Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Do I Do Now?

Have you ever got so lost in a book when you finish you miss the characters (I can never spell this word), and wonder what they are up to now?
That's kind of how I feel about my training. It hasn't even been a week and I'm thinking about what I'm going to do with all my free time on Fridays.

As I mentioned a few days ago I put out some invisible vibes that led people to believe that I actually like to run and that I want to do more of it, which led to me agreeing to do another half marathon in August ON TOP of the half that I am already raising money for in October.
Go donate here!
This morning I was bored so I decided to look up more details of this small half I reluctantly decided to do in August.
Then I thought to myself... How far away is August
Oh that's right I only have 9 frickin weeks.

What the crap. Why am I so bad at math!!
Guess I don't have as much free time on Fridays as I thought.
You know what this race does have.... cowbells.
That's right spectators get cowbells and are asked to sit on "hard" parts of the race to support runners. Amazing.

There are some things I want to do a little differently this time around.
Like actually do my short runs.... thank you Lauren.
I would like to increase my pace so that the town of Jaffrey isn't waiting for me to cross the finish line, and remembering to wear sunscreen.

I have a little something special planned for the hubs on July 11th so I wanted to make sure I was in super good shape. I had planned on getting back in the gym and going hard until I heard that my gym closed, because it sucks and they finally got the memo.

So now I will be returning to home workouts like Body Pump, Jillian's 30 day shred, and some target workouts I put together myself. Lawd help me.

I tend to lose motivation when I workout at home so I am super thankful my boo Aubrey Leigh put together a new accountability link up on Fridays. Hopefully I can plan my workouts out for the week on Mondays and then check in on them on Fridays. We'll see. I like to say I'm going to do something and they throw you all off and do something else.

In other news. I have decided to celebrate my first half with a giveaway of all my running essentials. Keep an eye out. I will be announcing more details soon!


  1. Look at you go! Planning more awesomeness. I struggle with doing at home workouts too, and we have a workout room with an elliptical :) Call me fat again.

  2. Everything is better with more cowbell! Hashtag I'm a hick/redneck and I don't care.

  3. I think by the end I might want to rip one of those cowbells out of their hands and beat them w/ them ... but that's just me! :) Finally find a spare moment to read some blogs, hopefully will be able to get to your race recap post before Muffin wakes up! Fingers x! (See, you ARE a runner!)

  4. Ah - the post-race letdown! It's sort of like being pregnant, right? You can't wait to be done, and then when you are, you feel a little bummed that's it's over. Capitalize on your training! Take a week off (or light running) and then get back on the wagon.

  5. My 2nd half was only 7 weeks after my first half. I just continued on with the training, as if I had 7 weeks left in the training plan ( so I picked up at that mark). My 2nd half was AMAZING, and I'm sure it was bc I just kept going! I knocked 8 minutes off my time, too!

  6. Girl you are amazing! I cancelled my gym membership and I joined a link up to keep me going and then I hurt my freaking back and it sucks...I guess I need to see a chiropractor BLAH!
    Good luck on training :))

  7. You Run Forest Run!!! I like that running group you started on FB--I wish I lived closer!!

  8. Now that you're already trained up after this first half shouldn't maintaining that and focusing on pace be a bit of a breeze because you're already invested in the routine.

    Best of luck!

    Like you I don't do home workouts well!!!

  9. I lost my gym membership this month too, so I'm joining the home-gym and workout club with ya.
    I'm hoping between Aubrey's linkup and a few others doing the home thing, I'll stay motivated with my runs and routines.

  10. I suck at doing home workouts. I'll put on an excercise program from OnDemand, then end up just sitting down and watching it. True story. Congrats on the half marathon, I loved seeing the IG pics over the weekend!

  11. I wanna be a runner. Just like you. ONe day. LOL
    You got this... Accountability is key and you've got an awesome group of people to help ya!