Friday, May 30, 2014

New Link Up Fun!

Hey all!! Damn I wish I was cool enough to say "Hey ya'll!"
I'm not... so anyway. While I'm patiently awaiting my Dunkins delivery (Thanks Mom!) I wanted to join in on my boo's Aubrey Leigh's new link up.

I obviously have a soft spot for my sisters who share my love of two first names (she calls is double name, but whatever same thing).
Since this is the first Friday I don't really have a ton to report back. Sunday was my half so I'm still in "recovery stage" and by recovery stage I mean my new friend (soon to be ex friend) is kicking my ass.
I was so ready to get back into the gym and lifting all the heavy things, and then I was informed that my gym closed.
Then it didn't close
Then it was a hazard to go into.
I don't even frickin know anymore
What I do know is the owners don't maintain it and the roof leaks so the floors are flooded and it smells like mildew. No thanks.
I was bitching about this to my friend Sarah. 
She's a personal trainer and she was all "I would love to help you get to it before your photo shoot"
Little did I know she was going to be like "NOW DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME ONE MILLION"

Not exactly but pretty damn close.
She knows my next half is in about 9ish weeks and she might even run it with me so she's integrating that into my weekly plan. Hopefully I can shave some time off.

This was my workout today.
5 rounds
10 weighted step-ups
5 Renegade Rows (5 each side)
10 Chair dips

It seems so innocent and nice. Then by the end I wanted to cry.
It feels good to get that feeling in such a little time. It will be nice to try this out.
Also let it be known, that my upcoming photo shoot is NOT A FITNESS photo shoot.
It's a present for the hubs, I'm just trying to make sure I feel good about it!!

Now go forth and enjoy the sunshine, a good friend reminded me this week that it's important to remember that
Enjoy them while they are here.


  1. Hey Ya'll!!!!
    Girl you just ran like a million deserve a little break:)

  2. oooh photo shoots are so fun I want to do a boudoir shoot for my hunny but i have some toning to do

  3. Omg that sounds hard! I bet you're feeling it today! Love you boo :)

  4. Wow, that sounds intimidating!!! Great job :)