Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm Feeling Pintresting

My life is full to the brim with stress right now. Like overflowing.
I workout and run to save my sanity, but the other thing I like to do is unleash my inner Martha and get my craft on.

Pintrest is seriously addicting and I could spend hours of my life just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.
This summer I am determined to actually follow through with some of my fav Pins.

Hopscotch stepping Stones
We have been working on our yard and garden for the past two summers and it's really coming together. I would love to do something like this for the kids! I think they would love it. 

Flavored butter
Well I lover butter... so duh. I also like gifting so I guess I could make some and give them away... maybe. 

String Art
A friend of mine recently did one of these on her own and she somehow made it look easy. I'm tempted to take a shot at this to surprise my hubs, but it will probably turn into a Pin-fail.

Growth Charts

I love the idea of these, especially with the kids names on them. These seem pretty easy so I think I can handle it. If not my hubs is pretty good at taking over and fixing my mistakes.
Mailbox Makeover

While my husband would never allow this exact mailbox. I love it. Since ours got knocked out by the plow this year we need something new... and fancy. 

Coconut Lime anything really...
The name says it all. Doesn't have to be doughnuts.... just coconut lime and I'm sold.

Check back later this year to see if I fail at all of these!! You can also check out my Pintrest boards to check out the other wild ideas I have! 


  1. Great ideas. I have been wanting to do a string art piece for a few years now and haven't gotten to it. I'll be looking for your updates. :)

  2. I LOVE that hopscotch idea!! Too cute!!

  3. Pinterest is so addicting!!! Love all of these ideas!

  4. I need to do some stepping stones from our back deck to our neighbors driveway (we tend to tread that same path quite a lot). So, I need to get my Martha on & get going on that. :)

  5. I found a kids (boys) garden on pinterest too. I have a goal to have it completed by the middle of June. I will share when I get it done and I can't wait. I love pinterst.

  6. I have found so many DIY crafts on pinterest that I wish I had time for. Its just way too addicting but so worth it!

  7. Another bloggy friend of mine did the stepping stone hopscotch thing. She found that you need to put sand under them for a cushion or they break. They put timbers around the whole thing to contain the sand. FYI. :)