling to the point of ignorance. Now that the gut is clean and having a fresh start, the cruddy feeling (or actual pain) is our body reminding us that we don't want to get 'cruddy' again.
    April @ OverExtendedApril

  9. Okay WHAT is it with the broccoli and the gas?! LOL brussel sprouts do the exact same thing to me. I've done the Advocare 10 day, too, and also a few other cleanses, and I always notice that when I start eating "real" food again I suffer through really bad stomach aches. Thanks for linking up today!!

  10. Broccoli and beans do it to me. OY.

    I love cheese, it doesn't really affect me badly. Milk does though.

  11. What i learned when i had to swear off of dairy is that your body makes an enzyme, lactase that breaks down lactose in dairy but if you dont eat dairy products your body stops making as much lactase, giving your body more of a problem with digesting dairy. A wicked catch 22 and i havent found a vegan pizza that makes me happy since.

  12. Ugh....I love cheese. Like sooooo much. Matter of fact, my husband and I "taste test" the shredded cheese every time we bring it out. lol. You're probably not used to it since you havent had it so your body is just reacting. Take some pepto or tums and you might feel better.