Friday, May 16, 2014

I gave off vibes...

So the weirdest thing happened yesterday. 
I was talking to my friend Lauren about how as much as I've loved training for this half I'm excited to not HAVE to run a certain mileage on Fridays. Or stress about getting my long runs in and not have it interupt family time. 

I have my second half in October so I will have to keep up with running but I'll have a good break.
Then I get an email 
What is it with emails lately.
It just said 
"I saw you running and wanted to remind you to mark your calendar for the town half marathon in August."
I'm sure I've mentioned on here before but I am very involved in our town and I'm well on my way to becoming queen.
Someone hold my crown 

Being a predominant member of any town typically comes along with having to join in on things just because. 
Like this race. 
Oh well one more half won't kill me and they are spread out so it's fine.

Then I get a message on Facebook

" Just signed up for the Smuttynose half you should totally join".

Hold the phone. Did I accidentally give off runner vibes or something? Did I accidentally wear my compression pants into the grocery store? I'm not exactly sure what happened but for someone reason everyone seems to think I'm a gasp runner...

Since I can never fully say no and she said the magic I told her I would check it out. 

That would be 4 halfs in one year! Please somebody tell me to slow my crazy so I have an excuse. 


  1. YOU ARE A RUNNER!!! end of story! Love you doll!

  2. Girl, if you're not a runner, I'm not sure who is. lol. Get it!!

  3. that stroller sign!!!
    and yes, you are a runner!

  4. hahah if you're not a runner than I don't know what the requirements are!

  5. Yes I agree with the others just embrace it you're a runner!
    Thats the second pic Ive seen of someone holding a dont poop sign WTF is that. I mean Im not running a marathon if Im going to crap my pants!

  6. Just own it girl!!! Think about it you won't have to train as it!!!

  7. You can do it! Especially if you're already ready to do a half! I was talking to a runner I know the other day and she's thinking her goal next year is to run a half every month of the year! Now that's crazy!

  8. OMG I love the poop sign. If you are training and doing half's you are a runner. I checked out after about 6 5k's and decided it wasn't my thing. Good luck with all the half's.

  9. 4 halfs!!! Holy crap! You are totally a runner for even talking about them, let alone running in all of them! You rock!

  10. Wow--such a cute headband:)
    Girl you are a rockstar runner!! I am doing a 5K this weekend---and I'll probably be slow and suck. But I'm doing it anyway!

  11. From what I understand...this is what happens! I have a friend who started out all innocent enough know? A 5K here and 10K there and then on up to the 1/2 sies and now...full on Marathons! She can't be stopped ;) I think it's an addiction.. Good luck with it!! woooo and flash that crazy along with all your runner bling you get at the finish line!