Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's so close I can taste it

Christmas that is.
I am so excited for Christmas this year.
Mae is going to lose her shit over her presents this year 
We didn't get a lot but we got her things she really wanted 
I'm not sure if chip is going to get it but he will be pumped he has new trucks to play with 
I'm still working on our Christmas Eve package and their TV blankets 
When I finish everything I will be sure to post pictures 
So this weeks link up is Christmas themed duh

This or That Link Up

Celebrity Christmas carols or Chipmunk Christmas carols 
NEVER CHIPMUNKS  those voices are nails on a chalkboard to me, besides random celebrities making Christmas CD's never gets old.
okay maybe it does...

Gift cards or Gift Baskets 
Gift baskets for sure. I love putting these together with different themes. The possibilities are seriously endless and it like a million present in one

Naughty or nice 
I'm a prude so nice. Maybe nicely naughty haha is that possible

Getting everything on your wish list or giving someone everything on their wish list 
So this year my husband asked me for a list of things I wanted and he asked me to be specific like really specific like exact color size store and aisle if possible then he tells me he's not getting things on the list he's getting things he thinks I would have put on my list if I thought of them.....
....um ok 
Regardless I would rather fulfill someone else's list giving is better than receiving unless it's under the sheets than that logic does not apply

Presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning 
It used to be Xmas Eve when I didn't believe in Santa now that I have kids I am so pumped to see her eyes when our tree is magically covered in presents

I'm excited to read about everyone's Christmas!! 


  1. Fun link-up, thanks for hosting!!!

  2. Duck the Halls.. that doesn't surprise me. I had to go into Sams Club for prescriptions today and there were so many displays of Duck Dynasty things. At first, I was gung-ho over the show but since then, it's all reruns and that gets old. I would like to read Phil's book though because it sounds awesome. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. I totally could NOT do Chipmunk Christmas and I'm not a fan of Christmas songs period. Although I have been obnoxiously singing Christmas carols and making up my own words lately and that's been rather fun!

  3. Yes! I can handle the chipmunk songs a couple times just because they remind me of Christmas as a kid, but they make me want to rip my hair out anymore than that, haha. And I agree about gift baskets... gift cards are nice and easy, but I think gift baskets show a certain amount of effort.

  4. Dick the halls!! Oh my! I haven't even heard it!!
    I'm so excited for the kids to see the tree Christmas morning, and just to experience it WITh them!! It's so much better with kids!

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