Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm Trashy

Not really, but I'm sure at one point in my life I was.
That's not really what this post is about though. This past weekend Big Boy turned 2. Holy shit time flies. Chips birthday is on a special day... It's opening day of Turkey season. 
That's right Camo & Lipstick isn't just a catchy title it's my life. 
I love hunting. I love being in the woods. I love my shotgun. 

I think guys are sexier in camo and honestly I think girls are too. 
Real camo and NO pink!
This weekend I went out hunting with my brother in law. While I didn't get anything I saw a huge bird and I seriously had a great time. 

I think my brother in law reminds me of my dad, and being close to him makes me feel like I'm making up for all that missed time with my dad. 
I mean don't get me wrong my brother in law is a pain in the ass. He's the first person to tell me if my haircut isn't right for me, or remind me how big I was when I was pregnant, but he was also one of the first people to offer over 1,000 dollars to fly me out to see my dad before he passed away. 
Which is exactly what my dad would do. 
I'll be honest sometimes it's hard for me to not just run up to him and give him a hug, and then probably punch him in the arm. 

Anyway before I get all mushy and start crying lets get to the actual point of this post. 
Like I said I love being in the woods. That means I hate littering. 
Our road must be a burn cruise road or something, because we ALWAYS have an insane amount of trash on the sides. It drives me nutty. 

Thankfully our town does a roadside clean up every year around Earth day so we can get bags from the town hall and when we fill them up we leave them on the side of the road and the town comes to pick them up. 

We like to make a family walk out of it and include the kids. They are never too young to start teaching them the importance of appreciating the earth we live on. 

How do you teach your kids about appreciating the earth? Do any of your towns do projects like this? 


  1. aww I love this! They do a lake clean up a few times a year here but weve never participated. However I try to make my kids focus on being thankful for the life they have so we volunteer at the homeless shelter.

  2. So awesome!! And you look great in camo!! Our neighborhood does a spring clean up where we go into the woods around our homes and clean the trash up!

  3. I am a hunter too.... well I guess I can call myself that still. I didn't get to hunt this year for two reasons. 1- I lost my foid card and yes I could re-apply and such but I also have to change my name and 2- I was super duper sick during deer season due to pregnancy, I was lucky to get dressed on good days and haven't been back to the fields because of the little.

  4. I love that you got the kids involved with the cleanup! It is very important to teach them right away that they need love & cherish the Earth they live on & take care of her. I believe that if we take care of her, she'll take care of us. So, good for you! :)

  5. What wonderful connections you have with your family!

    Littering drives me nuts! I live in the country and its everywhere!

  6. Your thoughts on camo crack me up...my best friend has been trying to get me to get camo for years for when we go to hunt camp (I don't actually hunt, just shoot guns and blow stuff up). I compromised this year by getting camo leggings :)