Monday, December 2, 2013

El Loser Grande Numero Cuatro

That's a little ESPANOL for you folks.
Nice and early on a Monday morning after a long weekend to get your brain moving. 
I skipped out on Blogging for quite a few days last week, but I did NOT skip out on my diet. 
I did really well on Thanksgiving. 
I did indulge but I did NOT over indulge. 
I felt good.
I also got to the gym the day before and the day after. 
The day of  I did my run to my MIL's house and let me tell you, 
That shit was cold. 
I dressed warm but the wind cut right through my pants and I felt like I was running in just a thong. 
The route I run take me right down some of the busiest streets in our town, which normally I hate
On Thanksgiving though I love it
I get a lot of honks and waves, and thumbs up. 
It helps me stay motivated. 
The smells of turkey coming from everyone's house doesn't hurt either. 
Saturday I had my weigh in for week #4 and since I was up .5 last week I was really nervous about this week. 
I had some pie, I had some beers. 

I was sure I gained and I wasn't sure if I was ready to face another gain two weeks in a row. 
The two friends I'm doing this challenge with felt the same way, and while talking to Lauren 
we both decided it would be good for us if we went. 
It could be a shock, or a slap in the face. 
Either way we could use either outcome to motivate us for the next three weeks until Christmas. 
She stayed exactly the same 
and I am down .05
So overall in the last 4 weeks I have lost 5.3 pounds and I'm pretty damn proud. 

We are going to visit my mom in two weeks and that is my next short term goal. 
No cheats for two weeks. 
No dairy, because apparently it makes me feel like shit
No booze....womp womp
No sweets, except my creamer which I can't live without and I vow to measure it with actual measuring spoons instead of pouring until my coffee turns to milk....
Oh SLAM...but not all. 

I also want to burn 500 calories a day. 
I usually do this at the gym, but sometimes I don't get all 500 in the time I have so I will do a second workout at night to make up for it. 
I hope to be down 4 pounds by the time we visit my mom, but we shall see! 
If you are looking for some more inspiration go check out my homegirl Alicia at BrewMama

She just did a 30 day challenge and she seriously rocked it. 
I'm trying to talk her into training for a half at the same time Jodi and I train. 
I'm breaking her down little by little I know it. 

Tomorrow is our This or That link up and here are the questions. 
The theme is Make Your House a Home. 

Screened in Porch or Wrap Around Deck
Big Luxurious Bathtub, or Huge Walk in Closet
Kitchen with an Island, or Kitchen with a Breakfast Bar
Big Front Yard, or Big Back Yard
Bountiful Garden or Nearby Grocery Store

See you tomorrow dolls!


  1. Way to go on the weight loss :)

  2. Congrats on the loss & good luck on the next two week goals!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  3. Nice job on doing so well over Thanksgiving...send some of that willpower this way lol

  4. I'm so proud of you..losing the .5 LB is amazing after Thanksgiving. I swear I have full blown fights with the scales. AND to add insult to injury, is that I'm obsessed with it. So 2 weeks with no cheats or booze...hmmm I'm going try it with ya. Thanks for the shout out. Oh btw...I downloaded c 2 5k... I haven't used it yet but I think I will. Thanks for amazing motivating me!!

  5. Oh now I'm going to ride Alicia's ass too! She WILL be doing it! Hahaha!
    Good for you for sticking with your diet and exercise! .5 over the holidays is awesome!! And over the next two weeks you'll kick ass!

  6. Totally awesome job! That's even more amazing for anytime around the holidays haha! You are going to crush your next goal :)