Friday, December 13, 2013

What I really want to say

Some days are winners and some days are loser just like people 
Every day I finish without telling people what I really think I consider a win 
I work in a field where I hear people's problems whether or not I want to and I usually just nod and agree.
Sometimes I really just want to say go get a beer and chill the fuck out. 
But instead I smile and go on my way. 

5 thoughts that go through my mind on a daily basis 
1. To the guy at my gym.. "Did you want to do leg day with me?" Seriously he NEVER  does lower body only upper body and he looks like a freak

2. To anyone with something from Dunkin Donuts "You probably want to share that right?"

3. To my husband "Lets snuggle"... which really means turn the tv and the lights off because I want you to hug me for 5 seconds and then not touch me again while I'm sleeping.

4. To the citizens of the United States      "Can't we just break a few more rules and bring Bill back?"

5. To Facebook... "You're vague status update really makes me want to ask you to go into more detail about the current tragedies of your life... NOT" I deleted Facebook for over a year and I recently got back on... and I recently, immediately regretted that choice.

And a bonus 
"Did you forget what that thing called a toothbrush is used for?" 

I know some of my ladies will completely relate to this one. 

Why are some things you wish you could say out loud? Any big plan this weekend? 
This weekend is our weekend away so as of 7pm TNT I am officially disconnecting! See ya on Monday Suckas 


  1. Oh my goodness the FB vague status updates about how "oh so angry at you" or "some people can be so rude" like screw off. Drives me NUTS

  2. Everything about this is just perfect! Especially #3 because my fiance doesn't understand that cuddling shouldn't mean that I can't move! And #4 because AMEN ;)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  3. Oh every damn day I wish I could say to people what's on my mind! Like, why the fuck are you putting your fucking god damn cigarette out right outside my office door, two minutes before I go into your mouth. You're a dirty asshole.
    But, unfortunately, it may mean I get fired if I say that!

  4. BBBaaaahahaha. Just made my husband read #3. Every night he wants to cuddle. And every night he strangles the fruck out of me. lol. And #1 is something hubby and I talk about alllllll the time.

  5. Bring Bill back! He can be president for the rest of his life and that would be fine with me.

    I am NOT a cuddler.